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My stats show that an awful lot of you continue to come here hoping to learn about male milking via prostate massage. This is an attempt to round up a few pointers for your or her pleasure.

Some months back I was curious as to how the man’s mood might interfere with prostate milking. On The Fetish Forums ShadeDiva said:

It tends to be a bodily function sort of thing.

You don’t really have to be in the mood for it to work. In fact from a sadistic standpoint, that makes it even better if they are fighting it lol.

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You don’t really have to be *in the mood* for it to work. In fact from a sadistic standpoint, that makes it even better if they are fighting it lol.

Regardless of state of mind a man’s body can be made to betray him into cumming without orgasm. Such an intimate manipulation of a guy’s body must be one of the most humbling, objectifying practices in D/s. Hence the visitors wanting to learn more (or read pervy stories).

Prostatitis.Org has a description and diagram:

The prostate is a gland situated underneath the bladder (the bladder neck) and is perforated by the first portion of the urethra.

Anatomy and Physiology

On Orgasm Denial BadBob offers a very detailed overview:

No matter what motivations or desired outcomes bring people to this practice, the basic facts of the male physiology don’t change.

Prostate Massage /Milking

Ms. Christine - who has enormous experience with her husband David - writes:

For full prostate and seminal vesicles massage, having him lay face down over my knees gives me greater control. The massage is done by inserting my well lubricated fingers, or sometimes a dildo, in his anus. I have a pack of disposable rubber gloves which allows me to be theatrical and clinical in the process. Rubber gloves should be used to protect the anal tissue from fingernails.

Four Milking Techniques

I don’t know if this bit of lore is true:

For what it is worth, Sudafed has the side effect of increasing production of seminal fluid. This is from an article about collecting sperm from men who have physical problems preventing normal collection methods.

The opposite of chasity

Milking isn’t always about manipulating the prostate. The penis can be repeately massaged but never taken to the point of orgasm. Probably only for the very masochistic man.

The ‘milkee’ is brought to the brink of orgasm and then stimulation is stopped. After two or three minutes, it is resumed and, once again, terminated just prior to ejaculation. After a few of these cycles (how many - mileage varies), the ejaculate simply flows out without any pulsations of any sort.

Milking a Man

Don’t we submissive men have colorful imaginations?

I am keen to know about the cummings and goings (so to speak) of milking a man, i.e. repeatedly masturbating him way beyond his limits until he is screaming at you to stop, his glans is bright red and glistening and incredibly sensitive when you touch it, and he has practically ripped his arms out of their sockets because you have bound him to the chair or bed and he would do anything to make you stop. He is milked completely dry and yet you lick your rubber glove and prepare to make him cum for the 12th time…

Male milking - any websites/other info?

Beware of unsafe myths. A question:

A few months ago I read something that said it is possible to milk a male of his semen by tieing up the balls with rope, tight, REAL TIGHT, and this will cause the sperm to leak out. But is this safe??? Or can you damage the testes by tieing them up very tightly??? Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

An answer:

Just tying isn’t enough. There has to be some manipulations of something else. Of course, if the tying is done over a long period with lots of tugging and yanking and binding, then maybe.


As for damaging the testes, yes I’d say this could be a danger. But also look at the rest of the regional anatomy. Scrotum, testicular capsules, vas deferens … tying the balls can be great fun for everyone involved, but when they start to go from “purple” to “alarmingly dark purple”, I’d say it’s time to start loosening things up a bit and changing the focus of the evening. Sitting there waiting for semen to drip out while gangrene sets in is not your best way to go, in my opinion.

Male Milking Question???

A couple of handy tips:

Second, the massage is just a light rubbing on the nub of the prostate, not pushing. If you hit the spot right, he should be able to feel it right to the very tip of his penis (I do) and perhaps just a light rubbing at the base of his penis while you do that will help to get it the rest of the way out.

And, if you don’t want him to feel anything while you do this, you can always hold a bag of ice up against his genitals while you do it. That takes all the feeling out of the process while you milk him. ;-)

Brrr? Yummm?

I Can’t Milk My Hubby

Earlier notes:

  1. Milking the Male
  2. The Other Kind of Milking

As always your experience and expertise are solicited. I may try to follow this up later with more exotic male milking strategies.


I was reading about male milking and have a few questions. I would like to know if Christine has a web site or blog. Question for Christine when you massage David how do you massage up and down - to the side or around. I’m having trouble milking my slave. Thanks again Bossy

Ms. Christine has had a website for ages. And a long established mailing list. It was one of the first places I began to explore BDSM thoughtfully.

For prostate massage I suspect the Orgasm Denial link would give you the most help.

can this milking process done on your own?

Remember there are two kinds of male milking:

1) Depends on you and your prostate. Depending on your sphincter’s tolerance you can insert anything from a candle to huge dildo and massage your prostate until you involuntarily cum. Given your patience and technique eventually semen will emerge.

2) Masturbate and just before you feel like you are about to ejaculate yank your hand away. If you are quick enough the pleasure of orgasm won’t be felt.


Ok, what about hooking a man up to an actual milking machine. I’m talking about the machine that milks cows. There are stories about such things but is it safe and has it been done and where can I try it out at?

Internet Domme maven Akasha wrote a story a few years ago about doing something very like this; it involved having someone kidnapped and hooked up to a machine that would milk him, with a tube running up to his mouth so that he would have to consume it. IIRC, fetish artist Sardax even did some illustrations.

I remember it being pretty hot.

Don’t think I saw that story of hers (would’ve been a very long time ago).

I know the Sardax drawings. Oddly while the being milked and forced to consume your own ejaculate is a favorite fantasy of mine Sardax’s drawings make it look too “industralized” for my tastes.

I wish there was a group of women to provide this prostate milking service in chicago area. WOW! I would be the first in line ready willing and able….. easy5369

Your simple glee leaves me to suspect that you have no real idea of the real nature prostate milking: a manipulation to enhance or extend a man’s surrendered state.

If you want it as a “service” then there should be no lack of professional dominatrices in Chicago who can oblige you.

The milking technique is simply expressing glandular secretions by utilizing pressure to overcome the “gateway” that keeps it from leaking out.

The icebag on the balls does absolutely nothing to reduce sensation, and in fact can act to heighten it due to the fantasy effect.

The fluids stored in the prostate can be expressed by a firm massage, followed by a stripping of the penis and the relaxant reduction in pressure or hormone content may in fact leave the fellow who did not orgasm, feeling as though one would “after” orgasm which is “uninterested.”

In wanting to know how to make sure the penis is flaccid enough to fit into a chastity device someone suggested putting ice on the penis.

But another man pointed out that the ice might be sexually arousing (since we haven’t done that yet I can’t say).


Hello: I want to learn how to have orgasm only with anal/prostate masturbation without touching my penis. Ilike big dildos but my prostate is not very sensitive. Any ideas? Very gratefull George.

“Regardless of state of mind a man’s body can be made to betray him into cumming without orgasm. Such an intimate manipulation of a guy’s body must be one of the most humbling, objectifying practices in D/s.”

This has been my experience exactly. I’ve been milking my man for about two years now and it still has a tremendous effect on him. I only allow him an orgasm on rare occasions, just often enough so he remembers what he’s missing. We’ve made a little ritual out of the milking sessions where he is responsible for setting things up and any clean-up. I use latex gloves and make it as clinical (non-erotic) as possible. When we finish he needs to record the amount and quality (color, thickness, etc.) of the ejaculate. I always get a kick out of those sessions when we finish and he is still erect — poor boy!

I always wated to be milked by women like cow

I have been milking my prostate for about one year. My technique has evolved from simple message to what I find to be a much more effective method. I first message may prostrate using the index finder and thumb of both hands alternating hands every minute or so to better equalize the message. Once pre cum begins to flow I stimulate my penis while still having my thumb on my prostate. In doing so I can feel the prostate swell as I approach climax. Just before my prostate would begin to contract I stop penile stimulation and milk the gland with some vigor. Since to natural contractions took place I am able to stimulate my penis again after waiting about 15-30 seconds I follow the process two to three times completely draining myself. And if in the mood will attempt to masturbate and have a very painful completely dry orgasm.

My mistress has found a sure fire way to get copious amounts of cum to flow from me without a single spasm. It is the same method that was discussed at the top of this page. She forces me to endure wonderful handjobs over the period of a few hours, each time taking me close to orgasm. Between stroking sessions, she takes time off for my body to back down off and away from the orgasm. After those two to three hours pass I have a good amount of precum leaking and this is when she stops the stroking sessions and begins the next phase which includes inserting a dildo into my ass. She uses the dildo to give me both anal stimulation and angles it so it begins to massage my prostate. The feeling is incredible and I am helpless to stop the resulting flow of cum. It is a large amount and is continuous probably about a large shot glass in volume. She continues to milk me until it finally stops and then the session is over. Afterwards, I’m still so incredibly horny but not allowed to do anything about it. So even though I’m completely drained of cum, the need to orgasm is never satisfied.

Can a women milk my balls by pumping/squeezing my balls and make my milk spurt out of me to the rythemof her crushings?

just trying to see whats the point of milking??

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