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Butch, sociable, happy with his gender still felt a compulsion to take a pair of scissors to his penis.

… Although exclusively heterosexual in his practices, the patient confided sexual fantasies that included homosexual and sado-masochistic acts.

There was an increase in mutilating behaviors in the decade after his divorce. Genital self-mutilation relieved feelings of “loneliness” and “emptiness,” elevating his mood for “several hours,” and occasionally resulting in sexual arousal culminating in orgasm.

Psychosomatics - Self-Amputation of the Nipples and Penis in a Nonpsychotic, Non–Gender-Dysphoric Man

While it is completely outside my own capacity for empathy I know that there are men who are happiest with some portion of their genitals removed. It varies from man to man.

Naturally I can’t help but wonder if he had tried to live out some of his sadomasochistic fantasies not involving self inflicted penectomy if he woujld’ve felt like leaving his penis as it arrived from the manufacturer.

From earlier years:

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i have always wanted to remove my glans so my foresking would cover and drape my cock, also would like to have a vaginal opening to be enjoyed in a rape scenario and if they could happen together hot!

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