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Categorical, Generic Degradation

Most extreme emotional masochism, craving for humiliation.

Suffering and Struggling

The sadist's - top's - pleasure in the masochist's - bottom's - pain, misery, exertions and efforts.

Up All Night

In this kinky Steffi illustration a man learns what is in store for him when on his wedding night his wife binds him and forces him to sleep standing in bondage all night.

Mad, Bad Fantasies

Harsh masochistic fantasies as a psychological escape mechanism or at least a way of coping with painful emotions.

This is a Joke

Make me Scream and Beg Forever! - Extreme masochist seeks total real life slavery: alt.torture usenet newsgroup personal ad.


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.

Human Draft Animal

BDSM: a week as a farm slave - working the field, sleeping in a barn.

Muddled musing

Genital torment as a form of BDSM punishment.

Urophilia, urolagnia

F/m erotic urine play.

Dental Mouth Gags

Imagine being unable to close your mouth.

Pillory Table & D/s Eating Torment

Enforced light starvation, fasting to enhance BDSM scenes.

The Finger PIllory

Antique punishment, torture device that bound the fingers.

Testicle Pillory

A pillory that holds a man's penis and testicles forcing him to stand upright.

On Being Punched

Just another man who thinks about being beaten, hit by a woman.

Steel Head Cage

Metal head cage for giving your slave a unique sensory deprivation experience.

Life in the Box

Locked in a simple wooden box, I live only to clean her shoes when she offers them.

Taylor Hammer Torture

Having a Taylor Hammer used to thwart my relexes and leave me unable to walk, keeping me down on my knees.


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