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An old entry refreshed because the man who wrote the how-to sent me a couple of photographs of the device he built.

I wrote earlier of the male chastity device known as the Teeth of Kali Bracelet. Since then I’ve seen people asking where they can buy one. The Kalis are no longer made. On Ms. Christine and David’s DOMestic mailing list I found instructions for making one.

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Teeth of Kali

Looking at this about all I can think of to say is “Glorp!” No you won’t find that word in the dictionary. Though if it were on me I’d probably exhaust the synonyms of “Ouch!”

Making a Kali:

Materials required:

Empty or partial empty caulking tube.
Small piece of hardwood 1/4 X 1/4 X 3 inches.
3/8 inch staples and staple gun.
Fine 3 point file.
Small brass screws. 2 - small threaded eyes.
1 small brass padlock (that will pass thru the eyes).

Cut 2 lengths from the caulking tube each one and a half inches long. (or two to three inches depending on length of family member to be encased.)

Cut one piece so it opens like a “C”.

Cut the other completely in half (2 pieces).

With the staple gun, shoot 2 rows of staples well spaced down the length of the “C” piece. Begin and end the rows half an inch from the ends.

When completed, place one of the other half pieces of tube on the outside of the “C” with the ends lined up. This will leave a gap, but will make it more flexible and easy to close.

Shoot 3 or more staples thru the two pieces toward the inside to hold it against the back of the first piece. When completed, bend the extruding staples used to attach them flat against the inside of the tube to prevent them from separating. A flat punch may help.

Do the same to the other piece on the other end. This will leave a gap in the center on the outside to give the tube some flexibility. The outside pieces cover the rows of staples (the backs) earlier placed.

Now, reach in with the small file and take the sharp points off the staples. If left sharp - they may puncture the skin. If this is the goal - leave as sharp as you wish using discretion. Believe me - the flat surfaces are enough to cause great discomfort.

Place a block of the wood on the outside at the end and attach by drilling small holes from the inside into the wood and gluing and screwing the blocks in place.

Do the same with the other end.

Now, in drilled pilot holes, install the two small eyes in the center of the blocks of wood on the outside. These are the padlock mounts for locking in place.


You may want to cut 3 pieces from the caulking tube - the first to practice making straight rows of staples and getting spacing correct.

When shooting the rows of staples - open the “C” of tube to a flat position. Either place a sheet of styrofoam or carpet underneath for the staples to enter.

I have attached loops of leather to the Kali that can be attached to a cord or leather strap around the cock and balls. I now slip the loops into the base ring of the CB3000 because it is lockable and comfortable. This will prevent the Kali from sliding off when no erection is present.

The “tightness” can also be controlled with a cable tie being used instead of a padlock. More bite desired? Pull the cable tie tighter.

That’s it - a home made Kali teeth that is very effective.

Home-made teeth of Kali

And here the fellow who built it wears it. Looks deceptively comfy doesn’t it?

Earlier: Bitten By the Teeth of Kali


I am currently working on the finishing touches of the metal band of a almost exact replicia of the old KTB made by TPE (Yes, I was the one who posted in the other post that I knew the maker).

If I am able to get the metal worked out right in a system of good amount of time (or people don’t care about a month or 2 wait), then I’d be willing to make these for people.

Let us know when you get it all worked out. There are obviously plenty of men who hope to explore this form of control.

Is the tube rigid enough? I would be concerned the tube could be collaped impaling ones penis. Feel free to make my e-mail address available to Phillip Vector. I am interested in his efforts.

How can I send a pic of the home made Kali? I posted on DOMestic - a pic is worth a mille

I own two Kali’s Teeth Braclets. It took a long time to be able to wear them for extended periods of time, e.g. 14 to 16 hours. Sleep is impossible if one chooses to wear this vicious, uncaring device. Checking daily, there is no infections and hygiene is fine. I highly recommend the KTB for every male. Ron

Have you been able to finalize the KTB? I am interested in purchasing one. Ron

Can’t imagine Alexandra putting one of those on me. At least as things stand now.

He wasn’t selling them, just giving directions on how to make your own.

If have just completed a variation of this item. What I used was some pcv pipe and hinges. Also, using a small piece of aluminium and some nast screw I was able to add the option of using the Toy with a tens unit. Mistress does require a bit of extra bite in everything I make for her.

You should post your design somewhere. People are always looking for this kind of information.

“Nast” screw?

Wouldn’t the pads work or do they fall off metal?

The Kali’s Teeth Bracelet is the ultimate “locking chastity device” … “it” teaches and instructs one to control themselves … or else feel the bite of Kali … i haven’t checked in about a year or more, but there used to be quite a bit of info available on a google search includidng where to obtain them or to make your own … and accounts and testimonies by men who have worn them … all in all an excellent device to help one “get the point” (or points)!

The original device is no longer made (people dispute why). I’m strongly interested in erection prevention, penis restriction because it knocks me into servile space instantly. Shortly before she left Alexandra and I had An Evening with ClubFEM’s MCD. While painful the device is very safe.

Several chastity belts offer “points of intrigue” and the like that have the same effect as the Teeth of Kali.

Most male chastity devices only prevent masturbation and intecourse. KTB type devices controll the wearer’s mind aswell, lustful thoughts are punished.

Long term wear of KTB type devices lead to one of three outcomes.

1)The wearer’s penis stops becoming erect when he thinks lustful thoughts. 2)The wearer evoids having lustful thoughts in order to evoid kali’s bite. 3)The wearer doesnt learn or physically change, and experiences allot of pain, for a long time.

Since you are a Kali’s bracelet fan, which outcome have you experienced or desire?

Would like to know how Philip Vector is getting on 1 year later. How you got it sussed and can I order one?

Your feelings?

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