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I was reading Eileen’s most recent entries when I ran across one about strap-on play. My eyes started to glaze over almost instantly. Not because Eileen can’t write. Reading about strap-on has an almost narcotic effect on me at times. But her entry is an exception.

I’ve had penises thrust past my sphincter. To me being screwed is perfectly ordinary. It is one of the things guys often do when making love or having sex with another man.

To be honest I’m not blest with a sensitive prostate it seems. To me being penetrated has rarely been thrilling. Mostly mildly pleasant. Or at least a civil gesture on my part.

I don’t see any gender role reversal in the act. There’s nothing feminizing about a man bottoming in anal sex. There are plenty of tough, muscular very butch bottoms.

Are there no bisexual men in female dominant relationships? I swept that aside quickly as a few bisexual submissive guys came to mind.

When I was meeting people online there were loads of bisexual married men who wanted me to screw them. For me to top them in both the vanilla and kinky sense of the term. (Ugh. Adulterers give me the creeps.)

Perhaps there is something about comfortable, happy bisexuality that diminishes the ability of a man to feel submissive with a woman? His freedom from trashy gender conditioning?

I can’t guess. My own panseuxuality leaves me comfortable with power exchange and sadomasochism regardless of gender configuration, identity and performance.

What about me and strap-on play? As I’ve noted earlier I find the prospect exciting. But that is because for me having a female top pummel away inside we with an artificial substance seems excitingly dehumanizing.

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    I’m not sure from what you wrote if my entry made you glaze over or not. But if it did, sorry! I’m very wordy. I know this :).

    I referred May to this post, because I belive he can speak to bisexuality and submission very eloquently, and I’d rather not surmise for him.

    “But that is because for me having a female top pummel away inside we with an artificial substance seems excitingly dehumanizing.”

    What a great reaction, and a great way to approach that kind of play.

    p.s. Sorry if this posts twice!

    Oh, no …

    Usually when you see the topic of strap-on it is the same old, same old.

    As I said what you wrote is an exception.

    Bisexuals are never faithful!

    Does that mean mine was boring? ;)

    Thank goodness for emoticons.

    If you wrote an entry I didn’t see it.

    If you meant your comments, of course not.

    but I linked to it!

    See, here, in my comment:

    “And for me, being bi and close to stone — nobody knows that or recognizes that, so no matter how many times I write things like this I’m always back to square one with people.”

    It was certainly very passionate. But I didn’t have much of a reaction to it.

    I’ve never engaged in penetrative sex - either side - in a D/s context. I’ve yet to experience a strap-on because we can’t afford one. So it is all pretty much abstract to me.

    What you wrote about strap-ons that moved me the most deeply was:

    But I also don’t really get it, in some senses, because ever since childhood I felt very upset that what people were calling “sex” worked “backwards.” Discovering that I could use my fingers and hands helped, and first hearing about strap-ons was an immense relief. “Oh, I can have sex without feeling backwards! I wasn’t sure that was possible! Awesome!”

    i was blessed with a sensitive prostate apparently. my reaction to her strapon play was to say the least a tad embarassing. After much talk about the “real thing” i was finally ready. A leather dom friend of hers and his sub. It was amazingly erotic and brought me to a new level of subspace. Oh…and the real thing…much better than even silicone!

    Your feelings?

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