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Milking isn’t something that Alexandra and I are likely to explore but as long as I’m talking about genital manipulation the practice might as well get a passing glance.

I remember when a local dominant woman told me that she milked her men. That a man could be made to ejaculate without orgasm was startling.

My response was an ineloquent “Weird!” and I forgot about it.

Given my inclinations it is no surprise that milking would be added to to my catalog of fantasies. Knowing almost nothing about enforced chastity my image was of a S&M session beginning with milking. Having your sexual energies zapped must make things tougher.

electronic-male-milking (5K)

Many images of male milking show it being done by machines. Sardax has some attractive if bizarre illustrations of that. Some of them were commissioned by Akasha.

Turns out this is a fairly common punishment scenario. In arrangements where a man is only milked and whipped it is must make the pain harder to endure. In relationships where the scene lasts a couple of hours or longer it would add tension to the early minutes. While having never tested it my guess is sexual arousal and endorphin potential would resurface in half an hour or less.

Within relationships where male chastity is an important (if not the defining) element milking can be taken to strenuous levels:

A particularly effective way of increasing an orgasm deprived male’s sense of sexual frustration between prostate milkings is to masturbate him once a day every day to just short of orgasm, then install a chastity device. I’d say this at least triples the urgency of orgasm denial. If you do this, you will need to milk him more often, maybe every 2-4 weeks. After milking, the cycle can be started over. One woman I know sometimes masturbates her hubby to just short of orgasm multiple times a day between milkings!

Prostate Milking Revisited

If not impressively sinister:

Prostate milking sometimes involves your keyholder placing ice around the cock and balls to reduce your enjoyment. Inventive mistresses and masters have even designed home made ice trays to freeze the water in a shape of a thick ice cock ring, which the chaste man must wear during the weekly milking session.

Prostate Information and Milking

Makes a good story anyway. How long would that ring last?

I don’t see such practices involving me (pending of course Alexandra developing new interests) but it is a curious practice. Forcing a male to eject seminal fluid sans orgasm is one of the most fundamentally humiliating practices I’ve run across.

Most interesting of all is that many of the stories written about it are composed by men.

Earlier: Orgasm Denial

As always I’m happy to hear from folks who practice something like milking.

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Just like I would like to have a group of women on hands and knees with breast hanging under them being machine milked. I would love to see a group of men in that position being milked also, all restrained and unable to move

The practice of milking is a very difficult thing to imagine.The tease and denial game can go on long enough to worry both Mistress and slave.The intense results of long term denial are so powerful and ironic.The strong need for orgasm and the intense connection to your Mistress creates a real dilema.Neither want to stop but both know it must for health reasons.Milking is a difficult skill,but with some team work it is possible.What I mean by team work is to give feedback to Mistress and offer suggestions as she orders.The image of the all knowing Mistress and the silent slave is possible later but to master this skill both need to communicate and learn.Today was the first time after five or six attempts we had true success.It has been two weeks of intense teasing and denial. Today was two hours tied and tormented in every way but direct contact to the most sensative spot.There was no ramping up and spinning out,just alot of air humping.The milking was slow by finger with less friction which caused problems before and more pressure with a circular motion.We tried the white plastic milker but it caused three days of irritation.The prossess was several five minute sessions and I don’t think Mistress was planning a milking but the conditions seemed right.There was a pleasurable sensation then an urge like a need to urinate,soon the clear fluid began to flow heavier and Mistress noticed a seminal scent.Her slave confirmed it with a taste test.The effect was loss of erection for twenty minutes.The bondage began ached like after orgasm and the hot wax was almost too intense.There was loss of need but absolutely no pleasure.In fact it was a very down and empty feeling.The empty removal of fluid was empty.However,play will continue tomorrow or tonight or never.The health concerns are in the background for another two weeks.With this tool Mistress will allow real release only when she grows tired of my torment.This is a very sober moment for this slave.

Being dehumanized by being milked does excite me. But I don’t think it fits into the dynamics of our relationship at this time.

If she ever feels like exploring it I’ll certainly be ‘happy’ to try.

In a future gynocracy women have discovered by experiment that by constantly keeping men on the verge of coming but not allowing them release they can 1.extend their lifespan.2.Improve thier health.3.Heighten the strength of their orgasms.This is how it is done. The males are kept in “milking sheds” strapped to frame belly down with ample room for the masturbatrixes to manipulate thier charges.Typically the males are masturbated for half an hour every hour for a day before release.The contents are collected and used for beauty products.Those who under go a weeks milking with out release have thier ejaculate used to increase life expectancy and keeping those women who use it at a never exceeding body age of 50 even though they might be 100. Produce from males experiencing orgasm denial for 1 month are used to increase breast and bottom size by the women who rub it in to the parts of the anatomy they want increased.This ejaculate also increases the female orgasm which as we know is already 50% more intense than the males.Lastly the “special reserve” of males kept in a constant state of tease and denial for 1 year provide ejaculate which makes women ever more intelligent (as they alredy are).Methods of increasing “flow” were discovered to include feeding the milked male female ejaculate and urine.Also the harsh strapping paddling and whipping of their bottoms thighs and genitalia were found to be most benificial.

“male milking” is by far the most intriguing aspect of being a “slave” … Mistress controls the strongest male impulse and need to “release” … She can bring Her slave to the very brink of the abyss of sexual orgasmic release and instantly “DENY” him that completion …and easement … and She can force him to return to the edge over and over again building the crescendo to ever more intense pitch … driving Her slave to near insanity with his desire to attain that pinnacle … and then, in a humiliating proceedure, She can “cleanse his prostate” of the seminal fluids without the slightest hint of pleasure attached to the act . . and so ready him for another round of “arousal/denial” and brinksmanship.

this makes the slave so much ever more attached to his Mistress and dependent upon Her attentions … and presence.

if anything can transform and educate a male away from his false macho sense of “manhood” and superiority over women, THIS forced practice and ritual will do so . . and it will keep a male in his proper place.

the slaev will BEG his Mistres for release . . and will grow to welcome Her “milking” as the high point of his life. the weeks between milking procedures will seem like aeons to the anxious slave in waiting …

“male milking’ is one of the most intense “bonding experiences and tools” between a Mistress and Her slave.

bonding experiences

An interesting way of presenting it.


Great, idea and personally agree with most you wrote here, and as Drummer like to see female and male slaves (subs) been milked. No need to be by machines… and maybe I’d like to be the one milked… ;)

What about using milk after ?? (like additive for coffee…)

(Richard nice site and specially picture here :) Good work keep going - this site is at my favorite list now)

I’ve read plenty of people saying they were ordered to drink it in a variety of beverages.


My girl would like for me to let her put a dildo in my ass. I am nervous and uncomfortable about the idea, and wonder if what you are speaking of can have any effect on this…is there anything she or I can do to make it less uncomfortable and more enjoyable for both of us?

Having her stimulate your prostate (and vagus nerve) with her finger would feel good which might help you grow more comfortable with the idea. Milking per se: no. The nonorgasmic ejaculation might kill your arousal and leave you less able to react (though if you are submissive it might have the opposite effect – depends on you).

The key to anal penetration is relaxation. I’ve never had a problem because I’ve never feared it.

I did have a friend who used candles, working steadily up in size, to get his sphincter muscle acclimatized to penetration. Maybe something similar would help you.

Good luck.

i am a submissive male crossdresser, and i serve a Mistress, who insists on my milking. It is different from prostate milking. I am allowed to masturbate, but only up to a certain point short of orgasm, at which point i secrete a large amount of fluid, similar in consistency and amount to regular orgasm, but in this case, without the orgasm.

i must lick this up, savoring the taste, and keep it in my mouth until it eventually disappears down my throat. I have gotten to enjoy this very much, while my Mistress praises me for being such a good sissy.

i am permitted to do this three times per week, sometimes more often, and on the last day of the week, after milking, i am permitted to continue to orgasm, into Her hand, which i am also expected to lick up.

Hope this isn’t too graphic…

No, it was fine. Thanks for sharing.

there’s a reason it is called “milking” … not only because of the prceedure of abstracting the substance from the “male cow”, but because, like milk, this is protein laden. it should be added to “any” drink which the slave may partake of … “pina colada” makes for a purrrfect vehicle … also, make the slave carry a small vial (chilled) into a restaurant to use as “salad dressing” … also, a “busy domme” can collect and freeze a “batch” and serve her slaves a “milk shake cocktail” from a variety of “source cows”. the variety is limitless.

I hope all the men involved are regularly tested for STDs.

Michael, why don’t you tell us something about your Goddess.


i don’t have the reference handy, but Goddess Siren once wrote a review of a “male milking wand” which probably can still be located by a google or yahoo search … under “male milking” or “Goddess Siren”.

You mean the “milking” involves anal penetration???


Continually masturbating a man until it becomes painful was the first BDSM act I heard of called milking. I remember thinking it sounded like a very erotic and safe form of suffering.

Usually when you hear the term milking it is massaging the prostate anally. (Stimulating the vagus nerve feels good which is why some men enjoy being on bottom in anal sex.)

I’ve never been milked but it does seem a very seductive form of humiliating and objectification.

Mistress enjoys placing her toy on display on the coffee tabe …toy will get on all fours as I tie my cock up and run the rope thru his ass crack up over his back and shoulders tying it off at the head of the table…then his arms and legs will be secured to the back of the table …I will place a spreader bar at his knees …it is this position I will start the milking process …I usually have my toy in subspace as I mix the milking in with swatts and massage….along with verbal encouragement …Mistress also always has her ears open for words of appreciation and if she dose not hear them …..then WE/we start over!!!

How can i milk my self?

Which kind of milking? 1) Hard to imagine anyone being able to masturbate himself past the point of it being painful. (Otherwise we wouldn’t need sadists.) 2) If you mean stimulate your prostate until you ejaculate the information is easily found on the web. There are even special devices designed to hit the male “g-spot.”

My wife has been milking me now for three years. I am fitted with a Lori’s tube (PA piercing model) and must serve her orally, manually, or with toys. Once a month she removes my tube and has me get on the coffee table on my elbows and knees. She uses a massager to bring me close to ejaculation several times to “prime the pump” so to speak. Then she puts on a latex glove and uses KY jelly as a lube. She is quite experienced at this now ans knows just where and how to massage. Within 15 seconds I am dribbling a steady flow down onto a plate she has placed under my flaccid penis. Usually, it takes about 3 to five minutes for me to be emptied. The amount is comparable to a “regular” ejaculation. It is not uncomfortable or anything, but I do not get any real sexual statisfaction either. Then, I have to lick the plate clean and its back into my chastity tube until next month.

My wife has been milking me for about two years now. Very early in the first year of our marriage my wife began seeing other men. The few times of intercourse are now a distant memory for me and my thin little sub-4” erection. When my wife “discovered” that my “useless semen” could be drained from me without orgasm she was eager to start regular prostate milkings. I do remember how surprised I was when after a few minutes of massaging I felt like I was going to pee and my limp little dick spurted our my semen. I also have found that I no longer am able to achieve an erection during personal masturbation too. I don’t know if this is typical for guys who are milked. Sometimes I still personally masturbate myself to feel orgasms but my dick is now about half-hard. Masturbating involves a lubricant since my penis isn’t stiff enough to “stand up” on its own; with stroking away from my body using the lubricant on my first two fingers and thumb. I have been told that milking weakens the ejaculation muscles which in my case I believe. As I orgasm my muscles pulsate but my semen is just a drizzle from my still half-hard penis. It still feels good but I remember how I use to get real hard as I orgasmed and my cum would really shoot from me; I no longer feel that “satisfaction” in my orgasms. This also really pleases my wife; as since I told her about me masturbating and orgasming from a still limp penis she has me masturbate for her when she isn’t in the mood for milking me. One other thing is that as most of the other men that have posted here, when I am milked I have an “excitement” in licking up my semen after it has been milked from me. However after masturbating I find I don’t have that desire to taste my cum. I don’t know why that is but… Sorry for being so “long winded” but I am interested in hearing from other men on their milking experiences.

I fear cuckoldry is one of those fantasies I’ll never, ever share. I’m too passionately in love with Alexandra to even begin being able to think of such.

But it seems a very popular fantasy among submissive men.

My g/f has stimulated my prostate several times till now, sometimes to enhance my orgasms (when I was allow to have one) and sometimes during orgasm denial periods, milking me just for the fun of seeing few drops of my semen dribbling out.

I must say that in no cases I have released more than few small drops of actual semen (smelling and tasting like normal ejaculate), and even though we’ve tried many times we’ve never been able to even get close to emptying my prostate.

I think we hit the correct spot, as some drops of semen come out, but I don’t think it is really possible to milk s.o. dry.

I found out it definitively works better after few days of severe teasing and denial.

Going without ejaculating doesn’t cause the fluid to build up, the body reabsorbs it. Many men say the volume of ejaculate is greater if milked right after a long teasing session.

If your body responds then she’s hitting the right spot.

I have sucessfuly milked myself in the shower once. Even then it was only a very small amout. I would love to produce more. Like the reader above I to find the thought of consuming my own fluid very erotic, but never after I have cum, only before

I’ve been trying to milk myself for a couple of months now.. i’m using a curved dildo. The first time, i produced only a drop or two, but lately, it’s become more and more. Still no more than maybe 4-5 single drops though but last time i tried, it wasn’t only precum.

I’m wondering, how exactly should i do it and how much pressure should i apply?

Is it just in and out or do i have to apply pressure only on the out-motion?

I’m standing on all 4, is this the best position? Also, i’ve hard that pressing the penis backwards might help getting the right pressure on the prostate…

Help anyone? :-)

I sucessfully milked myself, in the first try. While on all fours, I used my finger to palpate my prostate and then massage it. My arm became really tired so I cleaned a beer bottle and started using it. I thought that nothing would happpen, then I felt a slight tingling and milky semen started pouring out of my non-erect penis. Afterward I felt empty of semen, after having no ejaculation, and had a decreased libido. It was just an experiment.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in my early 50s. My female Onocologist perscribed an experemental form of radiation that has left me unable to achieve an erection. My wife thinks this is the greatest fun in her life. Her pussy is now only for licking and peeeing. She sometimes will jerk me off as I can still have an orgasim and ejaculate a tiny bit of yellowish liquid. When she doe this she tells me how small and worthless my “PeePee”. She is also playing with my nipples a lot and making me drink her urine as she says I will become more feminine from drinking the hormones in her urine. Ususally she denies me or makes me play with my self. Lately I have to use a strap on so she feels what a real man has and then she turns it on me.

I like the wife to milk me with didldo and pretty soon with a feeldoe I ordered.

I hope it works as good as massage.

My boyfriend and I have been playing with Chastity for about 8 months. The longest he has gone is about a month and I’ve never really milked him because he doesn’t seem to need it. Generally after even a few minutes of teasing he begins to leak clear fluid. Just wondering, is this enough to keep him healthy as I don’t enjoy ass fucking him as much as he would like and only do it as a treat for him. I doubt strongly that I would particularily enjoy milking him. L

I’ve been teasing and denying myself for 19 days now and it is my first long session. I masturbate every night for at least two hours, constantly bringing myself to the edge of orgasm and then stopping or at least slowing down before working myself up again. There is a lot of precum. I wake up a couple of times a night with very strong erections but do not touch them. It takes me a while to fall asleep again! In the past couple of days I’ve read on various sites that too long periods of denial are dangerous - they can cause problems with your prostate. Therefore I have been trying to find out more about milking myself. Thank you all for the information that you give here. However, I have two questions: 1. Is denial for a long period without any milking or orgasm dangerous for the prostate? 2. Every week or so when I have been masturbating for a considerable time, quite a lot of very thin liquid seeps or sometimes spurts out of my penis. I usually lose the desire to masturbate then. However, I feel no orgasmic enjoyment. Is this a “milking” without prostate massage? I hope someone can answer these as I’ve been a bit worried over the past few days! Thanks for reading.

A spurt sounds like ejaculation to me. I’ve certainly ejaculated without the thrill I’d hoped for.

That ejaculation is required for prostate health is just a supposition right now: there’s no proof. But for now I think sanity is on the side of assuming that it is true. Given the right techniques you can cum without orgasming.

Just found this site while looking for prostate massage info. Thought you might be interested in my story…

My situation appears to be a little different from most of the posters here. My wife milked me without actually intending to! Later, once she understood what had occurred, she decided that it was good for both of us. I’m not sure I totally agree but there isn’t much I can do about it now.

Too start at the beginning I must go back at least 5 years. About 5 years ago, my wife became 100% cock fed. She sucks every drop of cum I produce and loves it! We also still have regular intercourse but when I tell her I can’t hold it much longer, she quickly takes me in her mouth.

Anyway, about the accidental milking and the resulting situation…

As I said, she is very much into sucking. Even after 10 years of marriage, she still averages 7-10 times a week. Unbeknown to me, she started researching cock sucking on the Internet. First, she was always getting me to drink different things to see how they impacted the taste of my cum. She settled on red wine and pineapple juice as her favorite cum flavorings.

After a change of jobs that required me to be away from home for 2-3 days at a time, she decided I needed to be completely drained before leaving on a trip. Of course, after returning from a trip, she knows that I will have more cum than normal, so she is always eager to suck as soon as possible upon my return. To that end, she found links to prostate massage and started using her finger in an attempt to squeeze as much cum as possible from me while sucking before I left on a trip. She moved from the finger to a small dildo to insure that she was getting as much as possible out of me.

A few weeks ago, after a 4 day trip, she grabbed my cock as soon as I walked in the door. I have to admit, I had been thinking about feeding her for the entire last day of the trip. When you are used to being sucked one or twice a day, going without for 4 days is pretty difficult. My cock had been hard off and on for the last 3 hours of the drive home so I was more than ready!

We quickly got into the bedroom where she already had a towel laid out. I didn’t pay too much attention to the towel, she usually puts one under me and I assumed she had the small dildo wrapped in it, no problem. In my state of arousal/denial, all it took was a few quick kisses, a squeeze of my balls and I was rock hard. She quickly dropped down and began to kiss the head while she massaged my balls, telling me how she had missed me and had been thinking about sucking me all day. As she kissed up and down the shaft, she told me how really hungry she was and she wanted to be sure she got all the cum as I could squirt.

I assured her that I felt like my balls were about to pop and she was going to get much more than a normal squirt. She adjusted her position to use the dildo while she sucked and squeezed my balls. As the pressure of the dildo forcing my sphincter open increased, I realized she was using a full sized dildo, much larger than the normal one! As I was about to cry out that it was too large, the dildo head slipped past the sphincter and she pushed it in another 5-6 inches. I yelped as it went in and she gave a little laugh.

“Feeling a little more stuffed than usual?” she asked between nipping the head of my penis and quick sucks.

All I could do was whimper, “Yes!”

“Good, working a dildo in your ass is suppose to help get all the cum out of you. You are full of cum and I’m really hungry so this should work for both of us!” she said as she began to suck and slowly work the dildo in and out.

The large dildo sliding in and out was very different from the slight pressure of the smaller one. The normal sexual pressure to have an orgasm was still very much present but there was also a different pressure, almost like having to urinate. As she continued to suck and stroke my ass with the dildo, I wanted to hold off the orgasm because the sucking felt so good after the 4 day layoff. I continued to fight it for several minutes as the pressure increased. As I lay there, fighting the sexual pressure while being sucked and stroked, she suddenly started sucking harder and increased the dildo stroke exactly as if I had shot my load! As she continued to suck, I realized that the pressure was subsiding but I hadn’t had an orgasm!? She continued to suck and stroke me for another 30 seconds or so, until I began to soften up.

“Wow!” she said as I slipped out of her mouth and she removed the dildo, “That was a lot of cum but it felt different, no big squirt, it just started coming out in a slow, steady stream and just kept coming and coming! I really liked it! Wonder why it was different?”

I didn’t say anything about the non-orgasm at that time, didn’t want her to feel bad. After all, the sexual pressure was gone even if I felt a little deflated. After she went to clean the dildo, I decided to get up and write my trip report, tally my expenses, etc.

About an hour into my report writing she suddenly came into the room and blurted, “Did you have an orgasm?”

Momentarily embarrassed by the question, I couldn’t lie, “No, not a real one but it was probably just because I was so full, I’m sure it won’t happen again.”

She just grinned, gave me a kiss on the top of my head and said, “OK”, and left.

I briefly wondered what had prompted the sudden question but went back to writing my report and forgot about it.

I had gotten home about 4 PM. After the relatively quick sex, I was finished with my report by seven. We ate a light dinner with a couple of glasses of wine, red of course and settled down to watch a little TV. As we cuddled up on the couch, she reached for my cock, gave it a little squeeze and whispered in my ear, “Is it going to need a little more attention later? After all, even though it supplied a lot of cum, it didn’t get much of a workout this afternoon.”

As she continued to gently squeeze me, the involuntary stiffening began. I kissed her, smiled and said, “I think it may need a little bedtime workout.”

She smiled up at me and stopped her rhythmic squeezing. We watched TV up until our normal bedtime, 10PM. About every 15 minutes throughout the evening she would reach over and squeeze my cock until I began to stiffen. She would then stop and go back to watching TV. By 10 PM the intermittent arousal had semi-recharged my libido. She took a shower while I watched the evening news and was just finishing drying her hair when I headed for the shower.

By the time I had finished my shower, she was already in the bed under a light sheet. I approached the bed and bent over to kiss her before going around the bed to get in on my side. As I kissed her, she reached for my cock and said, “Just lean over here let me give you a warm up kiss.” She then pulled my semi-erect cock toward her mouth as I stood beside the bed. It didn’t take her mouth long to again have me rock hard. As I crawled over her with my cock still in her mouth, I expected her to continue sucking until she had my squirt because as I pulled back the sheet, the towel was already in place.

To my surprise, as soon as I was in place, she raised up and said, “My pussy also needs a little workout. You don’t mind if I use it to prep you a little longer do you? After all, while you didn’t have a real orgasm earlier, you did supply a good deal of cum so working you out for while will just help you build up a little more juice and you know how I like it when you deliver a lot!”

I couldn’t do or say anything as she mounted me and began ride up and down on my cock.

“That’s a good boy! You know it not only feels good, it will also make you produce more juice for me to suck. I think this is going to take a while!” she grinned as I gently pinched her nipples.

She rode me for 10-15 minutes, having four orgasms. When I started to moan, she knew I was approaching the point of squirting so she quickly stopped moving, dismounted, turned and moved into a sixty nine position. Settling her pussy over my mouth, she then began to ever so slowly, stroke me and squeeze my balls. She knew from long practice how to keep my hard and on the edge of release without actually letting me cum. I worked her clit with my tongue, the way I knew she liked it. She moaned and had another orgasm.

After the oral service she moved so as to lie beside me, all the while continuing to squeeze and stroke me. By now, my balls were really beginning to need a release. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

“Aren’t you about ready to suck?” I asked, “ My balls are really feeling full again.”

“Good!” she said “ but there is something we need to talk about before I suck you.”

With my balls really beginning to ache under the constant, extended stimulation, I grunted “What, it can’t wait until later?”

“I just need to quickly explain something to you.” She said, “It won’t take but a second and then I will drain your juice. OK?”

“OK, but please be quick!” I moaned.

“What happened earlier was you having your prostate milked instead of an orgasm. I looked it up on the Internet. It’s true. Remember how much I told you I liked it, the continuous slow stream of cum rather than short hard squirts? Well, I want to do it again the same way!”

“No! Can’t you just suck me like normal? I really need to squirt!” I begged.

“Are your balls hurting? Do you want relief? You need to let me drain you and not insist on how I do it!” she cooed.

“Please, I’m hurting, suck me please! I whimpered.

“The way I want it?” she whispered.

“Yes” I said in sudden surrender, “do whatever you wish, just empty me.”

“Don’t worry baby, your balls won’t be hurting much longer.” She cooed and she slide down where she could suck, work my balls and use the dildo. “The dildo may hurt a little at first but you will get use to it.”

What is that about? It was a little difficult getting the dildo in earlier but I had adjusted after a few minutes. I looked down in the dim light just in time to see her dipping a very large dildo into the lubricant jar. It must have been two and a half inches in diameter!

Stunned, I whined, “ I can’t take that, it will rip me open!” I started to struggle and get up just as she clamped down on my balls with her other hand preventing me from moving away.

“You can and will take it!” she commanded, giving my balls a little tug to remind me who was actually in control.

Even though my balls were aching for relief, my cock started to shrivel at the thought of that monster in my ass. I felt my sphincter trying to dilate as the enormous head was steadily pressed into my ass. “No, please don’t do it! I can’t take it!”

“Stop being a crybaby and relax. It will go a lot easier if you don’t; fight it.” She said in a matter of fact voice. The tone of her voice told me that there was no point in complaining, or crying about it. It WOULD be in me before the night was over and there was nothing I could do about it. Facing that realization, I stopped whimpering and tried to concentrate on relaxing my ass to make it as painless as possible. She seemed to sense my surrender and became gentler in applying pressure to my sphincter and letting off for a few seconds. Even thought my balls still ached, my cock was now totally limp due to my fascination with her determination to get the giant dildo into my ass. She was now kneeling between my legs, still firmly gripping my balls in one hand while continuing the work on my ass with the dildo.

After about five minutes of steady pressure with short periods of relief, she said, “You’re doing really well. You are relaxing and we are really beginning to make some headway. It should be in pretty soon.”

It took almost another 5 minutes of sometime painful pressure before I felt a sudden movement as the head of the dildo passed the sphincter and slipped deep into me. I couldn‘t help but let out a moan of relief as the pressure abated and the pain lessened.

“See, that didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would, now did it.” She said in a suddenly soft voice. “We are just going to let it rest for a few minutes while you get use to it. In the mean time, I am going to see if we can’t resurrect this dead soldier. After all, he is the delivery man!”

I was afraid to move out of fear that the enormous dildo would somehow injure me. I lay there as she moved up and gave me a kiss with a little tongue. The ache in my balls had been suppressed by the fear of the dildo. With the dildo now in place and my balls being squeezed, the ache again moved to the forefront and my cock begin to stir.

She chuckled as she felt my cock jump, “I can see you are getting back to normal. I am not going to rush this but I promise you are going to be emptier of cum than you have ever been!”

She slid down into her favorite sucking position and began to tease my cock with tongue. Soon, I was back into a rock hard state but I didn’t move around much because of the dildo making my ass feel over stretched. After about 5 minutes of teasing, I began to grunt from the pain in my balls. As she sensed my rising level of excitement, she began to slowly move the dildo in and out of my ass.

“Easy now, we are in no rush.” She said as she lengthened the dildo stroke. She continued to squeeze my balls and gently suck the head of my cock.

As the giant dildo moved in and out I felt that now familiar pressure similar to urination along with the sexual pressure, only much greater than before probably due to the much larger dildo. My natural instincts took over and I tried to hold off the orgasm because, again, the sucking felt so good. Within just a few minutes, she started sucking harder and increased the speed of the dildo stroke. Just as before, within 30-40 seconds of her increased sucking and dildo stroke, I felt the sexual pressure beginning to disappear and my erection began to falter. She continued to suck and stroke me with the dildo for another 15-20 seconds before releasing my cock from her mouth. She then slowly removed the dildo from my very sore ass.

I couldn’t move even as she sat up and place the giant dildo in another towel she had handy. I could only marvel at the detail with which she had planned this! She moved to lie beside me, put her arm across my chest and gave me a little kiss on the ear.

“I told you that you would be emptier of cum than you had ever been. Didn’t I tell the truth?” she whispered in my ear..

I could only lie there, completely drained of energy as well as cum.

“Cat got your tongue?” she cooed.

I finally recovered enough to whisper, “No, I’m just completely spent. Every drop of energy is gone along with my cum.” She kissed my right nipple and whispered, “That’s a good thing, being completely emptied of all emotional, sexual, and physical energy is good for you. I’ll bet you sleep better tonight than you ever have!”

I couldn’t help but agree because I was fading fast. “Before I go to sleep, I have one question.” I said in a weak voice.

“Sure, what is it?” she said.

“You kept sucking even after I was going limp. You have never done that before. Was it just the extra excitement or what?” I queried.

She laughed softly, “No silly, you were still delivering cum even as you began to softened up. I kept pumping you with the dildo and you kept delivering the juice. I didn’t stop stroking your ass until the cum stopped flowing! You were marvelous! This has been one enlightening day!”

As I faded away into a deep sleep, the word “enlightening” kept running through my mind. Enlightening for who and what does that REALLY mean?

I have enjoyed this forum and learned a bit regarding milking. The story from drman had me quite aroused.

My mistress and I have talked about milking me and it is something I would like to experience.

Something of which I thought was true, but not sure is this: Once the slave is sufficiently milked, the sexual frustration (or “horniness”) goes away for some time, but then comes back with a vengance and it is harder for the slave to achieve an orgasm since the fluids have been drained.

Can anyone elaborate?



I seemed to be climbing out of a deep well to the insistent words of “Baby, its time to wake up. It’s almost 7:30.”

7:30! I never slept that late! I roused as if from a bad hangover, shaking my head to clear it. “Go take a shower. That will help and I will make you some breakfast.” She said as I opened my eyes to see a big grin on her face. She didn’t say anything else as I headed for the shower and she went into the kitchen.

I stood under the hot shower trying to clear the cobwebs and gather my wits, I started to go over the events of last night in my mind. As I rubbed the soap between my legs, there was a brief painful reminder of last night. I got out of the shower, shaved and brushed my teeth before heading for the kitchen not knowing what to expect.

Everything seemed normal. I don’t know what I expected but there was nothing unusual. She kissed me and handed me a plate, everything very ordinary. We ate breakfast sitting next to each other, talked about the weather for the day and the pool party next door on Saturday. After finishing breakfast, I headed for the bedroom to pick out something to wear. I didn’t have to rush into the office since it was Friday and I had been on the road so I was browsing through the closet. As I came out of the closet with the clothes I had selected, she was standing by the bed with a towel in her hand.

“Time to get you ready for the office.” she said in her quiet voice with a smile on her face.

Seeing the towel in her hand, my eyes must have widened as I had visions of going through another session like last night with my ass already sore. Seeing my involuntary reaction, she laid the towel out exposing the small dildo. Wordlessly, she came around the bed and gave me a long kiss with a little tongue while she deftly squeezed my cock and balls. My cock stiffened like an obedient puppy as she led me to the bed and positioned me on the towel. Everything seemed back to normal as we kissed for a few minutes while she worked my balls and cock. Nothing had been said about last night and I was still a little apprehensive as she slipped into her normal sucking position and there was only a momentary twinge as I felt her slide the small dildo in. Once it was in, I began to relax and enjoy the morning suck. Everything was SO NORMAL! She sucked, squeezed and pumped the dildo until I had a great, totally NORMAL orgasm!

She slipped the dildo out and released my cock from her mouth. “ There, now you should be able to concentrate on work today.” as she moved up and gave me a quick kiss. She got up and headed for the bathroom with the dildo and towel as I lay recovering and thinking about what had just happened. Again, it was so normal! She always sucks me before I leave for work. That ritual started several years ago after she found an article about how often men think about sex during the day and how it distracts them from getting things accomplished. She decided, and I must admit, I think she is right, that being serviced just before leaving for work will keep me focused for at least half the day. I quickly got up, dressed, kissed her goodbye and headed for the office. Nothing was said about the previous night.

The office workday was uneventful, no crisis, no demands and it was Friday! Around 3 o’clock, I was passing the file room and stopped to admire Joann, our newest secretary bent over one of the bottom file cabinets. As I covertly admired her beautiful ass while appearing to look for something in a file, I couldn’t help but remember Linda’s ideas regarding men thinking about sex. I had seen Joann before lunch and there hadn’t been the fantasy visualization I was having now of bending her over my desk and giving her “Dicktation”. Smiling, I headed back to my desk with that vision still fresh in my mind. I finished up a few more routine letters, made a few phone calls and headed home a few minutes early, trying to beat the Friday afternoon rush.

As I approached home, a small level of apprehension returned. What was tonight going to be like, would she insist upon stretching my ass to the ripping point and emptying me again without an orgasm? She was in the kitchen when I came in from the garage. When she heard the door open, she smiled, came around the island and gave me a nice, lengthily kiss with just a touch of tongue.

“How was your day?” she asked brightly.

“Great, it was an easy Friday, no stress and I was able to sneak out a little early. Do we have any plans for the evening?” I asked.

“No, is there something in particular you want to do, go out to eat or a movie maybe?” she replied.

“No, I’m perfectly happy staying home tonight. After being gone most of the week, I’m really glad there are no plans.” I said as I walked into the den and looked out the window into our back yard. There are no fences in this subdivision so there is an open view to the surrounding yards. I must have been standing there for at least five minutes admiring Rhonda, our next door neighbor’s ass as she bent over to play with her 4 year old. She has the same build as our new secretary and there were similar erotic visions running through my head only this time with the patio lounger.

I didn’t hear Linda come up behind me until she asked, “What are you looking at?”

I improvised, “ Oh, just watching the kids play next door.”

She moved to my side and grabbed my cock. “Liar, you’re looking at Rhonda’s ass.” As she correctly judged my cock’s level of engorgement.

I turned my head to look at her, knowing I couldn’t deny it and was prepared for her to be angry only to see the twinkle in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face. “It’s OK, go ahead and look.” as she continued to squeeze my cock. “ I’ll admit, Rhonda has a nice ass and all you men like to look at things you can’t have, so enjoy.” By now, my cock was really beginning to stiffen under her continuing ministrations. She unzipped my pants and pulled it out in order to get a better grip on it. Once she had a firm grip she led me to a large ottoman. ”Push that ottoman over here and position it so you can see out the window.” Once she has my cock in her hand, I always end up doing her biding so I quickly pushed it to the place she selected.

After the ottoman was positioned to her satisfaction, she unbuckled my belt and quickly slid my pants and underwear to the floor. “We might as well get some use out of your fantasy.” She said as she momentarily released my cock so she could quickly drop her shorts and panties. She stepped over the hand holding my cock in order to get it between her legs without letting go as she got onto the ottoman on her knees. She quickly pulled me up and into her, shifting her grip from my cock to my balls.

“Now, let’s see if you can concentrate on Rhonda while fucking me! I want you to describe exactly how and where you are fucking her as well as her reactions.” As she started pushing and pulling my balls to get me started pumping her.

This was surreal. I was fucking my wife while staring out the window at a neighbor’s ass and fantasy fucking her all with my wife’s blessing! My natural instincts took over and I started pumping her in earnest.

“There. That’s more like it,” she said as I increased my stroke, my balls still firmly in her hand, “but you’re not telling be about fucking Rhonda. Start talking!” She squeezed my balls hard enough to make me to grunt. It was a reminder that she expected me to do as she asked.

“It’s around midnight and she is on her knees on the lounger. I am standing behind her, ramming my cock into her. She has her head buried in one of the pillows to muffle her moaning. It is a little awkward because I have to straddle the lounger but fucking her like this, my hands firmly gripping her waist just above her hips, is well worth it.” I paused realizing that was exactly how I was holding Linda right now.

“Go on, keep looking out that window and fucking Rhonda.” Linda panted. “Harder!” as she tugged on my balls.

Instantly, I began to pound her harder, feeling her ass quiver and I slammed into her all the while watching Rhonda and imagining it was her pussy I was pounding and her ass I felt quiver under the impact. “Her whole body quivers and her pussy clinches, her first orgasm. I hear her yell into the pillow, keep fucking me, don’t stop!” I panted. Here it got surreal again. Just as I said Rhonda had an orgasm, I felt Linda’s pussy tighten and her back arched slightly, sure signs of an orgasm. Linda let out a low moan, the insistent tugging on my balls indicating I was to continue stroking her and telling her about fucking Rhonda.

I parroted the Rhonda in my fantasy, “Rhonda raised her head from the pillow momentarily and whispered, Keep fucking me! It has been a long, long time since I’ve had a cock big enough to give me multiple orgasms.”

“At her urging, I keep pumping, obediently holding back any thoughts of an orgasm even though my balls are beginning to ache for a release.” I continued as I stole a glance down at Linda. Her head was turned to the side and I saw that there was a smile on her face. “I keep fucking her, harder and faster, feeling her body begin to stiffen as she approaches another orgasm. Her pussy is clinching again as she bucks on the lounger.” As with the first fantasy orgasm, Linda clinched and moaned with a real orgasm almost in sync with Rhonda’s fantasy orgasm. The ache in my balls was becoming unbearable. The ass out the window and the ass I was pounding were beginning to become one in my passion clouded mind.

“It’s time for Rhonda to suck you.” Linda whispered. “ Rhonda does suck you doesn’t she? You need to tell me about it.”

“Rhonda, it’s almost time for you to suck. The pressure is building up and I can’t hold the cum much longer. It’s time for your mouth to do what it does best! Rhonda moans one last time and quickly pulls forward letting my cock fall out of her pussy. She pulls me down beside her and slides down to take my swollen cock into her mouth.”

Here, reality departed slightly from the fantasy. Linda released my balls momentarily as she pulled forward to let my cock drop out of her pussy. She turned sideways on the ottoman and said, “Spread your legs a little and bend forward placing your hands on the ottoman.” That positioned my hard cock near her mouth, just as she had intended.

“Can you still see Rhonda?” she asked.

“Yes” I moaned as she grabbed balls and pulled my cock toward her mouth.

“Good! Now, give me the details about how she sucks you on that lounger.” She whispered as she tugged on my balls to bring my cock deep into her mouth.

Obeying, I started, “She quickly takes my cock shaft completely into her mouth. I heard a muffled moan as she began to gently move her mouth up and down on my cock while squeezing my balls. She is squeezing and moaning…” About that time I realized why Linda had wanted me to spread my legs slightly as I felt two fingers force their way into my ass. “She is pumping my cock as well as moving her mouth up and down on the shaft.” I continued with the narrative even as it was happening for real, the only difference being there were two fingers in my ass pumping me for all they were worth. I felt myself approaching orgasm and I continued in a tight voice, “Baby, your going to be getting your first taste any second now.” no longer knowing which woman I was talking to as I started squirting my juice into the real mouth.

After a few more strokes, Linda slipped her fingers out of my ass and rolled me into a half-sitting, half-lying position while still gripping my balls and keeping my cock in her mouth. She performed a quick milking action on my cock to get the last few drops of cum before releasing me.

After a ten or fifteen seconds she said, “Well, I got what I was after! How about you baby? Was the fantasy as good as the real thing?”

I didn’t know how to answer that, sensing that some answers could be dangerous and I didn’t want to make a mistake since I’m not too sharp in the euphoria immediately following a sexual release. Before I could think of a non-threatening answer she laughed. “ Don’t look so serious, you’re not in trouble! I don’t mind your fantasies and long as they end with me getting fucked and fed! If you start spreading it around, knowing I am right here to take everything you can deliver, that’s when you are in trouble!” She gave me a little kiss and we sat up and moved to the couch. She took tissues from a drawer, gave my cock a good wipe down since she didn’t want peter tracks on the sofa. She then wrapped them around the fingers she had used on my ass.

“Well,” she pressed, “How was Rhonda? Were here pussy and mouth as good as mine? In your mind whose mouth did you actually shot in?”

I decided the truth was the only way out. “I don’t really know, it was one and both of you all at the same time if that makes any sense. When I was fantasy fucking her I kept straying back to the reality of your pussy and ass. The same was true for the sucking, her, you, you, her. It all blended into one mouth as I shot my load.”

She was smiling broadly at me as I looked up, feeling a little guilty. “ Baby, I hate to ruin your fantasy but I know a secret that is just too funny not to share,” she laughed. “You know hot, fucking, sucking Rhonda; your midnight mistress? Well, she doesn’t exist! I guess it’s that way with most fantasies.” She chuckled.

The look of confusion on my face must have been evident because she laughed out loud.

“The real Rhonda, the physical body you are looking at out the window is nothing like your fantasy. How often do you think Roger gets fucked and sucked?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” I said confused, “five or six times a week?”

“Baby, you couldn’t stand being married to Rhonda. Poor Roger only gets fucked once a week on Friday night or Saturday morning and that is a quickie used only to motivate him to work around the house on weekends. Sucking? He is only sucked four or five times a year. She sucks him a couple of times before her birthday and again several times before Christmas. The number of sucks Roger gets is governed solely by how expensive the gifts are that she wants. She has no real sex drive, her pussy and mouth are simply tools to maintain her lifestyle. Now, wouldn’t you enjoy living like that?” she finished as she got up and went to the bathroom without waiting for an answer.

I was taken aback by the reality Linda had just laid out. Poor Roger! How can he stand being married to her, seeing that great body naked and in the bed every night without just jumping her? Looking out the window, I could only think, what a waste of a great body!

About that time Linda returned from the bathroom, the tissue gone from her hand. “I’m famished, lets go out to eat. You might want to put some pants on before we go.”

I looked down. I hadn’t even thought to get up and put my pants back on! I had been sitting there naked from the waist down looking out the window. Looking at Rhonda would never be the same, I thought ruefully. I got up and put my shorts and pants back on, went over and kissed Linda gently on the neck. “I find myself suddenly hungry, don’t know why.” I grinned, “Let’s go to that new Japanese place on the strip. I am suddenly craving sushi.”

The restaurant turned out to be exquisite. As we ate our second order of sushi, I felt Linda’s bare foot in my crotch. “You know, some types of sushi are suppose to be an aphrodisiac, just like oysters. I wonder how this Japanese plum wine will taste? We should have another glass.” She continued to knead my crotch with her toes until she began to sense a reaction whereupon she removed her foot and resumed eating.

We were out of the restaurant by eight o’clock since we had gotten in early. After we were in the car, Linda gave me a little peck on the check and started massaging my crotch as we pulled out of the restaurant. “Don’t worry,” she chuckled, “I’m not going to make you pull over and give me a taste.”

It was about a twenty-minute drive home and she had kept me semi-erect most of the way. After we got in the house she seemed to lose interest as she turned on the TV. I couldn’t decide if I was relieved or disappointed. We watched a mindless movie that lasted until almost 11 PM. For the last half-hour of the movie, Linda was squeezing my balls and kneading my cock. When the movie was over, I expected us to get up and head for the bed but she just sat there squeezing my balls with her head on my shoulder.

“What do you think, is Roger is getting his weekly service tonight or in the morning?” she asked.

“That question hadn’t entered my mind. It’s kind of hard to worry about poor Roger with you squeezing my balls and knowing I will be giving you my third squirt of the day.” I said as I kissed her on the head. “If I have to guess, I expect he normally gets it on Friday night. I don’t think Rhonda is much of a morning person.”

She nodded her agreement, gave me a slightly harder squeeze as she said, “I think it’s time to get you into bed.”

We took a shower together, enjoying washing each other, some body parts more vigorously than required for cleanliness. I shaved while she started drying her hair. I was in the bed well ahead of her, watching a little of the news while waiting on her. It wasn’t long until she came into the bedroom carrying the towel.

As she climbed into the bed, the tip of the normal size dildo slipped out from under the towel. She knew I had seen it. Thinking back now, she probably exposed it on purpose.

“I thought you had gotten over that last night.” I said with some apprehension creeping into my voice.

“You have already had two good squirts today. I even indulged you in your little fantasy. You shouldn’t complain about giving me a little of what I like. You get all the physical benefits of cuming, only without the muscular spasm of orgasm.” She said.

“No!” I said with some bravado, “I want a normal sucking like you always did until yesterday.”

“Are you sure you want to be that way?” she said with a hint of ice in her voice.

“Yes! Get over here and suck me the way I like it.” I demanded ignoring the little alarm bell going off in the back of my head.

She surprised me by immediately caving in and saying simply, “OK if that is the way you want it. Let me put this up and get the small one.” She got up, turned the lights down and went into the bathroom to exchange the dildo.

She returned and crawled into the bed. She immediately slid down and started working the towel under me without any preliminaries. That was fine with me since I was beginning to get a little sleepy. A quick suck and off to sleep would top off a very good day. She began to massage my balls and suck the head of my cock. The earlier stimulation helped to bring it to life very quickly. I was soon rock hard in her mouth, waiting for her to insert the little dildo and let me give her a very quick squirt.

“Does it feel good?” she asked quietly.

“Yea baby, it feels good, slip the little toy in and start sucking the way only you know.” I whispered.

Without replying, she pushed my legs a little further apart and brought the dildo up to my ass. “Hey! That isn’t the small one!” I jerked at the sudden pressure on my sphincter as she clamped down on my balls with her other hand.

Taking her mouth from my cock, there was steel in her voice, as she said, “No, it’s not. You had the chance to be understanding and fulfill my desires but no, you had to be all macho and demanding. Well, you are about to reap the rewards of your bravado. You REALLY should understand that you ARE going to meet my needs in this area. To help you with it, you are getting the large dildo again tonight instead of the normal size one I had intended to use. As further reinforcement that you WILL accede to this in the future without complaint, You will not get ten minutes to adjust to this big boy. If I were you, I would start concentrating on relaxing my ass as rapidly as possible. You are only going to get about 2 minutes to adjust before I ram it in by force.”

Her grip on my balls was so tight it almost took my breath away and the insistent pressure on my sphincter was growing rapidly. I desperately tried to relax my sphincter, mind over body. Relax! Let the dildo in, I tried to command my body to obey me. Time seemed to fly by as the pressure continued to grow. The pressure became pain as I willed my sphincter to dilate and let it in. I expected my time to run out at any moment when suddenly that monster was past the sphincter and sliding deep into my ass, the pain and pressure slipping away. I was now feeling that same over-stuffed, fullness of the previous night.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were going to gain control of your asshole or I was going to have to force your compliance.” She said. “I don’t expect to get as much as last night but you WILL deliver your cum as a slow, steady stream, not a squirt. I am going to stimulate you without too much ass work initially. That should allow you to work up as much cum as possible before I start draining it. Do you understand?”

“Yes” I answered weakly, lying there lhelplessly as she began to suck slowly and rhythmically squeeze my balls.

True to her word, the dildo was held motionless for at least ten minutes as she sucked on the head of my cock and teased my balls. She must have detected the increase in my breathing as I became fully aroused and the urination type urge began to grow. There were no thoughts of orgasm, only meeting her demands. “I think you are about ready to start giving up your cum .” she said as she started with long, slow strokes in and out of my ass.

With that statement, she settled her mouth over my cock and began to suck and squeeze my balls at a faster pace matching the stroking my ass was getting from the dildo. It seemed like less than a minute when I felt her increase the sucking pressure and lengthened the dildo stroke almost to the point of being painful. This went on for 30-40 seconds before I started to go limp. Just as last night, she continued to pump my ass and suck my rapidly softening cock. The pumping continued for what seemed like another minute and I could hear the little slurping and swallowing sound she made as she drained me. Finally the ass pumping stopped and my cock was released from her mouth. She didn’t immediately get up and remove the dildo. She lay there with her head on my stomach for at least another 5 minutes, occasionally giving my ass a couple of strokes with the dildo. She didn’t say anything and I dared not speak. When she finally stirred, she slipped the dildo out, got up without a word and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Just as before, I lay there completely spent.

When she returned to the bed, she moved over to me and gave me a little kiss and said, “Do you understand now that I will be frequently draining you like that and it is a requirement, not an option?

“I couldn’t say anything in my current state but “Yes, whatever you want.”

“Good, I hope you mean that.” She said, “As long there is no balking, I will use the normal dildo almost exclusively. You will have to take the large one only when you resist my needs and occasionally the night and/or morning before you leave on an overnight trip. Let’s get a good nights sleep and let these recharge.” as she gently massaged my balls.

With my balls still being massaged, I drifted off to sleep with a burning ass for the second night in a row, wondering what tomorrow held in store for me.

Hello All! I recently introduced a friend of mine to the benefits and pleasures of being milked. He had been diagnosed with kidney stones last year, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes and was having difficulties with erections and orgasms, even when just masturbating by himself. We started out with just therapeutic massage and reflexology for the back and leg pains he was having, but as the swellings and pain in his groin area increased and he was starting to get erections when I was touching him, he asked me if I would give him manual release. I wasn’t really comfortable doing that, as I worked with him and didn’t want that to become an issue at work. I told him he could come to my apartment and I would take care of him there. Kamal said fine, he’d be there after work in the morning. At 5:30, Kamal called me and I let him inside the building and we came into the apartment. I had him undress and lay down on my bed. I had a nice soft fluffy towel on the bed and had him lay on it on his belly. Kamal siged with pleasure as I began to massage his neck and back, then worked my way down his legs and then to his buttocks. I had an enema syringe filled with organic aloe vera gel that had warmed in some hot water on the nightstand near the bed..I squeezed a small amount onto my finger and began to massage Kamal’s perineum and then his anus in a gentle pulsating rhythm..I asked Kamal how it felt and he said it was great so far..he had no idea what was coming next..I had him raise up onto his knees so that I could reach his penis and scrotum from behind..I bent forward so that I could lick and mouth his scrotum from behind..when he felt my tongue touch him, Kamal jumped a little and then began pushing his buttocks toward me so that I could take more of him into my mouth..I held his cheeks apart so that I could lick his anus, feeling him contract and dilate against my tongue-when he began to draw my tongue inside him, I took the syringe and slid the tip into his rectum and injected about 2 oz of gel into him. Then I told Kamal to lie down on his back for me so we could begin..He asked me what I was doing..I told him to just relax and breathe, I wasn’t going to hurt him..and this would most likely help his pains. Kamal complied and laid on his back, then I began massaging the muscles aound his groin and the base of his penis-he was soon harder than he ever remembered being..I said, “Well, that’s a good sign, so far..” Kamal had his eyes squeezed shut and was shaking and nervous..I just continued to stroke his chest and belly, calming him down and talking to him..Apparently, he hadn’t been intimate with anyone in two years since his divorce and it was an emotional experience for him as well as physical pain-he was trusting me with a lot at a very early stage in our friendship. When Kamal opened his eyes and could look at me, I asked him to bend his knees and bring them to his chest as much as he could while I massaged his perineum and anus. When I felt him begin to draw my finger inside, I pressed a bit more firmly and Kamal gasped and clenched on my finger, but I was already inside of him..I put my left hand on his chest and stroked him some more, telling him to just breathe in and relax-he is safe..I reached up and stroked his face and the side of his neck and he looked into my eyes with tears in his..I pressed into his anus further and felt his prostate-it was hard and enlarged-no wonder he was having problems and pain! Almost immediately, clear fluid began flowing from his now flaccid penis and he said that he had to pee-I told him, don’t worry, you won’t that’s normal to feel. I began to massage his penis and scrotum until he began to get hard again while massaging his prostate-Kamal’s legs began shaking and he began making low, growling pleasure sounds..apparently, the painful part had passed..after about 5 minutes, Kamal began to reach for me with his right hand-I moved closer so that he could touch me..he touched my left hip, put his hand inside my black velvet pants and felt for my pussy, which was very excited and wet..he took the moisture from my pussy and began to stroke my anus with it and then to work his finger into me as I had done, and was still doing to him..I then bent down and took his cock into my mouth and began sucking him while still stroking his prostate, fully intending to drain him dry..Kamal then said, “Let me fuck your ass” I stood back and he pulled my pants down and got behind me, pressing me to lean over on the bed..he pressed himself against my ass ans got more lubrication from my wet pussy and slid his fingers into me, then rubbed the head of his cock against my ass, which was quivering in anticipation of the pain and pleasure of being penetrated..Kamal’s cock nuzzled at my pussy lips a bit, then slid up and pressed into my anus..I gasped at the intrusion and tried to relax and breathe , as I had told Kamal to do..easier said than the time I was relaxed enough to enjoy it, Kamal was getting harder as his orgasm approached…he cried out in pleasure and pain when he finally came..I could truly sympathize at that point. When he withdrew from me, I had him lie down again so that I could clean him off and massage his chest and belly to ease the emotional release from the experience..I covered him with a blanket and let him rest for about an hour while I held him in a spooning position from behind..when I first held him that way, he began shaking..I asked him what he was thinking about..Kamal told me that he had been forcibly sodomized by an 18 yr old neighbor boy when he was 4 yrs old living in Pakistan with his parents and that his ex-wife used to literally kick him in the balls and bite him wherever she could-so no wonder he has trust issues..I was surprised that he let me penetrate him and could share that with me after just one month of really getting to know each, if you have the opportunity to milk or be milked, it can be a very rewarding experience if done with love and trust.

I am a 28 year old bisexual guy and I started visiting a master a few months ago. He’s in his sixties and has tons of experience with electro and male milking. During our first session he milked me at the end and he attached a conductive cock ring around the base of my cock and then he used a conductive prostate probe to stimulate my prostate gland and it was VERY pleasurable. The first time it took quite a while for me to cum like this as I wasn’t used to the sensations, and he hadn’t found the right settings to trigger me off but I came in buckets when he finally got it right and let me cum. I’ve visited him a few times and he varies the way he does it — sometimes he uses a higher setting on the PES machine and the sensations can be quite unbearable, and other times he sets it on a constant pulse and just leves me alone for a while. He also does it manually using his fingers which is nowhere near as pleasurable and is a big let down when you know how he could do it if he chose.

My newly complete and many-paged Prostate Milking Resource might be of interest to some of you.  
I’d like to call particular attention to this medical advisory regarding the use of ice to numb the male genital area for milking purposes, although of course I feel that all the information included in all the pages is important.  
(well, I would think that, wouldn’t I) :p  
I enjoyed reading all your thoughts on the topic. :)  
Best regards,  
Lubyanka. :)

I have never been one to eat my own product. But after reading all this I milked myself on Sunday and medium amount came out and I looked at and couldn’t help myself but to eat it and lick my fingers clean. It was the best, than today Monday I did it again and another good amount came out and ate that right up, waited about 2 minutes and went at it again and huge amount this time but ate it all up and wanted to consume more and more. I am truly hiiked now on my own product and never before could I eat it and now I can’t get enough. Give it a shot and enjoy the flavors

moi c’est ma femme qui préfère me traire le pis par derrière pour me faire dégorger je dois rester tout nu à genoux à quattre pattes penché en avant le cul en l’air cuisses écartées et elle me tire la bite toute raide très fort en arrière et elle commence à me traire le pis pour faire sortir le petit jus par petites giclées saccadées moi ça me fait hurler de toutes mes forces à chaque giclées des fois y’a sa mère qui vient nous voir à la maison juste au moment ou ma femme est entrain de me traire le pis elle lui dit ça a l’air très facile à traire le pis d’un garçon alors me femme lui dit oui c’est comme le pis d’une chêvre ça a la même forme et c’est fait pareil alors ça se trait de la même façon alors ma belle mère lui dit ça fait plaisir de l’entendre hurler comme ça au moins ça veut dire que ça lui fait du bien et qu’il adore ça elle a demandé à ma femme si elle pouvait essayer de me traire pour voir comment ça fait alors ma femme lui a dit oui il faut bien tenir le pis et le tirer très fort en arrière si il t’échappe de la main il va revenir d’un coup sec claquer contre le ventre comme il est très dur et bien raide il faut bien le tenir ma belle mère lui a dit c’est beau de voir le pis d’un garçon faire son petit jus tout seul comme ça

English translation of prior comment:

me is my wife prefers me milking the udder from behind to drain me I have to stay naked kneeling on all fours leaning forward ass in the air, legs apart and she takes stiff cock hard in back and she started me milking the udder to release the juice little by little jerky spurts me makes me scream with all my strength every time there’s spurts of his mother who comes to see us at home just when my spirited woman is me milking the udder she said it looks very easy to milk the udder of a boy when my wife said yes this is like the worst of a goat that has the same form and is does the same then it is treated the same way when my stepmother told him it’s nice to hear him scream like that at least mean that it does him good and he loves it she asked my wife if she could try to milk me to see how it is when my wife said yes we must keep the udder and pull back hard if he escapes from the hand he’s coming back with a sharp blow cracked the cons belly as it is very hard and very stiff one must keep my stepmother told him it was nice to see the worst of a boy making his little juice alone like that

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