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Penis plug for chastity belt

Mistress Wildcat writes of trying to install her slave’s penis plug after he’d taken some sleeping pills (with the intent to make the insertion easier).

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I left him for a while to get deeply asleep before going in with the penis plug and some KY. I tried for about 20 minutes but could not get the plug in. I decided I needed three hands. I pushed it in with one hand but the other hand could not hold his floppy penis upright and hold his foreskin back enough for me to be able to push it in. The harder I pushed the more it just got buried in loose skin as there was nothing solid to push against. I finally gave up and was not in the best of moods about it! I hate failing!!!

The Joys of Slave Ownership

The next day slave Cameron tries on his own:

Looking around I spotted some Bonjela & some Clove oil; both used to numb the delicate skin of the mouth. I just had to get it and give it one last try before I gave up for good and put my chastity device back on!

So I used them with my sounds but was still not having much luck, then I re-tried by making myself hard so I could put some of the clove oil on the inside, (I also had a small cum leakage at this point, but it has been 12 weeks since I had an orgasm).

The clove oil really did sting but soon after it all went very numb. Then I took the largest sound that I had been able to put in and pushed it in with no problem at all, keeping it there for over an hour, I then went to the next size up. I had some problems in getting it in but no where near the problems I had getting it out. I was very close to calling my doctor as I could not get it out, then I thought maybe a bath could help.

Thankfully it did. …

My Slave Days


were do you get the plugs from?

I was visiting my mate when I saw a thick steel pencil shaped object on his coffee table, not knowing what it was I asked, its a cock plug he said, I asked whats it for he told me then said try it if you want so I dropped my jeans and tried but it was much to thick for my semi erect cock, give it here he said Ill do it for you, but it was much too thick, you really should start with a smaller one but I dont have one and if you really want to I can be rougher and get it in and how about we make it a interesting with some bondage ok I replied, so he hog tied me then tied a cord tightly around my cock and balls got them rock hard, lubed up the penis plug he stood my rock hard engorged cock up, in one hand and placed the tip of the penis plug in the hole of my cock, ready he asked ok I said then he forced it in with his other hand, I screamed out in pain, but fuck it felt so good, especially after he put a metal butt plug in me and connected both to the electrodes on a tens machine. Taking it out was just as thrilling he tied it to a cord and started pulling it once my cock was stretched and the cock plug still firmly implanted he busted my nuts me jerking forced it out, the intense cock pain and nut pain was great I was in heaven. Now my mate is my master.

Great idea for my bf! Can you get them with a hole through them so he can wear it 24/7? Repeat other comment - where do you get one?

The lady in my relationship has decided that I should be wearing some type of chastity device so I purchased a through-hole penis plug (the one in the photo above, from JT’s Stockroom)but I cannot get it in no matter how hard I try (the shoulder is approximately 7/16 dia.). My lady and I figure that if it is so difficult to get in, we should just keep working on it every day, and then finally when we do get in in, it will be in so securely that it will never come out because of the reverse-tapered shoulder (unless we want to tear my dick apart…). My lady thinks this would be a great device because she could attach a leash to it and lead me around with impunity or secure me to a post as needed. But better yet she could attach a chain to the ring and run the chain back through my legs and around my waist and lock it so that my dick will be held curved downward and thus be secured in a “chastity” position. In such a case we are hoping that the penis plug would be secure enough to not be removable and she would have to unlock the chain from the ring in order for me to even take a piss. It all sounds logical, no? Question: Is there any medical reason why we could not leave the plug in me permanently? It seems short enough to be relatively comfortable even when I’m flaccid once we get it in. But can we really expect me to eventually stretch enough to take it? Trying to force it in now even with lube doesn’t seem to work even when i [ignore] the pain. What we think we need to do is get it in as quickly as possible without a long period of slow stretching that would end up making removal possible. we figure that if we can get it in soon at any expense of pain, without destroying me, then my penis would return to its original size as much as it can and fit very snugly around the plug, thus keeping it in for good. Is this expectation practical. If I keep enduring the pain will it eventually go in?

Do you never fly or pass through security scanners?

No, I do not do flying. Period. I gave it up years ago, once the airport nonsense started. My lady flies, but I drive. However, other situations of that type in general could indeed present concerns that we have to be aware of. But the lady says to let her worry about the logistics and whether or not she will always be willing to accommodate the situation. For myself, I just want to be sure it would be physically ok before we go “all in.” This is what I need some feedback about. Can anyone help?

You might try calling local tattoo parlors. Some of those do penis piercings which is reasonably close.

I’d be interested in hearing what they tell you.

Try What My Mistresss Girlfrien uses insteade of a Penis Plug which has to be taken out at some point. A cathiter tube that has a Locking Plug on the end. For days She makes me Hold my Pee. then on my knees with my hands on my nipples She makes me pich and twist them till I have forgotten the pain in my belly before She unlocks the p-lug and lets me pee My Chastity tube hole is where the plug fits in the Cathiter. She tried a Penis Plug but decided it could not stay in log enough.

hi there i have a penis plug and a genital piercing (ampalang) i have no problem when i’m using my penis plug.

hi can you help me i cant get my cock puge back out do you no how i can get it out

Go to the Emergency Room.

Hi there I have purchased a 435gm Metal Ball stretcher which I constantly use, I love the tug on my balls just right as well as a Metal Penis Plug with a 10mm Diameter it has ring at the end however when I insert it, fairly easily, it does not stay in I have never used any sounds before but it slips out easily does anyone make a larger diameter Penis plug or the other idea is to attach a corona Ring not sure how to do it though any help form anyone ?

Damn I like putting this plug in my boyfriend. I got him a starter plus at 1/4. Its exciting seeing him shot thru that opening. I make him wear it most of the day. Its really erotic for me to put it in his penis.

For a penis plug with easy insertion and good holding ability try the ‘corkscrew’ from You actually screw the plug into your cock - sounds painful but it isn’t, the thread is rounded. Other point is that stainless steel is a must if you want to wear it 24/7, lightweight alloys are not good.

I second the advice above. Threaded plug from He now does 3 sizes but will make anything you want and is a friendly guy. I am wearing a 12mm threaded plug made by him, I wear it inside my chastity belt too.

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