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Carelessly I omitted an item from my notes on impact play: the very axis around which the universe spins.

That at least is how we ‘mere male creatures’ supposedly regard our penis. Damn, was it off-putting when I first ran across the activities often collectively known as femdom.

That is probably true of many men. Given the savage urgencies of prehistory the primacy of pure lust was necessary to insure that our ancestors had descendents (us).

Had I been more driven by my cock I’d probably have led a better, happier life. More Venusian than Martian. Romance often led me astray. My heart is much tender than my cock. But it is the durability of the latter that is relevant here.

When my prior partner expressed a desire to do - what I can’t recall - something to my penis I was terrified. Not, being a masochist, of the pain. I feared it would break my penis or make it explode. I tested it a bit that night and was startled to discover how study a bit of meat it is.

Experience showed that nothing gave me a firmer erection than having my penis kicked or stepped on. I couldn’t help but laugh at how it readily made itself available for further assaults.

My cock for many years did not appear in my S&M fantasies. It simply didn’t exist in those at all. Until - this is true of a fair bit of kinky play - I read about in the Authoritarian section of the Nifty Archives.

In real life clothespins proved a disappointment. (NB: I’m uncircumcised: the absence of foreskin surely makes some experiences very different.) So my fantasies have shifted to alligator clips with metal teeth. Some men probably actually do that.

It is probably worth nothing here that anything that punctures the skin may prove a problem. If you’ve ever caught yourself on a zipper or nicked yourself with a fingernail you know what a nuisance it can be the next day. Anything that actually causes surface damage should be treated with some sort of antiseptic to prevent a really bothersome infection.

I’m not feeling strongly phallic nowadays. It is probably a compensating desire for sensation if only in fantasy that has caused me to imagine having my cock lightly pricked with pin. Hardly my worst cbt fantasy.

It was through violent cbt fantasies that I became keenly aware of how frustration can cause you to notch up your fantasies again and again until your expectations exceed sanity. I suspect the popularity of cbt among men reflects the natural - if masochistic - association of pleasure with the penis.

I remember one night a medley of penis punishments took me to an endorphin burst more quickly than anything else ever has. A Wartenberg pinwheel a gibberish mouthing imbecile in record time.

Penis flogging
By one of the many Jims.

About actually flogging a cock. Small floggers (a regular model would be cumbersome for the sadist), canes can safely be used on the penis. It can survive - thrive - on physical punishment. While you might assume not having one would make women reckless due to lack of empathy I imagine they would worry since they cock torment is something they can’t personally experience. Just don’t let him talk you into doing something plainly stupid.

You can sprain or break a cock; the top’s balanced judgment is always required.

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Some devious and clever soul has designed a toy that takes a Wartenberg one better. It’s a double wheel, with the two wheels mounted in parallel.

As the gentleman who handed me one to try stated, perhaps on noting the gleam in my eye, “Please note that the points are much more needle-like than a regular Wartenberg.”

They’re lovely. And apparently only available from the Stockroom, for $40 and change. I’m waiting for a sale, but I don’t have anyone immediately available I want to use it on.

They do look wonderfully evil (when they don’t make me think of an alien life form from a cheap 1950s science fiction movie).

I just saw a photo of a percussion needle hammer and it looks pretty amazing as well.

I too am uncircumcised but my lady punisher, before she began my punishment fully retracted the foreskin before thrashing my genitals with a thick leather strap with the same swing force as had been used only minutes earlier on my bare buttocks! My cock head was throbbing and I was in great pain. When I look back on it now I know that I deserved what I got

You too are circumcised? I still have my foreskin so I don’t know what that “too” is about.

You deserved to be punished you say. You aren’t one of those wankers who wanders the web and makes things up are you?

Having my cock flogged. Now that is something I enjoy immensely. Particularly when I’m immobilized and, or stretched out. I enjoy it being slapped with bare hands (though I’ve found most women prefer to use an implement) table tennis bats, egg flips, rolled up magazines or newspapers, books and of course the riding crop.

But I must say that one of my favourite things to have my cock flogged by is the plastic PET soft-drink bottle. Lid on of course. I don’t know why, it doesn’t hurt as much as the egg flip or riding crop but there is something. One gets a resounding ‘Bang’ on impact and I think that because the bottle has a little give, it’s shape conforms to my erection therefore a lot more of the impact force is transmitted to my cock. Really smacking it back onto my belly or legs. Most of my women used an underarm or side ways swing.

There is another benefit. It is a good ‘starter implement’. There is always one in the house and in the early stages of introducing a lady into this sort of eroticism they often are worried they will hurt me. The PET bottle seems relatively benign to them. Mind you, when they get comfortable with it, they can really lay into my old fellow as if there is no tomorrow. It doesn’t take much for many women to get that they have a strong large and naked man totally in their power. A total reversal of what they are used to. In fact, after they have slapped me around a bit, often we’ll move into the kitchen, tie my hands behind my back then tie them to the kitchen sink tap. So. I’m naked and arched backwards. Totally exposed, in their domain and at their mercy. Mmmm I’m afraid that I’m getting a bit horny just thinking about it.

Just going down Memory Lane for a sec…. One of my favorite recollections is with a lass who put my balls on a tight leash and then took me outside, threaded the leash through a chain wire (some call the diamond) fence. Pulled my balls through and of course my shaft went through the next hole up. Then she flogged my shaft like crazy with the bottle. Of course there was the added benefit of the leash tugging my balls as she followed through. I was helpless, I couldn’t move. Therefor my cock really took the full brunt of her assault. Oh my. We only did that twice I think. What I wouldn’t give to do that again.

Anyway, I hope you have found this interesting and some of your readers get an idea or two they can use.

i love my cock and balls flogging. iam one that injoy the pain of my balls hit and dick whip so sore i feel it as i walk cleaning the house, iam use too haveing dick whip with a cat-whip untill its red. as well as the balls. as the end of a good cleaning day as they are steal red, i get on my hands and knees with legs apart. for a nice kick to them. by the forth hard kick they have a good sting too them that i love to feel. i get up without touching them and get ready to leave. and i don’t forget to thank my wife for a grate morning as she looks over at my clean house looks.i get one avey week. i just love it. and ask for it , sometimes as i get ready for work she come up behide me with a kick to tham or a hand , and they sting as i work. oh you may ask don’t that hart the sex life, maybe some, but iam only alond to cum once avry other week if iam good. my mouth is what she loves.and others but that in a other part of life lol. i love her.

In the above comments concerning the Wartenberg Wheel, a percussion needle hammer was mentioned. A very effective torture device! It came from MedicalToys.com which is the only place we’ve seen it offered. It came with the hammer, two extra 7 pin heads & 5 extra pins for the single pin side of the head. The instrument’s head has the 7 pin head on one end of the hammer head & the single pin on the other end of the head. The flexible shaft is 5 1/4” with an additional 1 1/2” handle.

It can be used very effectively on the nipples, shaved scrotum, & cockhead. Its pins are sharp enough it can draw blood. Use on the cock shaft is inadvisable since past experience with having my cock & balls whipped with a thorny vine showed that the veins in the shaft are easily punctured & a nasty hematoma is the result (large blood blister under the skin).

Mistress enjoys using the hammer after a general body flogging to further sensitize my nipples & cockhead. My nipples, esp. scream when they have been clamped, twisted, whipped & then have the hammer used on them! i have to be securely bound for this as i can’t endure it without being restrained. After bloodying them, she likes to lick & suck the blood off them. When in the mood, she will heavily bloody them, clean off the nipples & then pinch & twist them while licking & sucking the blood off my cockhead. She will do this for an excruciatingly long time while denying me permission to cum. When she finally allows me to cum, the combined torments and her divine mouth almost blows my head off!

After this when i would just like to curl up and go to sleep, she unties me & i must lick her beautiful pussy and fine asshole until she has had multiple climaxes. She often will continue to insist on my oral services and further nipple, cockhead, scrotal & anal tortures until she has brought me back to a high level of painful arousal. Sometimes she will make me cum again (a painful pleasure after having cum so recently). Other times she will simply continue to torture me throughout the day & night while keeping me on an erotic edge, but not allow me to cum. i am required to do my work & chores regardless of the torture & arousal & often a raging hard-on. At night she binds me so i can’t touch my cock to relieve my arousal in my sleep. God help me if i cum without her permission!

Get a hammer; only your slave will regret it! Or not?

I’ve been cock slapped and whipped of course but with a little difference my wife lay on our bed in the arms of her lover cuckolding me when I had to be naked standing at the foot of the bed so as the b/f could kick my cock until it was time for him to earn his reward thats when I got his final and almighty kick in my balls and I was no longer standing but they didn’t care their minds were else where after their bit of fun at my expense

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