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I get many visitors looking for, well what I’m not sure - tips, fantasies, stories - about male prostate milking.

Of course I want to be obliging. And you may not have ever even heard of alt.torture much less have read it.

A woman explains what a happy time she can have with an electric toothbrush and a helplessly bound male. No denying it tickles my fantasy bone.

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Any ideas out there for homebrew milking machines? The Venus 2K is out of my price range, but I’d love to have a mindless, soulless, unrelenting machine for finishing a victim.

Any of you cows come up with something that’ll do the job without the danger of carpal tunnel syndrome for me?

Also, I really love to stimulate the glans and the meatus during the period right after orgasm. I’d like to hear what techniques and devices others are using to this effect.

Here’s a tool I use: I took an electric toothbrush and repeatedly dipped the brush part in a liquid rubber, which is used to create a grippy handle for home tools (available at any home supply store). The liquid hardens into a soft, black, flexible surface. After multiple applications and drying periods, the tip of the toothbrush now looks like an odd, soft spoon of sorts. I’m not sure why the surface became concave, probably from the effect of gravity on the drying, but the shape works well for cupping against the glans, especially on the underside at the nervous terminals where the head meets the shaft.

After a long, drawn-out tease session, when the subject is finally allowed to come (IF he’s allowed to come — I’m also into chastity/milking without release), I allow the orgasm spasm to subside, then begin stroking the shaft with a well lubricated, light grip at the same rhythm of the orgasm contractions. As soon as I feel his orgasm cycle is finishing, I quicken the stroking and begin to stimulate the cockhead with the vibrating toy. I’m told it’s like an electrical shock, it’s so intense.

I enjoy the switch that’s flipped in the bottom’s mind: At first he’s begging, “please don’t stop; let me come…” and then he’s begging, “please stop.” When he realizes that I’m not stopping, and that he can’t do anything about it, I’m a happy girl.

I’m also interested in any ideas that incorporate CBT with forced milking. I especially like scenerios in which a subject is put in a situation where he has to choose between relieving pain OR relieving unwanted milking stimulation. Likewise, it’s great to see a guy straining to buck his hips into a too-slow stroke, even though his thrust is sharply tugging on his bound balls.

However, like I said, my favorite fantasy scenerio is to have an excruciating buildup on a totally bound subject, where something mechanical takes over for me, when he comes, until he’s dry and then some. I’d love to leave him bound and monitor him from another room, leaving him to his dilema.

Come on guys, betray your brothers, give a girl some pointers…


I love to suck my man’s cock with my vacuum sweeper while fucking his ass with one of my vibrators or my strap-on cock. The cum just explodes when I do that. I can also control it so it just oozes out of him for a lonf period of time. he say’s it is so intense he almost blacks out. Mmmmm

Vacuum? Find that one a bit hard to believe.

Hey i am kinda new to the milking process and was wondering what else i could use to milk. I have a ribbed vibrator but when i had it pushed towards my stomach i don’t know if i was hitting the spot or not.

You may want to insert your finger and feel for a roundish or oblong protrusion about 2 inches inside. A common instruction is to point in the direction of the navel. Once you locate it with your finger you’ll probably feel more confident with the vibrator.

ok i have done that and i have use the vibrator but how can i tell by the vibrator if i am milking myself??/ and whats the best position cuz its hard by yourself. my vibrator is straight and ribbed. anything else i could use in the shower maybe to milk myself, and how long should i milk myself for??

All you can do is point the vibrator as I explained above. The sex toy itself isn’t going to tell you anything. I think most people do this bent over and kneeling. Anal insertion is often easiest in a “doggie” position.

The motion should be gentle.

How long? What is your goal? Most people do it until ejaculation.

I have turned the dildo and inserted my fingers towards navel. the only sensation i get is when the dlido is in further than 4 inches. I have made one of the toothbrushes and gonna try that. Sweet—-any help is appreciated. I did notice a lil substance cummin out but i couldn’t feel the REAL sensation

Do you understand that the idea behind prostate massage milking is to cause a man to cum without having an orgasm?

love the electric toothbrush while gettin needles stuck in my balls!

hey i need ideas on how to please my man with milking. does anyone have any ideas?

There are different kinds of male milking and milking is done for various purposes. Can you clarify as to what you are wanting to accomplish?

I tried many many times to milk my prostate but I never can, will a toothbrush work? the handle part?

Where can I find a girl like this? This has been by fantasy for the longest time!

It is common for inexperienced patrons of anal play to be unsure of exactly where there prostate is located, in general it tends to be located around 2 inches or round 5 cm in a diagonal direction towards the stomach. Pushing harder towards the prostate will usually give a sensation of needing to urinate which is a sure sign your in the right direction. Prostate stimulation gives a unique pleasurable feeling that can last for much longer that usual ejaculation and can also enhance normal masturbation greatly.

Vacuum cleaner… for sucking a cock? Impersonal, wouldn’t you say? But that maybe what Mistress-in-Charge wants so that’s what She does. After all, sucking for four or five hours may get boring for Her, and we don’t want Mistress to be annoyed or displeased, especially while She’ll putting Her slave through an ordeal that turns his pleasure into pain after the first couple of hours.

Seriously, however, a little glue around the boy’s nipples to attach vacuum hoses can achieve some interesting effects.

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