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I’m glad to see feminists engaged in sadomasochism discussion BDSM. Certainly the “Femdom” portion of the spectrum would profit from more such involvement.

… I was thinking that it seems to me that they’re not just getting off on the idea of a world following the dynamic they like, but interpreting the world AS secretly following that dynamic. And I don’t know why that is, but my guess is insecurity.

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Are their men who believe in the existence of a secret “femdom” synarchy? Yep: the Daughters of Ay’esha.

And there are those poor fellows who fall all over themselves in ecstasy when they read of a new woman CEO. (Though they never note when one is fired for ruining the company or indicted for malfeasance.) Not that I’d ever hint that women don’t have the right to maximize the shareholder value and help America continue to increase the disparity between wealthy and poor.

Is male belief in female superiority sometimes rooted in insecurity? I remember speculating here a couple of years ago that this sort of faith may for some men legitimize their sexuality.

Woman on top is merely the natural order. How can there be shame in seeking to restore lost socioeconomic propriety.

One might wonder if it protects their masculinity. But it seems so often merged with cravings for feminization that I really doubt that.

Oh, the poor women who just want a husband or boyfriend confronted with the awesome and awful destiny to be expected to live as a real 24/7 Goddess.

Has neopaganism contributed to this I wonder?

Among men, the primary reinforcer of female supremacy is, the penis. Lust. Fantasies that helplessly careen out of control and go off into extreme tangents.

Often the kindest homage these guys could give their goddess is to put your arm around her shoulder and be her companion.

The pleasure of worshiping a woman I’m lucky enough to know. But Alexandra’s divinity is in my heart. It isn’t politics. Nor does it require bad ethnology and bogus archaeology.

Now I can appreciate Female Supremacy as Metaphor.



Tell us how ya feel richard! Since I do believe in Female Supremacy, I am not sure what I can say that would not come across as being a bitch so I will say it was interesting reading!! I enjoy seeing everyones views thats what makes the world fun right? Hope you are well, say hi from time to time you busy man you…..

I don’t think of FLR to be indicative of female superiority. I realize that dominants can be both female and male and submissives can be both male and female. Generalizing 3+B from my one mistress is just silly. Luckily she is secure enough not to require me to conclude huge generalizations for ever category she belongs to.

I don’t think this entry has anything to do with Female Led Relationships but I’m glad you are happy

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