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Are you a submissive guy who feels that he isn’t sufficiently submissive? Or a woman who wants to make her man more submissive. And not even do it using sexual arousal?

According to one researcher chemicals secreted by a woman’s vagina will make him more anxious to please you. Not only that you can rebuild his mind.

Is this a femdom science fiction fantasy or what?

Stage four is also where we begin to see the male’s behavior capable of being modified, even after copulins are no longer present. The female can plant ideas during coupling (later stages of the session) and the male will act upon them at a later date, completely convinced they are his own idea, even if the male has not had copulins in his system for an extended period. Just as in hypnosis, trigger words can be used to “trigger” the male to respond in a predetermined fashion. What is happening here is that the copulin/hypothalamus communication creates new behavior models for the male. We all have behavior models from birth, and each person’s model is different, of course. When somebody says “chocolate”, my mouth begins to water, and I may hear my tummy rumble. My sister, however, may grimace at the word “chocolate”, for she is allergic to it and has learned that chocolate is a bad word. These are automatic responses, and the male’s response to a trigger word, or modified behavior during a coupling session, is the same—an automatic, unthinking response.

Copulins: The most powerful of hormones

I wouldn’t have run across this if it weren’t for the Ed Wood of female domination, William Bond:

It also makes sense of why women like long sessions of sex and macho men prefer it to be quick, (wham, bang, thank you ma’am). Because the female can instinctively brainwash the man if sex takes a long time. While the macho man instinctively knows the dangers of getting too intimate sexually with women.

Female Hormones causes Male Submissiveness

Glad to have that confusion settled.

Sorry copulins aren’t available in stores. Or even by Amazing TV Offer.

Nor has there been any double-blinded placebo controlled research.

Shouldn’t this mean that cunnilingus makes men submissive?

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There is little doubt in my mind as to the truth of this. W/we have seen throughout history that some Women are just naturally more capable of controlling men. And it is not always the more beautiful of Women. There is an indefinable something about certain Women that just make men anxious to please them! i am not at all surprised to hear that a Female secreted hormone is the cause!

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