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Destiny covering chance’s penis with gouda cheese was a surprise (mostly because I didn’t know that that it could be bought with peppers blended in).

But this just makes me say “Wow!”

Felix is bound to a straight-back chair:

I put a parachute ball stretcher with a couple of weights on him (to, um, discourage escape) and released him from the chair. He put on a short robe and we went outside. There is, thankfully, a place right outside the back door which is well-screened from any possible view—plus, it was 3 am. The fireanting (well it’s a word now) was accomplished by having him put his cock into a container of annoyed [3] captive fireants.

I ordered Felix to let me know when he had about 10 bites. His expressions as he stood completely still and let them bite were delicious. After about 45 seconds he reported that he thought he had about 10 bites. I waited a few more seconds and then brushed them off and pulled him back inside, pushing him down onto my bed and tying his hands down where he would be unable to continue making desperate gestures towards the fresh bites.

Felix: “Too bad fireants aren’t more controllable…the burning itching plus how you tied me so I couldn’t scratch was really Wicked :)”

Completely ignoring the area with the bites, I removed the ball stretcher and turned my attention, teeth, and fingernails to toying with his balls. Felix made a variety of cute noises. After thoroughly amusing myself with the possibilities in this area, I checked to see how the ant bites were coming along. The ants had been apparently bitten the first thing they came across, since all but one of the bites were directly on the head. Good ants. I teased the area lightly with tongue and lips, then bit down hard on the head.

Felix: “god… i think it did see god at that point” (taken from an email the next day; I’m still trying to decide if “it” rather than “I” was a typo on his part or not)

I discovered that the head of his cock marks very nicely with teeth imprints. After decorating it thoroughly, I decided to ignore it again. …


The whole thread: Scene Report: F/m, CBT, needles, fireants, & strap-on

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I am sooo taking notes. I like this. I wonder what the penalty for importing fire ants to Virginia is.

I knew you’d like this one!

Another critter you might consider for this purpose is the Meal Worm. They’re easy to attain through mail order (birders use them for food) - though you buy them in lots of thousands, they’re easy to keep in refrigeration, and they’re starving when they warm up! They bite and it hurts.

?: From where do you order Meal Worms? Also, try crickets. I have used them several times. If they aren’ biting, cooat your dick with a little sugar or cornmeal; not too much. You want them to fillup onpenis. wash up afterwrds & coat w/neosporin.

I assume you mean red ants and not fire ants, because a fire ant bite would definitely leave an impression immediately. I have used the smaller red ants myself by scooping a dozen or so into a small mouth jar and then forcing my balls through the mouth while shaking the jar a bit which tends to annoy the ants. they immediately attack the only thing available, my balls and the result is like having dozens of needles stuck in your balls while you masturbate.

please be careful doing this as i tried it and got a severe allergic reaction . not only did my cock and balls swell up my eyes and lips did also and i felt as if my airway was closing up . i had intense itching all over my body . i only put them on my cock and balls

Allergic reactions are the kind of responses people rarely consider.


I live in SC and we have real fire ants here. My wife will make me go scoop up a bundle of them in a little jar and bring them to her. Then she handcuffs me in the shower with just my underwear. Next she pours the jar into my short makig sure to get them all down around my balls. Pulls the shorts up tight and then stands back and watches. They will keep biting for quite some time. I am not allergic. However each bite really stings. and then for days the bits constantly stimulate me and drive me crazy. I actually really love this torture. It is now spring and I see the first ant hills just popping up.

Hi Im an Aussie love the little jack jumpers, they sting and it keeps throbbing, also little 1 cm ants bite hard with their nips and sting I put about 40 in a softdrink/juice bottle then shove the head of my cock in and hold it there for as long as i can, whew its good relly intense, would love to have a woman in control of it all mmmm

hi my wife uses a wasp to sting my cock with she puts it inside the jar and shakes jar untill the wasp stings me it hurts but is nice have you got any more ideas

horse fly let them bite cock put them in a bottle and the put in cock its hot

Ants & wasps: oh, my! Over a year ago, Madame Steel, writing in the Dominity site under “Punishment for Cuckold” described in detail how She had Her hubby trap wasps in the backyard of Her London (Eng) home, bringing them to Her in a plastic bag. She confined the insects in the lower end with a wire twist (iirc) and fastened the top of the bag around hubby’s penis.

Her special touch was specifying exactly 13 of the insects.

Then, when She felt the need for some entertainment, She would loosen the tie so the insects were free to sting hubby. If they were feeling lazy, She would slap the bag until they became irate, and did what they do in that state. In the meantime, hubby (who was probably restrained, iirc) afforded his Mistress/Wife considerable amusement with his screaming and pleading.

When Madame Steel tired of the fun, She reported, She would either crush the wasps or just remove the bag, sealing them in, and discard it. After thanking Her for the privilege of entertaining Her, hubby would, of course, go back to doing his chores.

Your initial scene also reminded me of the opening of Dyabbe Thorne’s “Harem-Keeper” classic film, where Mistress Greta, of Ilsa, or whatever name She was using, poured honey and ants on the cunts of newly captured harem slave girls to train them to endure humiliating pain in their new roles.

Nice thing about ants is that they don’t fly around and annoy people they are not supposed to (unless it’s one of the flying species).

And finally, there’s the old movie scenes of captives staked out on anthills.

Isn’t nature wonderful? Not “Mother Nature,” but “Mistress Nature” !!!

I absolutely love the idea of ants and wasps applied to his cock. The same would be even better to his balls.

Great stuff, Wanda

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