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A money masochist explains a game he calls Ruination Roulette:

The eternal problem between the Money Masochist and Financial $adist is one of just how far will the $adist go to “push” the MM? And while there are certainly a tiny percentage of Financial Dommes who will push it ALL the way, most — when you get down to it — have no desire to actually “ruin” their MM.

But there are many MMs who, while they don’t need actual “ruination,” they do need a certain fear and edge that it COULD really happen.

What then does a Money Masochist and his Financial Sadist do when he needs the edge, but she is not prepared to “actively” drop the bomb? I’ve conceived of a game of “Ruination Roulette,” where the stakes are REAL, but the probability is low.

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My web site will get me a lot of hatred but don’t worry, I’m toning it down several notches. Not because I think that financial domination is wrong at all. I just think that I should not be so blatant about it because it brings on the wrong idea entirely.

From my perspective, having personal items bought for me is an intimate gesture and when I’m wearing that item in an on-line session it only adds to my natural feelings and the rush I get from domination.

This has become such a sensitive subject more because of a choice few women with no real interest in BDSM using it to cash in quick I’m afraid. That is not my style at all. I consider myself a pro at on-line sessions and put every ounce of myself into that.

So the real question I think is, is it wrong to ask for payment for any type of sexual discreet on-line interaction with someone? I’ve been told it is misleading to run a site like I have and that it makes me a fraud. Do we really want to bring morality into our kinks and fetishes? I don’t ; )

As long as the professional provides satisfaction to the man offering tribute I can’t see any reason to fault it.

Not all ProDommes – of whatever variety – are into BDSM really but I figure if she convinces the guy that she is then it is all pretty fair.

Your feelings?

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