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Preposterous CBT VIII : Duct Tape

Imagine a masochist foolish enough to wrap his penis in tough and adhesive tape.

Flogging a Cock

On the male masochist's pleasure in penis torment.

Preposterous CBT VII

Combining: Noxema, Icy Hot, Vicks VapoRub and capsaicin.


Put an anchor shackle around testicles and then hang a bucket of produce from his scrotal sac.

Sneaky Endorphins

Girlfriend torments my penis with a Taylor Hammer, tongs and a tiny black whip.

Fire Ants

CBT via insect bites.

Testicle Kicking Technique

Physics, misdirection, trick photography, cinematography and illusion in ball busting video clips.

Playing the Helicopter

A form of cbt play from a female domination site focusing on sadomasochistic role play for loving couples.

More Male Milking Machines

Automating male erotic teasing and orgasm denial via mechanical devices.

Referred Testicle Pain

CBT: a blow from a testicle whipping elicits pain in my abdominal area.

Evil Dom Women!

Men who fear, assume that sadistic female dominants may subject them to permanent physical injury.

Preposterous CBT VI

Harsh CBT with superglue, nails, pins, electricity torture.


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.


CBT involving rough surfaces like sandpaper.

Preposterous CBT V

Male masochist has fantasies of a Mistress putting fish hooks in his penis.

CBT Macramé & Other ...

Inventive, interesting and entertaining forms of cbt play.

Cheap Testicle Weights

A simple inexpensive padlock would work for ball bondage in cbt scenarios.

Male Milking Machine

Autosex's mechanical device for automated male penis milking as seen in his videos.

How Do You Milk a Man?

Forced masturbation without ejaculation and prostate massage strategies and tactics.

Have an Icy Hot Time

How it can be used for penis and scrotum torment.

Preposterous CBT IV

Foreskin leashing: being led by nipple clamps or similar clips attached to a man's foreskin.

Chemical CBT

A reference to cock and ball torment using creams, liniments, ointments and spicy hot peppers.

Electric Toothbrush + Penis

A mechanical means of milking a man for tease and orgasm denial torment.

Testicle Torture: Guidance

BDSM ball torment help and FAQs.

Testicle Torments

Ball stretching, testicle whipping, inserting rods and wands in the penis.

Innovations in Penis Bondage

Chastity cock rings and wrist to genitals bondage devices.

DIY Chastity Devices

Making your own cheap male chastity belts and rings.

Preposterous CBT III

Icey Hot, wintergreen oil, capsaicin spread on my penis and testicles.

S&M (Wooden) Horse Riding

Pain play involving stress on a man's crotch and his leg muscles.

Preposterous CBT II

F/m tease and denial scenario: being allowed to have sex with her but in such a way that you feel nothing.

Preposterous CBT I

Tease and denial fantasy: penis is medically induced into a long, sustained erection.

An Evening with ClubFEM's MCD

Erotic genital torment using a male chastity control device.

Keeping Count

While counting while she was kicking my cock I lost my erection.

The Humbler: First Experience

Having my balls locked behind my legs. And the pathetic vibrating cock ring.

Leashed at Work

On wearing a cock and ball leash under my pants to my job.

Penis Kicking

The night my Goddess kicked and slapped my cock.

S&M while you sleep

Having dreams about BDSM and D/s.

Muddled musing

Genital torment as a form of BDSM punishment.

Make Your Own Teeth of Kali Bracelet

DIY guide to making a severe male chastity device.

Prickly Penis Toy

Many cbt toys are too small for a guy who larger than average.

Penis Crushing

Nothing makes her happier than pressing down on me with her boots.

On Penis Restriction

A look at a Pin Prick Cock Sheath, ClubFem's Male Chastity Device and the Locking Cock Cage.

Milking the Male

Prostate manipulation, exhaustion as a part of enforced chastity or orgasm denial play.

Testicle Leashing: Instant Omnipotence

Having your balls under someone else's controls is the most humbling, humiliating experience I can think of as a man.

Penis Adornment

Knickknack for decorating cocks.

Genital Stock

Stock for confining the balls and cock.

The Other Kind of Milking

Enforced masturbation that continues long enough to cause penis pain.

Yikes! Spikes!

Fancy some weights hanging from a spiked ball ring?

Penis Leashing

Thinking about my desire to be led about controlled by a leash on my penis.

Bitten By the Teeth of Kali

Male chastity device with teeth: an erection causes pain.

Cock Ring FAQs

List of websites that off advice on selecting, buying and using a cock ring.

Orgasm Denial

Chastity belts and orgasm control seem to be very important to many Femdom relationships.

Trapped in the Gates of Hell

Being led by my owner by a leashed Gates of Hell.

Cock leash (The Long Night)

On being led around by a cock and ball leash.

Chastity and Crushing


Story fragment with chastity as an enhancement to woman worship.


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