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(I wish I’d known I’d be creating this site. There are all sorts of odd bits of lore I could’ve bookmarked.)

Mortice Deadlock, a “British bisexual sadomasochist” has a number of pages devoted to chastity device including this do-it-yourself project:

The is a plan for building a lockbox - a box containing a timer which, once locked, will not open until the set time is up. This is ideal for securing a bunch of keys to operate a chastity belt, handcuffs, or whatever you’d like to not be able to remove for a while :-)

The objective of this design is to be made with easily available parts, and not require any specific construction or electronic skill.

Mortice’s Lockbox

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On usenet a man was wanting to explore erection prevention cheaply and safely. Vet tape was one of the suggestions:

Keep wrapping in vet wrap until the tightness is just right. Then one more wrap just to be sure. Then seal the deal with duct tape over the vet wrap. That will leave a manly man tight and secure.

Chastity Lite?

Philip the Foole outlines inexpensive chastity devices he’s made:

To make it work, you would need to have his balls relaxed and warm, so that they hang low away from the body. Otherwise, the rings are so close together that it isn’t possible to fit the cock in between them without pinching, which may or may not be desirable from your point of view.

This is pretty much exactly the setup used for several “male chastity belt” designs. All you need to add is a piece of PCV tube with a 45-degree bend from the plumbing department of your local hardware store. 1 1/4” diameter should be about right for the diameter. Drill a few holes in it around the base, slip it over his cock and lock the PVC tube to the two anchor shackles with a few small padlocks. Alternatively, plastic cable ties could be used to make the connection.

Now, he won’t be able to touch his cock, even with his hands free. This will be good for his self-discipline in the event he should be tempted by lustful thoughts while he is at work.

If you wish, you can “cap off” this rig with a PVC end cap, which you can glue on to the angle pipe. If you want him to be able to pee, you could drill a few holes in the end cap.

For an extra layer of security for a guy who has a cock piercing, a rod can be passed through the end of the tube to secure the piercing ring. There are several ways to secure such a rod. A hole drilled through the end, with a padlock through the hole, would be quite effective.

O-ring suitable for use as a cock ring


please email me on how much testicles can take i want to have my girl friend stomp on my cock and balls “severly” i have already asked for harder and she stopped my question is at what point will i become impotent and if my balls im assuming were mashed to oblivia would i still have a sex drive i guess what i really want is to be a pussy cumm slave lick pussy when she wants it and if my dick wont get hard lick her clean after she has had a “real” dick i have several web sites that want to destroy my balls under high heels on tape so how do i arrange to keep sex drive but not be able to ejaculate ever again for life (atleast by stimulation) I read were Chinese woman have male sex slaves penises amputated. Another spot said to get high and have partener stomp cock they said it would be best if she destroyed my sex organ give her a feeling of power and ease of fucking other men so what do i do to never cumm again as long as i live but still want to like pussy after she has been active sincerly going to do something need suggestion

PS: my guess is leave balls and have penis cut off OR have her stomp my penis to DEATH literaly and what type of medical attion will i need and at what point will we know if has been stomped enough and never get hard again and last but not least can she stomp it to destruction and i wont need medical attention i mean if she stomps it this hard i wouldnt want i fixed

Does your girlfriend want to do this to you? Does she want to have sex with other men and still have you around? Or is this your desire and not hers?

Do you realize that even if you give her permission that she still might face criminal charges?

Medical attention would certainly be required.

You really should consider buying a chastity belt like the CB-3000. She can hold the key and engage in CBT.

If after a long time you still want to live the fantasy that you outlined there are operations that can be performed to split your penis without removing it. Your desire would remain intact but your penis wouldn’t be able to function in the traditional manner.

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