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I ran across a website that claimed to have an unbreakable slave contract. For all my digging I never could locate the amazing document. No surprise. Under US law even you can’t give away or sell your civil rights. (No comments about my countries silly wicked government.)

Real slave labor.

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I’ve seen voluntary slave contracts that claim to be irrevocable merely by acknowledging that slavery is illegal. Sure. I’m going to fly by admitting there’s a Law of Gravity.

Real slaves.

A few months back I wrote an entry entitled Real Slavery. Most of the replied I decided to delete. They were from hasty hungry submissive people who didn’t read the entry. They wanted that real slavery.

You see the craving all the time in BDSM profiles. So many self-proclaimed slave wanting “no way out.” I understand the itch. It can stem from frustration. Or even from the wish to take something pleasurable to the most extreme level.

More troubling are the, ahem, masters promising no escape enslavement. How blindingly stupid if not evil. The moment someone says stop you stop. If he or she says let me go then do so instantly. To do otherwise is as criminal as it is immoral.

Real slavery.

My fellow slavish person: if you were to find yourself thus enslaved in real life and not with your penis in your hand you’d hate it. You don’t really want to be in the equivalent of a one-person concentration camp for the rest of your life.

Enjoy the fantasy and write a saner profile.


It is a powerful fantasy, but no more than that. I agree with your point on the earlier article about consensuallity not negating the exchange of power. I feel a blog entry coming on…

First of all, from what i just read, you do not understand the epitomy of masochism. It is finding pain, pleasurable. It is the desire to be hurt. Technically, this doesn’t mean sexually. I was really offended by your comment ” if you were to find yourself thus enslaved in real life and not with your penis in your hand you’d hate it.” as that would be true for some masochists. That is, the one’s who anly enjoy pain when it is in a sexual situation. Being a masochist, however, doesn’t mean this AT ALL. Some, like myself, honstly and truely do not want their dom to stop when they tell them to. And i don’t mean, they say it to make it more interesting, i do not do roleplaying on any level. I also don’t use a safety word, because i only say stop, if i mean it. That being said, when i do say it, no matter how much pain i’m in, no matter how honest i am in saying it, the absolute hottest most enjoyable thing for me is for them to not stop. The deepest level of masochism absolutely does envolve the desire to relinquish all control. For real. It does mean that the person wants to be seriously harmed, wants to be neglected, and wants to have no say in any of it. The fact that you would imply that these people are just saying it but don’t mean it, or that this way of thinking is wrong or immoral does absolutely nothing but show that you are uneducated on the matter, and clearly have no idea what you’re even talking about. Do us a favor and at least research the definition of what you are primarily talking about.

As a deeply masochistic man myself I’m glad you are enjoying your consensual erotic pain. Really.

Given your screwball vehemence and typographic errors I suspect you were merely drunk when you left this comment.

Not drunk, simply too overwhelmed by anger to think straight. And i have to say, i think you would do better to further back up your point than simply insult me. That doesn’t make your case any stronger.

i am a really real slave for i give myself freely to my owner

you cannot be truly owned but freely owned

you cannot own what is not yours

you own yourself to give of yourself is your choice without choice there is no real slavery but an unwilling one

maybe only one opinion though in my opinion fact and a good one at that being mine and being freely given it is real


I suspect I at least half-way agree with you but your prose is so cryptic as to be impenetrable.

You are really a real slave in the context of this entry if your master can mutilate or sell you without any regard to your feelings or desires. If you really and truly just property - like a chair - and nothing else.

Slavery is as real and binding as the Master and slave wish to make it. I know that usually there is some form of agreement or ‘contract’ drawn up specifying the rights of each party one to another. Dont confuse this document with any kind of contract which carries any legal weight since this one doesnt.

What does it take to be a real slave? In this boy’s opinion it takes an intense desire to be of service to someone, the right attitude (no topping from the bottom), and the backbone to stand up and say to Mistress “Yes Ma’am your boy messed up”.

Subs/slaves are not doormats, we have feelings, needs, wants and desires and expect to have these met in some form in partial exchange for the services we render.


“Under US law even you can’t give away or sell your civil rights.”

But the government can legally take those rights from you. Officialdom can lie about the facts, and if they are caught out, then lie about the motives.

It’s a double loss of rights, in that the individual has no direct control in voluntarily acting to benefit an intended recipient of the gift of self, and then on the second level, no way to prevent involuntary control by strangers.

Perhaps the only consolation is a belief that those who act in a way contrary to common sense are punished beyond our understanding.

I agree, there is no leagal contract to be slave. But mistress and slave can draw a binding agreement, with boundaries and guidelines, which are to be followed by both. I was a slave for many years, by choice (consensual slavery) to my mistress. She had trained me to serve her needs. I was willing to be her pet/slave/dog, whatever. I was collared and leashed at times, kept in a kennel. My inner most wanted it and enjoyed it. still I am an owned property (slave) of my mistress. She has control of my body and mind. Our contract is renewed yearly.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Really Real Slavery. Please stick to the topic of the entry. Forthright disagreement is fine as long as it is civil.
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