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An earlier entry about mechanized male milking is fairly popular. I thought I’d see what else I could learn. That it lacks human contact is what makes it so compelling for those of us with a taste for dehumanizing practices.

This is link offers a minor gloss on the prior entry.

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Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


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I love this video for all the subtle oddities. K’nex and scrounged parts, but a welded copper nipple-teasing bar. Shaved balls. Socks, shoes, a shirt & wristbands. Rubber band around the tackle. and our friend onscreen is bound at the thighs.

Hands free milking machine and nipple stroker!

There’ve been male masturbation machines at least as far back as the Accujac in the 1970s. Contemporary hardware will set you back $700 - $1,000 depending on the device you choose and the attachments you require. I’m not going to supply links, let Google be your guide.

I’ve tended to suspect reports of using a TENS unit to belong to urban legend. Maybe I’ll try my Rimba again. I haven’t touched it since the day I bought it and discovered that the sensations induced don’t rise above the barely annoying.

There are also reports of using a TENS unit with an egg shaped attachment to stimulate the prostate. None I’ve seen are from a known reliable source.

One company does sell a $130 prostate attachment that goes with an electrostim unit that costs a few hundred dollars all by itself.

So unless you are an electrical engineer electrically powered milking is likely to be costly and effectiveness uncertain.

This was a cursory search. I may make another effort again later to see what can be learned. I suspect what many men would think their ideal a chastity belt that arouses the wearer. The fantasy of perpetual tease and denial.

More or less related:


Check out the Venus 2000 (from the makes of the Sybian):

The remote control could be used to set the speed so slow that it won’t allow orgasm.

That is one of the devices that I was referencing above. Far outside my budget.

I use a TENS unit for intense orgasms. For me I have to keep adjusting the controls, but eventually the right sensation comes through and I love it.

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