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There are those of us who have fantasies and those who actually live their edgier desires.

This follows yesterday’s sequence nicely. The fellow spent a week as a farm animal.

… the thing needs to say that it was fed a lot of carrots and got sugar cubes as a treat after doing “good” work. it lived in a stall in the barn when not being used, ate its meal from a horse feeding bag. it also was not allowed to pee or shit in any one place but was required to do those things as it was working. it was not allowed to stop while performing those functions but had to keep moving doing its hauling. it was given a “Mohawk” haircut and when being punished for sloppy work was required to have four horseshoes hanging from its nuts. it wore no clothing for the entire time it was on the farm except for a pair of old work boots to protect its feet.

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my ultimate desire would be to become awork horse,living soley as a work horse,wearing the required leathers for the task,to be clipped as a horse,to live in the stable,to live the life of the work horse,to be nothing more than a horse for my mistress\masters work or play.mistress \ master take me clip my hair,harness me in head collar and leathers,geld me,put me to work as your horse.

I am a cruel Mistress, I have a Table female slave and you have given me some great ideas of how to use her. She is almost flat chested too and i would like to put her on display and have lots of people criticize her about them, laughing at her small breats till they reduce her to tears, I know I am so cruel i cant help it, it is my nature. I would just love for her to feel like she is so worthless… I want to turn her into an animal.. MD

I am in a very happy relationship with my Mistress and would love to go away on a long weekend or week long retreat for a scene as a farm slave or work animal. I have endured harsh living conditions and long work hours in the army and would be be pressed to my absolute limits. Practically naked with cold iron shackles, forced to work 16 hours a day pulling carts and buggies. Moving rocks and pulling up thorny weeks with my hands. Breaking down crying only to be spit on and forced back to work. Ignored and never able to look Her in the eyes. Subsisting on slop, eating and sleeping like an animal in a lofty stable on the hard ground. I want to feel hopeless and helpless to the point that the only sane thing left to do is to give in and go with it, to be grateful for every breath I’m allowed to have, every bit of slop I’m fed and grateful for every second I am allowed to work and serve.

My dream is to be tied as a horse or cow Inside a farm house face to face with other “bdsm cows” and getting punished

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