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Role of the Dominant Female in American Society

The first mass market paperback exploitation of female dominance?

Most Masochists are Male

Men are more likely to enjoy pain than women they say.

Gender, Me and Kink

My vanilla and BDSM sexual orientations aren't identical.

Thank You For Being Alive

The atypically gendered will forever be among the greatest joys of my life.

BDSM vs. Vanilla Dating

How does matchmaking and mating differ for dominant women and submissive guys differ from the social norm?

Do Dommes Want Dummies?

Women prefer smart men with ambition so bragging about your worthlessness may be the biggest mistake a submissive man can make in searching for a dominant female.

The Paradox of Female Supremacy

If women say they aren't superior how can submissive men promote gynarchy as an ideology?

Make Him Submissive With Biochemistry

Women did you know that you can reprogram the male mind using chemicals produced by your own body?

Bisexual Men & Female Domination

Are contentedly bisexual males less likely enjoy submitting to a dominant female than heterosexual guys?

Femdom Synarchy - Insecurity?

Is male self-doubt the root of female supremacy and gynarchic politics?

Gender Follies II

Gender politics stuff - no kink, sorry - because there's too much sexism in the rhetoric surrounding female domination.

Gender Follies

Pointers to a few contemporary discussion of gender (having nothing really to do with what is often called Femdom).

From Gyno-Utopians to Gyno-Fascists

Female supremacy ranges from neo-pagan Goddess worship to totalitarian women who would literally enslave men given the political power.

The Female Brain

Sexist science disguised as feminist research

Emotional Masochism : Gender Bias?

Is D/s including harsh humiliation, degradation more common in F/m play than M/f scenes and scenarios?

Gender : Coda

Last thoughts about gender and female domination.

F/m Gender Politics

Are submissive males just projecting their own sexist fantasies on dominant women with talk of female supremacy and female-led relationships?

Transsexual Dommes

Stereotypes and rejection faced by some mtf transgendered dominatrices.

On Loving a Transsexual Woman

My lover is a transgendered Domme: many men don't understand that I don't make a fetish of her transsexuality, that I just plain love her.

Gender and BDSM, D/s, S&M

Subjective mental images of the differences in being the male slave of a man or woman.

My Transgendered Domina

I'm in a F/m relationship with a transsexual. Would it differ if she were a genetic female: not really.

Pansexual + Transsexual

I'm a pansexual guy in a F/m love affair with a transgendered person.


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