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Pop Culture

Too many websites, not enough time or energy.

Fantasy Comments

Weird and unwanted comments left on BDSM blogs.

MyDungeonSpace Account Cancelled

Creating a successful BDSM, kink or fetish site or community isn't easy and you can't charge for it.

Warning to BlogSpot Bloggers

Malware attack on Google's blogging platform may affect BDSM and sex blog authors and readers.

The Random 7 Meme

One of those meme things bloggers do in defiance of laws forbidding chain letters.

Infantile, Impotent, Spineless, Inferior (O! Those Pink Blogs!)

Psychological health of mane who write about loving female authority and female led relationships.

Blogging Ideas

Help and inspiration for Femdom bloggers.

Femdom : Do It For Fun!

Joyful interplay between women who may enjoy dominance and men who know they enjoy erotic submission. So sad to see sex play turned into stupid politics (female supremacy), bad sociology, idiotic self-help culture when it could be empowering and joyful for both partners in the relationship.

Exploring Human Pet Play

Dommes who enjoy having men eat food out of pet dishes like puppies.

Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

Beginnings of becoming a a telephone madame and Femdom website mistress.

Negative Comments on Femdom Blogs

Rude and hostile remarks leave on certain D/s and S&M blogs that cause women grief, frustration and anger.

Petty Peeve & PreposterousClaim

Don't believe every claim you read on BDSM and S&M blogs.

Wherefore Woman Rules Roost?

Candace's blog about loving female authority, female led relationships and the responses of submissive men when it vanished from Blogger.

Femdom Blog Holocaust!!!!

Blogspot female dominants angered by words of male submissive blogger hostile to LFA, LFA, WLM.

Tender, Sweet, Loving Femdom

Male surrender to erotic female dominance can be passionate and romantic. Please share your own story of romantic F/m D/s, FLA, LFA, WLM - choose your own favorite acronym.

Live My Life for Me Please

Men who leave comments on Femdom blogs telling the writers how to conduct their relationships, sex lives and marriages.

Trouble in the World of Phone Sex

Failed money mistresses and PSO ProDommes who seek to harm the successful phone sex workers.


Blogs and fiction by submissive men in female led relationships who desire to be cuckolded because that is what Elise Sutton says they should want as true submisives.

Dating Advice for F/m Folk

Female dominant, male submissive self-help website for men and women seeking playmates and partners.

Make Me Your Sissy Bitch!

Faux submissives who focus on lifetime chastity, cuckoldry, sissyfication and wander the web begging women to take control of them. What dominant woman would want to?

Female Masters (as it were)

Femdom honorifics: dominant women who choose maledom titles like Sir or Master.

An Exemplary Blog

A woman's self-exploration of entering into a dominant role with her beloved husband.

A Virtual Dominatrix

ProDomme who is an avatar in the Second Life online community.

Femdom Weblogs & Forums

F/m blog and online discussion group lists.

Their Journey Continues ...

A loving Femdom couple in an intense and happy D/s relationship.

A Few Words of Thanks

Helpful, kind dominant women who have given me advice on BDSM and F/m relationships.

Financial Masochism

A look at consensual blackmail, monetary slavery with female money sadists.

The Femdom Police

Rude, boorish men who post comments on F/m blogs, online journals and diaries.

Nonphysical Punishment

Using emotions, restrictions and needs to discipline a submissive male.

That Stubborn Penis Plug

Mistress and slave write about inserting his chastity belt penis plug.

Bad Manners

Submissive men who leave rude, unkind comments on Femdom blogs.

Uncomprehending Readers

People tell my beloved Goddess that she abuses me when I act as her male slave.

Disciplining a Submissive Husband

How his Mistress who is also his wife punishes him.

He's Given Her Complete Control of His Sex Life

A male sub locked in a CB-3000 writes about orgasm denial and enforced chastity.

But One of Many Slaves

Autobiographical blog about the submissives and slaves attached to a ProDomme.

Femdom Foot Fetish Forums

F/m boot, shoe, foot worship and adoration community.

A Slave's Path No More

Aspirant's femdom diary of his life with the woman he calls Master comes to an end.

Male Masturbation Under Female Guidance

Male masturbatory addiction and female domination.

Sissification Gone Mad

Male slave wanted to be made to wear a dress and visit his family's Christmas dinner.

An Evil Angel

Blog by a female sadist and master.

Blogger & BDSM Blogs

Google's Blogger.com removes many adult-themed blogs to ban splogs and commercial useage that violates TOS.

Silent Service

D/s: voice control and enforced silence.

A Gentle Domme

Blog by an interesting young Latina Domina.

Slave or Submissive?

Nice weblog by a male slave in service to his Mistress.

Down On My Knees, My Tongue Open for the 400th Time

Why are there so few Femdom relationship blogs? Are submissive men and dominant women unable or unwilling to express themselves?

Going Non-verbal

Told to drink piss or give up orgasms for a long time he finds himself lost in subspace.

A Nurturing Sadist

Intelligent, enjoyable site of a woman who chose Femdom as a lifestyle.

Cuckoldry and Traditional Spankings

Ms. MacCombe has two weblogs and at least two Femdom websites.

How's She Doing?

My transgendered Domme solicits reader questions, comments and suggestions.

The Thrill of Orgasm Control

A Femdom weblog writer talks about the joy she takes in denying her mate orgasms.

Making Him Responsive to Her Touch

Training a male slave to respond to tactile play.

ProDomme Weblogs

Professional dominatrixes - or is it dominatrices - who write personal blogs.


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