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I’ve confessed earlier how struck I’ve been by images of Asian dominant females.

Here we see Fah Lo Suee, the daughter of Fu Manchu.

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But I’ve probably never told you that I’m deeply in love with Myrna Loy. Well, as much as one can be with an actress from long ago.

Like me you if you know her at all it is from her roles in comedies, most notably the Thin Man films. She was everything a guy might admire: smart, funny, self-possessed and attractive.

Here she is in a still from the movie:

Domme Fah Lo Suee

Amazing what magic makeup can work. Not quite the woman often described as “nice to come home to.” But it is interesting to see what she was up to in an earlier part of her film career.

(The old movie - since it starred Boris Karloff - was fun. But really I prefer her as helping William Powell solve crimes or fuddling Clark Gable.)

I wonder to what degree any of the men who read of her in the old Fu Manchu novels or the movies imagined Fah Lo Suee dominating them? My memory of all those is pretty faint. But I think in the old Karloff / Loy film she did enjoy tormenting men.

fah-lo-suee-daughter-fu-manchu (15K)

Sort of exotic goddess-cum-chorus girl isn’t it?

fah-lo-suee (13K)

All Asians know martial arts?

daughter-fu-manchu (16K)

She went about aiding her father in his schemes of world domination. Can’t remember if like some of the other women in the series she fell in love with a nice white man.

daughter-fah-lo-suee (13K)

Naturally Fah Lo Suee was trained in seduction and allure. Back then it couldn’t be imagined a woman might own a more potent weapon.

daughter-of-fu-manchu (21K)

This fetish for women smoking - is it a British thing?


Fa Lo See was the flip side of the Orientalist stereotype, midway between diabolical genius Fu Manchu and submissive Madame Butterfly. She was just as smart and sadistic as her father, but she had a thing for white men, her fatal flaw.

You can trace her character back to H. Rider Haggard’s “She who must be obeyed”, and a long string of racially-other temptresses.

Picture number three is gorgeous. She just needs a human rug sprawled in front of her ready to provide her feet with a comfortable floor experience :)

Or maybe a whole line of them. I saw that in a film once and it left me speechless for a minute!


Living people are soft and tender. Corpses are hard and stiff. The ten thousand things, the living grass, the trees, are soft, pliant. Dead, they’re dry and brittle.

So hardness and stiffness go with death; tenderness, softness, go with life.

And the hard sword fails, the stiff tree’s felled. The hard and great go under. The soft and weak stay up.

— Tao Te Ching, Chapter 76

Please remember, Fah Lo Suee was a good guy ;)

She fell in love with a British agent and tried to help him foil her father.

For this, she paid the ultimate price.

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