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This will be a big surprise to long-time readers:

Boot worship: my feeling - though I’d never want to speak for her - that when I’m kneeling licking her boots - be it adoringly, hungrily, exhaustedly - is the time in D/s when our hearts are most cleanly in harmony.

I long for her so deeply that I’d like to say that right now to be allowed to kiss them once would be all I need. But I know I’d be pining for more.

A unceasing delight in adoring her.

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Whether you think of it as D/s, S&M, BDSM, M/s what part of play, what kink or role most powerfully satisfies you?

When you actually play what is it that the other does that transports you most profoundly? What one act makes you most grateful?

This is a game so feel free to be selfish.

(These questions are fairly common on BDSM forums. I thought I’d see if I could get a few of you to share your feelings with me here. This is 3 of 5 consecutive entries.)


I find my partner at his most moving when he gives himself to me.

How this is done varies, depending on the person I am with.

My current pet loses himself when he is licking my feet. (Do women do this to men? I have never seen it.) I love seeing him completely lost. He melts sometimes when I pet him, too.

With my last pet, it was more a pain thing. The most moving thing he ever did was ask me to cane him. It was something he was afraid of, and something I had done to him for the first time earlier that day; he hated it.

But he knew it was something I loved and he wanted to make me happy.

I think of him sometimes, tied down and suffering because I wished it.

The image that sticks with me when I think fondly of a submissive is that of a dog waiting patiently with a dog biscuit on his nose.

He wants the biscuit. But he will not take it until he’s told.

This might be my boy on all fours, resting his forehead against the shoe he wants to lick. It might be something else.

You ask sometimes about chastity play. For me, that’s what it’s all about—not a man who is better behaved, but a man who is foregoing something he wants very much for no other reason than to please me.

I think want/need is very sexy.

I’m going to be thinking about this comment all day at work. A simple lucid summary hits me more deeply than anything like porn.

” tied down and suffering because I wished it.”

As masochistic as I am, the suffering wouldn’t mean anything if the woman doesn’t really enjoy inflicting it.

Once I got my head around chastity in a personal way I came to find the idea of surrendering in this way for extended periods very thrilling. I need to write this up sometime soon.

“I think want/need is very sexy.”

It is to feel the hunger, thought it can be so overwhelming at times that I can’t think straight.

Even though I cosider myself to be submissive, I Have only met one person that I have completely surrendered myself to. Through out the rest of my sexual history I’ve found myself desperatly hoping that they will just look at me the way she can and make me want to kneel at their feet. One blissful night I knelt naked handcuffed in the corner of the room as she was fucked by another women. It’s hard to explain how perfect it was to be deprived of her. not allowed to touch or be touched. I was then beaten and sent to bed alone where I lay completely aroused without relief.

Submissive men. The delight that came with the realization that submissive men existed and were ‘up for it’ lasted for months. Suddenly my imagination was filled with colour, and I imagined men at my feet everywhere I went. It helped put a smile on my face anyway :)

I have never been owned but have craved it all my life. To find my true owner and to selflessly serve her would be a dream come true. Up to now all I have achieved is to write what I believe to be the sexiest female supremacy novel to date ‘The Scars of Obsession’but as the hero in this book finds his true owner, so i too hope to find her and come to know the bliss of taking my rightfull place at her feet.

My boyfriend is submissive, no matter how much he likes to think he isnt. I love reading all these stories. They give me the best ideas. He’s into the whole blood thing, I scratch and bite as hard as I can, breaking the skin and he loves it. His screams are so cute.

I get turned on by my wife’s vagina. After 3 children, it is absolutely huge. First off, when aroused her clit is enormous. Secondly, her inner labia are fat and long. That is just the external view. The opening is another. From front to back the slit is over 6”. the actual opening is 5.25”. There is barely any skin between her vagina and her anus. When standing her lips hang and move when she walks and her clit swings around loosely. When sitting her vagina is always open. Moving inside. I can put both hands inside to 3” above my wrists. We once measured her distance at 12.75” deep. I know this sounds like an exageration, but it is not. All of this was backed up using a measuring tape. What gets me the most is when erect, her clit is longer than my flacid penis and her opening is 1 1/2” longer than my erect penis. I have a small penis. I know. Even with her vagina being so large, she still orgasms from intercourse. If she’s having a hard time, we use a novely toy we found that measures 12” long and as wide as a beer can. It is such a turn on to watch that huge thing just slide in with no resistance. We also get into the small penis humiliation fetish. We both know that I am small at 4 1/4” thin and she is cavernous, so why dwell on the negative. She actually enjoys me talking about her huge hole and even more loves asking if I’m in. Life is good.

Your feelings?

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