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Felt Boot Fetishism

Specialized retifism: fixation on valenki or felt boots.

Evil Spiked Shoes

Over the top high heels with long sharp looking spikes.

Favorite Fetish or Kink

What act, part of BDSM gives you the most pleasure, makes you the happiest?


Psychological disorder of having no kinks, fetishes or paraphilias. Very boring sexuality, dull erotic life.

Male Slave Checklist

Femdom checklist for men approaching and trying to meet, date dominant women online.

Bad Movies (Really Bad Movies)

Restlessly search for and rejecting erotic movies to watch.

One Domina's Fetish Alphabet

My Goddess goes through her list of kinky F/m tortures and humiliations.

Fetishes: W

The hunger to be whipped.

Fetishes: V (Verbal Abuse)

About my masochistic joy in being verbally abused.

Fetishes: T

Tawses, thumb cuffs, total submission and 24/7.

Fetishes: S

Includes sensory deprivation, being spat on and speech restriction.

Fetishes: R

My feelings about BDSM and riding crops.

Fetishes: P

Persona training to punishment.

Fetishes: N

Mostly about nipple play and torment.

Fetishes: M

Massages, mouth bits and mummification.

Fetishes: L

The joys of being leashed and licking her boots.

Fetishes: K

Kneeling and knife play.

Fetishes: I

Fetishes including ice cubs to immobilization.

Fetishes: H

Evaluating my desires from hairbrush spankings to humiliation.

Fetishes: G

Kinky play from gags to golden showers.

Fetishes: F

Slave questionnaire letter F: from face slapping to foot worship.

Fetishes: E

Kinky cravings including electrotorture.

Fetishes: D

Checklist D: from dental braces to eating from dog food bowls.

Fetishes: About the Checklist

The list of BDSM desires and limits was just one way we communicated online.

Fetishes: C

Ways she might torment me beginning with the letter C: cages to cuffs.

Fetishes: B

Kinky cravings starting with the letter B: ball crushing to bruising.

Fetishes: A

Slave checklist begins with the letter A: abrasion and anal plugs.


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