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Recently I tried explaining in my adoration of Alexandra’s shoes and boots how important her feet be in them. Midori, more eloquently, expresses something akin from the other side of the power equation.

The romantic fetishist is the person to whom the object worshipped is a symbolic manifestation of the underlying power relationships of the union. They tend to be more relationally focused and their fetish is perhaps somewhat related to sexual dominance and submission.

Layered on top of my foot fetishism and physical pleasure is the ritual acting out of our affection and chosen power relationship. When my foot steps upon his face, a sense of power and deep love surges through me.

Last summer I think it was I tried bowing before and licking some of Alexandra’s footwear while she was away. There was no joy in it for me.

The happiness of my boot fetish requires her presence.

Romantic fetishism is a happy expression to distinguish the difference between a man who can get sexual gratification from empty boots, often by wearing them and someone like myself who find the objects without power without my beloved.

I’m not trying to mark some sort of superiority. But the differences between the object and romantic fetishist define two very distinct sets of needs.

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It’s certainly an interesting and worthwhile strain of thought. Maybe yanking on it enough can unravel the whole “fetishists as emotional/social cripples” myth. Even without a specific person, an object worshipped could represent the need for a dominant person, who is maybe constructed in the fetishist’s imagination or is somebody that he/she knows.

There’s no doubt that in my mind, the simple shape and physicality of many fetish or even normal clothes are erotic in themselves. But then I tend to find allsorts of things erotic. It doesn’t have to be about people.

Some men certainly are only interested in, for example, the shoes, or the object of their fetish. But for most I think there is some implication of an imagined or real relationship with a person involved in their feelings towards the object.

Who will really know?

I have just recently entered a relationship with a dominant female. A no of days ago she returned home after a horse riding lesson. She was wearing a pair of patent leather riding boots. The boots were caked with mud and as I looked at them, my heart was hammering. I have always had a huge fetish for women’s boots. She obviously noticed my excitement because she told me to kneel at her feet. When I did she told me to lick the mud from her boots and not to stop until her boots were spotless clean. It took a very long time to lick her boots clean to her satisfaction. At the end she informed that from now on when she utters grovel I am to get down on all fours and lick her boots or shoes for as long as it amuses her. We have also discussed me being trained as a dog. Cant wait to see what she has planned.

Recently my partner returned from shopping, and suddenly appeared in some nice zip up boots - trendy rather than kinky. I didn’t know I had a boot fetish, and she’s not especially dominant, but we both knew that each other was excited. Neither of us have anything concrete in mind, just that there’s something in the air. Now I have a growing boot fetish, with her in them. I’ve never licked anyones boots before, but I think it might happen.

My feelings about Alexandra in her boots are so overwhelming and complicated that my brain almost hurts thinking about it.

Clearly she is dominant. But that she has so strongly eroticized her footwear gives her boots a dimension that is partly outside D/s as much as it is within.

And she does have what I think of as the “cute boots” that I can’t take my eye off of even if I’m just thinking of how much I’m glad to be with her.

Paul, you are one lucky slave! This animal envies you, and hopes your Mistress appreciates your devotion to Her pleasure — and that She uses you well.

Your feelings?

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