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La Diablesse Perverse

Still scenes from a vintage French erotic film featuring female domination.

Furry Animal Femdom

What if Bill Ward, Eric Stanton or Gene Bilbrew illustrated BDSM books or comics for children?

Kinky Superman

Joe Shuster's hitherto unknown femdom, female sadism artwork.

Thelma Twittle

Drawing of a man on a leash from a Golden Age comic book.

Popular Culture

Antiquated kink, fetish odditeis, homoerotic artifacts and commonplace femdom illustration.

Asian Women Seek Groveling White Men

Cable News Network sells potentially racist femdom t-shirts on CNN website.

Ms. Hyde

Martine Beswick

Beastly Boyz

Psychotronic, homoerotic horror exploitation movie featuring knife play and bondage.

Shiner : Erotic Violence

Independent film about the connection between sexuality and physical pain.


Imagine being enslaved by a vampire, alien, demon or robot.

Give the Gift of Female Domination

Riding Her Pony

F/m human horse role playing.

BDSM in Mass Culture

Have you ever felt alienated from your kinky sexuality because of how it has been portrayed in movies, tv or other popular culture?

TV Portrayals of Dominant Women

TV shows, mass entertainment depictions of dommes and professional dominatrices.


My attempts - always failed - to enjoy pornographic movies.


People who have fantasies invoking historical evils maybe the ultimate outsiders in BDSM.

The Man-Dog

Early French femdom erotica: The Countess with the whip, Beautiful and terrible (the Man-dog). Novel of a heroine of Sacher-Masoch.

Too Tired for S&M

Having children around the house interferes with one couple's BDSM play.

A Knot of Bongage Kinksters

BDSM nouns of assemblage; collective noun games in the context of fetish and kink.

Matrifascist from Beyond Space

Female supremacy in comic books and even a gynosupremacist action figure.

The Pet

Andrea Edmondson is Pierre Du Lat's D/s TPE human pet in a film entitled The Pet.

Yellow Peril Femdom

Asian women as archetypes of female cruelty in American pop culture.


Yellow Peril female supremacist? Asian gynarchist? Oriental supervillaness?


How much of a place in the mythology and popular culture of female domination does this fictional goddess have?

She Who Must Be Obeyed

Femdom archetype? Ayesha, the Queen of Death, the White Goddess of the lost city of Kôr. The high-priestess of the Egyptian moon-goddess Isis, and Amenartes Nectanebes, daughter of the last pharaoh of Egypt.

Fah Lo Suee

Has the image of Fu Manchu's daughter ever featured in men's fantasies as a wicked Asian dominatrix?

Queen Antinea

The cruel goddess who ruled Atlantis and preyed on men seems like a reasonable Femdom fantasy source.

Colossus and the Amazon Queen

Female domination and cruelty were frequent elements in old Italian sword and sandal movies. A bit of popular culture that seems to have eluded many people looking for uncommon instances of what has since come to be called Femdom.

Beneath the Feet of Your Goddess

A painting of a man content and satisfied to lay at rest in worship of the woman he aches to own him, mind, body, heart and soul.

For Kicking Fetishists Only

Movie in which a nude woman kicks men around. Fun for masochists?

First Femdom Novel

Early novel of female domination is available for free online.

1967 Venus in Furs

Sexploitation film based on Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel.

Femdom Unpopular Culture

OWK: the influence of the Other World Kingdom on male images of female domination. At least back in the days of the femdom.binaries newsgroup.

Femdom Pop Culture

Female domination in movies, tv, music, books, comics: do you have any favorite examples to share?

The Evil Nazi Woman

A bad movie, an Ilsa she-wolf clone, about a wicked woman scientist who enjoys torturning men. A cruel and inappropriate image of female dominance.

The Girl From Rio

Femdom icon: Sumuru - Sax Rohmer's misandric dominatrix who plots world gynarchy and conquest and the elimination of men. This one stars Goldfinger girl Shirley Eaton.

In Like Flint

Gynarchy and female superiority mocked in old spy spoof.

Moonlight Whispers

Teenage dominatrix and male slave discover their sadomasochistic natures.

Seductress: The Cruel Woman

Venus in Furs variation with Udo Keir as Gregor.


Female domination kink and fetish in Maitresse and Bitter Moon.

Victor Nieuwenhuijs' Venus in Furs

Film adaptation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel about a Femdom relationship, love affair.

Spank the Gimp

Online game where a woman spanks a man.

The Bondage Master

Japanese movie featuring Shibari rope bondage and a dominatrix working at a fetish club.

Bob Flanagan

We watched Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist: an example of good humor, creativity and S&M.

Pam Grier

Actress is an examplary sample of a pop culture portrayal of a strong, confident, capable woman.

Abusing People is Fun

A revolting sadomasochistic horror movie from Japan.

New Seduction

Erotic thriller with a professional dominatrix as the protagonist.

Lady Heather on CSI

Professional dominatrix on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation played by Melinda Clarke.

Girls Are For Loving

An old sexploitation movie that might be fun for men who enjoy sexual tease and denial scenarios.

Dominatrix Misaki Saiki

D/s Webcomic

Episode of an online BDSM comic strip featuring a Mistress collaring her slave.

Dommes in Movies

Which movies had femdom elements, featured erotically dominant women?


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