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If you are long time visitor, friend, reader just move along: there’s nothing new here.

This just dovetails nicely with a couple of recent posts I’ve made.

Keeping in consonance with a couple of recent entries I’ll write more about images of female dominance.

Even before I really understood that woman worship would be fulfilling part of my brain stashed away bits and snippets. I remember the back cover of an old underground comic with a drawing of a woman with a whip. (She also wore barbwire as a belt: only a guy would draw something that silly.)

What piled up in my subconscious’ subbasement?

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.

Women wearing: caps once thought to be popular among third world dictators, jodhpurs, boots (you knew that was coming). Essentially the sort of fetish wear you’d find in the most banal sex comedy.

Women - preferably British (hello, honey) - with haughty voices. (I collect jazz vocals: vocal tones have more power for me than glitzy superficies. )

By the time the F/m dynamic crystallized in my mind HTML had arrived and the web was an infant. I knew the older internet better, particularly the newsgroups (Google Groups to you) and there was the femdom binaries newsgroups (binaries being groups that mostly contained non-textual data: like photos).

From the newsgroup I collected pictures (and a few movie clips).

This was years back. The newsgroup was more entertaining and hardly at all spammed.

My favorites fell into two general categories.

Black and white magazines of women disciplining men: matronly women in long plain skirts mostly caning bound men. The over the knee stuff has never done much for me. But add a touch of strong bondage and a cane and I was happy.

And the Other World Kingdom.

More women in uniforms. At least some of them. Femdom Nazis for sure. My brain just melted. Ideas I’d never thought of. I memorized the photographs and built stories around them. They’ve influenced my fantasy life ever since.

What were some of these iconic images?

  • A man in a barn, her boot shoving his head into a bucket of oats.
  • His head locked under a toilet - for who knows how long.
  • Another with a brush strapped over his mouth with which he scrubbed the floor.
  • Bound to a pole as she threw small stones at him (matching an ancient childhood fantasy).
  • Working a mill as a woman overseer drove him on with a whip.

Five that easily come to mind as I seek to recapture those days. Mostly I think the appeal was depersonalization and labor. Which has stuck to me to this day with images of being used as a farm laborer or animal.

And there was Her. I wish I knew her name so I could find some photo.

She wasn’t pretty. More like a vampire who spent way too much time in her coffin. Her expression left me feeling that she might decide that tormenting a man was too much bother. But that being the only appropriate thing to do to with him she kicked and used him for want of anything better.

Countless nights were devoted to this dowdy, dour looking woman. If only to be ignored by her.

A third class - very rare - were of women who seemed amused by the whole process. I remember one woman caning her boyfriend on the bed. She laughed and lost count as she made him promise to never do some unspecified thing again.

Then I found myself in love with a flesh and blood person. And as a boy puts away childish aspirations the man must set aside foolish wishes because reality always beats fantasy.

But there’s no escaping that the mean women of the Other World Kingdom shaped my fantasy life for many years.

As far as I can tell no producer of Femdom erotica has a comparable achievement for slavish, masochistic men.

This is sort of a continuation from:


Alas, in 2013 as i write, the OWK has vanished totally from the internet. Except for a few pictures posted hither and yon, it sank beneath the waves without a trace. Mesdames Sarka — the vampiric icon of cryelty we love so much, and Christine de l’Amour, the sweet blonde angel of agony, all the beautiful Sublime Ladies have vanished. Madam Sarka and Madam Christine set up Their own sites some time ago. A couple of years ago, the story circulated that OWK was for sale. H.M. Queen Patricia I, who bankrolled this operation with Her own money (possibly from marriage to a wealthy pay-pig?) had thrown in the towel. Then there was the desperate announcement of FDR, the Fem Dom Republic, asking for investment from wealthy masochists. But there weren’t any, or at least not enough. Rge hundred or more DVDs, most of high quality (relatively speaking) were briefly a drug on the market, but they, too, don’t seem to have survived. Oh, but we shall miss Madam Jana, Madam Gabriella, Madame Taylor, and the other divine Dommes of our dreams! Here’s a nostalgic kiss on the shining patent leathern toe to each and every one of those adorable Ladies, and the hope that They can somehow survive and continue to ply Their whips and canes to caress the long-suffering flesh of those who worship Them, like the gods of the cargo cults, even after they have gone away forever.

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