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There’s a video of a male milking machine by Autosex that has been making it around the forums.

Having a device perform the act manually takes it to a whole new level of objectification.

On The Fetish Information Exchange spaceboy emailed Autosex asking for information on the construction of the machine and got this reply:

The bottle is exactly that, a plastic mineral water bottle. Soft foam provides a snug fit between me and the base of the bottle - I am uncut, so the foam is able to lightly grip my foreskin and move it back and forth. A short link with ball & socket joint, provides the connection between bottle assembly and the crank attached to the motor. A small homemade speed controller varies the speed of the motor.

I have had so many questions asked about its construction, that I am considering making a fifth video (I have made 4 so far) to show the machine in its entirety.

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Sounds hot, but unfortunately the video doesn’t work on my mac. Damn.

I thought these things were OS independent. Might be that there is some media codec that you need to download and install.

There’s a (new) free codec for the MacOS X that should allow playback of this video. You can get it here:

Once you have that installed, close and re-open your browser. It should JustWork(tm) after that.

I don’t suppose anyone has links for the other three videos? =)

I wonder if one could be made of lego? I used to love using the lego that had the moving parts and cogs when I was little.

Kind of thing that makes me wish I had some real DIY talents.

Mmmm, a winner! Had a similar device and it’s a blast. Built myself a new toy that is so mean and yet so much fun … the choice is unexplainable … my club is continuously stimulated until I cannot take it any longer, then there is pain … stimulation, pain, stimulation pain etc etc etc until my body cannot deal with it any longer, I want to shoot but shooting goes hand in hand with pain … and then the pain goes into absolute pleasure. I don’t trust people, so I tie myself up and play the game but deep inside I always wish it could be for real, because, eventhough I have become good in handling myself, every now and again I “escape”. In any case, I think this toy is the most amazing SM toy around. Just too embarrased to take it to be patented or so and just don’t feel like being ripped off either. It’s very simple and easy to make. Any suggestions?

I hope anyone who has actually built something along these lines will share the details.

I love this - see, it humiliates and teaches me I am a sissy and NOT good for fucking women….being left alone as my exwife went on dates and I was milked of my useless silly male seed.

please send any other links concerning Male Milking Machines to me as soon as possible. Wow that was hot. I always thought that such a thing was just a myth, now i see it isn’t. Thanks, billy1

I have not got into milking but am looking to but would more electro style can you tell me if any are aval in AUST. My thoughts are to be in chastity for 4 weeks then have master milk me,he likes the idea of a milking party with his friends watching,so he ordered me to research this.

I have made a couple of milking machines. Nothing that is quite like that though. Mine has so far utilized a jig saw (which can go very fast!) and a hand held vagina like the ones you can buy at the local smut shop. I amtrying to build one that would never allow the male to get soft. That way, he will remain hard even after ejaculation. The stroking would go on as long as the administrator sees fit. I am fiddling around with electro stimulation as well, but so far, I have not managed to reach climax with electro stimulation.

Hot video… he could make a fortune with that machine!

This would be good to use along with a vac bed. You can be bound completely with a vac bed on a timer and then forced to cumm with this contraption. Then you can add sensors so when you cumm triggering an anal electric probe putting you in total ecstasy!

I would like to see an electric current stimuli type of milking machine . Is there one available yet that is either home brew of not to expensive?


Some people reportedly are able to do this with a simple TENS unit.

I bought one a couple of years ago but never played with it much. It would certainly be amazing to watch your body respond to a device. But more so if controlled by someone else. Or at least used by the instructions of another.

There seems to be very little useful discussion of this on the web. Another reason for me to look into it more.


I love this machine. I think this might be a supreme milking machine. I want to ask someone or such a machine to squeeze my whole thick liquid.

I have used a bike innertube stretched inside a 10 in piece of 2in dia plastic pipe (with a 1/4in hold drilled in pipe for vent), mounted this to end of sawzall, lubed inside of innertube, taped sawzall switch into mid-speed position, slid cock inside innertube, hooked cord of sawzall to exetension cord and came in under one minute. The second cum was about three mins later…I was sore after!

Where can one see these videos??? I have a TENS unit that I use and have totally handsfree cums!!! After the first cum, I turn it down, the start ramping the power and cum again within 15 minutes!!!!! Really want to try a machine.

I have built several Male Milking Machines through the years and all of them really do a fanstastic job. My favorite is a variable speed device that op’s on 12volts- has a vacuum equal to the best BJ, has a Plastisol human feels like skin type rubber sleeve. This rubber stuff give a most wonderful sensation. If any of you that like something giving more than a real feel, my machine will exceed your wildest expectations. It keeps me in a hard frenzy for hours.


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