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Sometimes a Domme can feel that something is amiss if the guy doesn’t maintain an erection. And the guy can feel as if he is failing when one is expected but absent.

Here’s a quote from Lady Tigress on Femdom Forum:

… There’s another problem with trying to tell how a masochistic scene is effecting a guy by the state of his erection. Many times, a man can be intensely aroused, and not have a hard-on. Two of the things that can cause an erection to disappear are nervousness or fear, both things a guy getting beaten in front of a camera is highly likely to feel. And, sometimes in a scene, nervousness and fear are highly desired and exciting emotions. Just as pain can be erotic, so can fear. I have two subs, both love to be tortured and teased, but one will go soft from the fear, the other will get harder from it, but they both become intensely aroused. …

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It’s best to ignore the penis completely although becoming distracted by a flaccid penis is an easy enough trap to fall into if you’re not careful.

I think ignoring it comes from experience. You just learn that it’s not a very good indicator and move on.

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