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A submissive husband explains how discipline is enacted by his wife/Mistress:

If I breach any rule, or fail to attain Mistress’ definition of perfect, then I attract further punishment – the roll of a dice for each infringement, with five times the number of strokes showing on the face of the dice. These strokes are increasingly severe - they are not token strokes, and I am well incentivised to maintain and exceed Her expectations if I wish to protect my arse.

sub hubby

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I discipline my sub hubbyas I deem necessary. I use different equipment & methods to cause my hubby to want to obey me to the exact letter of instruction. A 34 inch leather canadian whip is my favorite tool. Any discipline I select is administered slowly while I lecture him. I let the pain build up as I apply it. his way he remembers it longer and does not commit errors in his duties or forget what his role is , which he accepted gladly over five years ago. I do not cook, do housework, or consult him about anything. All sex is for my pleasure. I was a little hesitant at first as we began this type of relationship, but now I will not have it any other way.

My wife dominants me and I love it. I endure her sexual demands including her having a casual botfriend. She tells me about her encounters and makes ne lick her, but not come inside. My lack of orgasm just keeps me hornier and more her toy.

My wife always has her bull discipline me. He is gentle but firm and always in the presence of my wife so that I feel a lot of humiliation. I am always manhandled and forced to the floor into positions where he can exact submissive statements from me. My wife looks on and smiles at my helplessness.

My loving husband posted the above about my having my “Bull” discipline him. This is a huge fantasy of mine and I get so turned on that I have to be laid real soon. My young bull comes into our home, kisses and caresses me before approaching my husband. My friend is a judo instructor and he makes short work of hubby as he is forced to submit to him. The take-down is exciting for me and my husband moans in helplesness as he gives me up to my bull for whatever he wants to do with me. “I’m a hot wife.” My hubby gets turned on too.

I discovered my wife was having an affair. I begged her to stop. She said she might if I would agree to obey her. Now I’m a house maid for her, and she still is seeing her lover. If all the house work is done. I’m allowed to cum in my panties while I eat cream pie a couple of times a week on average, but never do I get to have sex with my wife.

I am only submissive sexually—-I am on the bottom, always. The latest is that I have to earn my pocket money—So I get paid for eating pussy, licking ass etc. I get paid based on how good a job I do.

I am expected to be a submissive maid to my wife all the time. I am by nature not that submissive and my failings get me in to trouble. I spend hours standing with my wrists secured to rings on the inside of the middle post between our double sliding closet wall. I must stand there in my panties and bra. We have a camera and vcr in the bedroom and all wall time must be recorded so I have proof I did not move and she reviews the video.

If I am a brat and resist training or punishment I am put in diapers and made to stand there for many hours. On those occasions the restrains are locked. At times I may then be given a short chain and be allowed to sleep right there on the floor.

enjoy Trudy

I get so tired of all the male fantasies posted here. It’s SO simple - if he misbehaves or disobeys your instruction then you are ENTITLED to thrash him on the bare buttocks and continue until he agrees to obey.

It’s so simple!

A new sub! I’ve got myself a sub 3rd person in my vanilla relationship. He wants to be dominated by me and so far i am very turned on by the thought. I’m asking for assistance from other dom women as to sayings/positions/punishments that i should dish out to him. he enjoys the punishment and i let him get his ass fucked or wank to a cum if he’s been good so withdrawl of sexual pleasure doesn’t work as i like to see him get it, and i dont want to punish myself! Any ideas for some good punishemnts or submissive tasks?

I’m a pretty petite full-figured blonde girl. My husband once cheated on me with another girl. This girl wasn’t my friend, but she’s certainly not my friend after doing this with my husband! I slapped him in the face, told him to bend over my lap, and I gave him a hard firm spanking! I told him that he better not ever cheat on me again!

I am my wifes slave and no-one elses, my wife has control of our sex life and is free to have casual sex with anyone she chooses whilst I am hers alone. She does not include other men in our liasons and in return I worship at her feet, she needs for nothing, I do all the housework, cooking, go out to work to earn us a living and I am at her beck and call. During sex there is only one thing she considers and that is her own satisfaction, there is also only one thing I consider and, unsurprisingly, it is her satisfaction, my wife’s orgasms are the most important thing in the world to me, whether they be induced by me, or someone else because I know that it is how she most receiveves satisfaction. She is my Goddess and I am completeley devoted to her, even if she is not completeley devoted to me. She is a kind Mistress, she often lets me voice my opinions and does’nt punish me unless I truly deserve it, sometimes, when my punishment is denial of orgasm, she will relent before the full term of denial is complete, but I have to be really, really good to to receive that leniency. When I have done something wrong and deserve punishment I accept it without question, even if my Mistress makes a mistake and punishes me unnecessarily (glad she won’t be reading this, even hinting that she may sometimes have a lapse of misjudgement is a punishable offence)I accept it like a good sub would. When i feel the sting of a riding crop on my ass I feel absolved because I know I am paying for the sin of letting down my Mistress.

My wife threatened to leave me this weekend, and I begged her to stay because I am nothing without her. She agreed to stay under the condition that I must do whatever she says without question. Monday, she began to lay down the rules of the house to me. First, all my money goes into our joint account. Moreover, she has a separate account to which I have no access. Second, must I have to bring her refreshments when she snaps her fingers. Third, when she tells me to shut up I must relent in the conversation. Third, she is in total control in the bedroom, but I am lucky because she makes sure that I enjoy it too. However, now she makes me do things that are degrading. She now sits on my face, so my nose is pressed against her anus. She also makes me sniff and lick her tight, red butthole. I have to go to sleep with my face pressed against her butt with my nose between her buttcheeks. And no matter if she farts, I am not allowed to move unless I do so in my sleep. She has assured me that this is just the beginning. I am somewhat afraid because she can really be cruel. Please, tell me; how bad can it get?

I have full control and ownership of my husband slave. Without going into detail, I got him where I want.Descipline includes Spanking, chains, collar and leash. Oh, I locked up his tiny tim also.

i am 20 yr old boy do u want a slave husband .. make mail

My wife and Mistress spanks me belt for play (Which I enjoy) and if I am bad in some way she uses a riding crop (which I do not). I try very hard to please her in every way.

iam the slave, in this marryage.i do the cleaning cooking. washing. and anythang she ask. the same goes in the bedroom. she tells me what she wants, and only when she wants this dick it be unlocked. as it cage up. 24/7. and lately it has not been off. she has a b/f that’s gets to cum in her. somethang she stop me doing about a year ago. but she will put her pants back on , afterwords so it gets all over them ans holds the rest in her. comes home tell me, get to room.as she tell me how thanges went. she seating on my face.after she done with me .she puts her panty in my month. and go back to work or to get her somethage. as makes fun of me as she see me in pain in the cage,or say bet them ball are getting real full after eating weeks of b/f cum out of me. i would say yes mistress they do feel vary full. she would say , then you will really injoy it when the month is over this time if you don’t miss this time up. she say i miss my one day cumming day up becouse i was late coming home that day. i had a flat tire. on my way home. so the lock stayed on.i cry about it and she kick them balls, then at night she sleep nude, rubbing her self over me.and ask if i would like a other hit to them balls. i ask pleace don’t mistress , then she went to sleep. she done that all week, i was more hornyer then i could reber. in my life. i injoying being her now slave. in the house as i walk behide her when we out.once i missed up .shesaid stop. i stoped where i was, she trun arould and without knowing her feet hit me right in the balls. i went down to my knees. she said iam your boss if you want to keep them close to you .be good.thats my life now and this is a true story. iam living it daylly. we find this please and she injoy it as much as her. plus she has me to write ,and only the truth as she may read them.so thank you..

Seems like most of these posts are not punishments but male fantasy…

The worst punishment for a submissive is no Domination and back to vanilla. my wife wouldn’t deny my orgasms for a year and finally i started submitting to her and now i haven’t had a orgasm since.

If she whips me for being bad then that makes me do more bad stuff.

My wife is the best wife in the world. Not only is she pretty but totaly cassy. years ago i felt bad the way i treated her and i decided to be her maid whemnever she wanted. She pretends to be a princess and acts the part. When i fail to serve and clean perfectly she pulls a card from a deck of poker cards and whatever she pulls is my strokes of punishment. We assigned numbers to each set of cards so i never know how many strokes for each pentality until after she selects her card. It makes for a suspenseful dicipline. She loves the spoiling and i enjoy seeing her joyful. Our litle system works well for us. HG

Looking for a little change in our vanilla 23 year long relationship, I finally managed to

suggest to my wife that she take control sexually. This had always been a secret fantasy of mine,

and she was totally shocked and surprised when I revealed it to her one night.

Nevertheless, she agreed to give it a go, and at my prompting, bought a number of bdsm and

control items for me online. My excitement at the first time I was locked into a chastity tube

and commanded to stimulate her orally, while receiving no pleasure myself, was immense. But the

novelty of this experience though, while wearing off quite quickly for myself, only seemed to

strengthen my wife’s resolve to continue, and she seemed to settle into her new role of ‘Master’

with astonishing ease and delight.

Subsequently, despite my frequent pleadings that we ‘stop this game now’, six months later, I

still find myself totally dominated and controlled by her. Although at six feet in height, I

dwarf my wife physically, I find myself less and less able to stand up to her commands. This is

helped somewhat by her insistence that many of our sessions are filmed and stored online for

safekeeping, and as any male will know, during skillful teasing and denial sessions, a man will

say and do just about anything, so that a number of carefully edited video files now exist which

show me begging and pleading to be locked up, to be spanked, to be treated like a toilet slave,

and to be forced to wear panties 24/7.

She frequently reminds me whose idea this was in the first place, and insists that I continue to

derive much sexual pleasure from the arrangement. I can’t help noticing though, that she herself

appears to be the main one benefitting from our new lifestyle. At the time of writing this, I

have not been allowed to ejaculate for 3 months, while being forced to bring my wife to multiple

orgasms daily.

It goes without saying that I am in a constant state of horny arousal, and during a recent

shopping trip, she spotted me eying up an attractive sales assistant and receiving a coy smile in

return. To mu utter horror, she called the girl over and calmly said to her: “my husband finds

you sexually attractive, but he will never be able to act on that desire, since he is a panty boy

under my total control.” On saying this, she reached down the front of my trousers and yanked a

handful of pink lacy panty material out above my belt for all to see. At that precise moment, my

emasculation was complete. I could have crawled into a hole in the ground and just died. The

sales assistant gave me a pitying look, laughed and walked away, while my wife snapped her

fingers and led me from the shop.

My reason for writing this is clear. To all the men on this site who harbour a fantasy to be

controlled and dominated. Be very careful what you wish for.

Lucky Ken J got what he asked for. But he should have started with a short-term contract to make sure he did want what he got.

Ken Wife and now Mistress obviously enjoys Her new status as ken’s Owner and Dominatrix. Ken is well advised to get used to the new situation.

Just remember, ken, it was your idea: you asked for it! Now that She has tasted of domination, She is not inclined to turn back. Remember the rush of those first few days, your sincere and deep feeling of servitude and your immense joy at the privilege of submitting, serving and suffering for your beautiful Goddess. Keep that attitude uppermost in your mind and revel in the honour of being able to offer Her pleasure and to sacrifice your worthless life to Her gracious pleasure. Do this and you will both be happy. And unless you do, my friend, you will be miserable and She will eventually abandon you to what could be a truly painful final end. In fact, if your most exalted Mistress sees that you enjoy serving Her and abasing yourself at Her feet, She may take pity on you and let you serve Her for a long and enjoyable time.

Take a moment, ken, to throw yourself at Her feet, kiss Her shoes or boots, and sincerely thank Her for the privilege of being Her slave. If it is Her pleasure to whip you, fetch the instrument of Her preference and offer your carcass for Her amusement. After She has satisfied Her desire to make you suffer, lick Her boots in gratitude. After a few days of this cooperative attitude, She will be happier. So will you.

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