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A spate of notes about male genitalia and D/s will probably ensue.

Partly because thinking about something publicly helps me achieve a cleaner understanding of what is passing through my mind. I’ll look at what I’ve written and go, “Now do you really think that?”

Purging myself of the images, just for now, seems a sane course.. I’ve found that excessive repetition of an imagined experience often wears it out. When Alexandra is back I can talk to her about it and maybe explore it. Right now I’d rather be in bed asleep.

Many of us would write hymns to our genitals, the happiness they’ve sent our way. Part of what baffles me is that it was such a long time before my penis and testicles appeared in my S&M daydreams.

It wasn’t that they’d been excised. Orgasms, erections, genital punishment never passed through my mind. The web taught me about genital torment and control. Mostly I just went “ugh!” Eventually my masochism seduced me. There were nights when I couldn’t clear the images from my mind.

Penis tether

Art by Rhodes about whom I know nothing.

I ask myself, Richard, why do these practices move you so deeply?

Masculinity I’ll confess to. But not the macho identity that - hiding insecurities, secret fears? - that can turn on itself. I love androgynous people: no silly gender nonsense crowding my mind. Gender qualities are lovely but nothing to create antagonism. Sexist stereotypes are ugly.

But to the meat of the matter at hand.

Most genital leashing uses the traditional cock ring: penis and testicles are both leashed at the same time. If there’s a part of the brain where the grovel response lives images like this make mine glow brightly:

Penis leash

Drawing by Iain from Woman Worship.

Is it ever really done?

There are mechanical problems: if bound when erect the tether would fall off when the penis is less tumescent. If bound when limp would it be too tight? Probably not for short term play. Or the restriction might prevent erection. Bet it would work better attached near the base than just below the glans.

Oh, I can see the risk. No more than other D/s practices. You do these things with someone you can trust or not at all.

Perhaps the appeal of cock leashing is the instant omnipotence it gives the one in control. An effect of anatomy: not male vs. female.

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Your comment, that the appeal of cock-leashing gives an instant omnipotence is 100% correct, and the parade with the crawling slave, among other women, makes it even more thrilling to me. Mechanical problems?? I’ll ask my doctor!

Having my phallus leashed is incredible: it takes me deep into submissive space. It can be tricky since the darn thing likes to change size.

Testicle leashing is equally controlling and simpler.

I remember the night she connected that leash to a loop on her boot

I love leashing my penis and also when others leash it for me, be they male, female or machine. Anyone up for a group leashing session? I’ll bring the leashes!!

My ex-wife used to leash me by the cock and balls with it held tight at the base. It was a leash would make me wear with it easy for her to get ahold of around my belt. At home she would require me to cook and clean with it on and give it a sharp tug when ever she thought I was being diligent enough. Today my wife often keeps me locked in a CB-3000 and it drives me to properly serve her.

I love this topic, and had just one experience that I can recall. I paid a professional dominatrix to engage me in costume play with something called Penis Panties that I found in some kinky catalog. Your cock and balls were stuffed into the pocket and (unlike normal pants or shorts or panties) was then fully on display. So when my cock was deliciously, embarassingly stiff the shiny red vinyl shorts were sticking straight out in the most obscene and heart-poundingly humiliating way. The dominatrix wasted no time in taking advantage of that, by pulling me up the stairs by a ring at the front of the cock pouch. (She and her roommate shared the house, and their play space was in the basement.) So when I was lead up the steps it was a thrill beyond words. At the top she called to the other girl who slapped my vinyl-encased erection several times for amusement. But the best part was being led upstairs by my hard-on! Whew. Nothing better than such an obviously-needy penis suffering the very opposite of sexual satisfaction at the hands of a beautiful young female who could (if she wanted to) give me that sexual satisfaction.

from a Female perspective it’s very empowering, when I have my boyfriend on a penis leash.

He’s the sex object I don’t have to worry about what I look like is my makeup ok, did I gain weight this month.

I think it would be amazing just for one day to go shopping at the mall and see women out with their men naked being lead around on penis leashes.

I have a thin cat leash and collar that some of my lady frieds use on me. The collar goes over the top of e base of my cock and around the back top of my ballsack. It stays on whether my penis is hard or not with no restrictions on movement. They attach the leash behind my balls so they can control me whether I am walking or crawling in front of them. It works either clothed or naked. If they want to lead, they can just pull the leash around to the front. One of my friends sometimes enjoys leading by pulling the leash up tight between my balls and then looping it around the top of my sack. No matter how they do it, I really enjoy it when they leash my penis, especially when they make me go naked in fron to their girlfriends.

Our toybox includes one of those lockable leather double loop things, one loop around his shaft and the other loop goes behind his balls and over the top. It has a leather strap with a D ring for attaching to things. It looks VERY sexy and we both like him to wear it but I prefer to have him leashed by the neck. It’s also very stiff, so he can’t sit down normally with it on. It is great for kneeling, standing or lying on his back though.

One of my favorite things is sending him to shower, then locking him to the bed with this while I go and change or clean my face or something. Sometimes I might go wash my hair, or paint my nails while he is stuck there, waiting for me. I don’t tie his hand or feet when I do this so he can walk around the room, and use the bathroom and that. He just can’t go more than 12 feet away from the bed without unlocking himself, because that’s how much chain we have. I must try locking him to other things as well.

Once we were away, and we hadn’t brought any toys with us. He came out of the shower with a shoelace tied around himself, making me a little leash. It worked ok but wasn’t as good as our little leather thing at home. It did give us a whole new idea though…

Sometimes I use this trick on him now, when we are heading out. I tie a black ribbon around him and make it long enough that I can have it coming out of his pants and tucked into his pocket.

Then I can always get his attention by putting my arm around him or giving him a little hug, and pulling on the ribbon, nobody ever notices. If we are going to a restaurant, or sometimes at a friends home I might have him pass me the ribbon under the table, and I can tease him all I want.

One day I would love to pull it out somewhere public. Maybe somewhere quiet like walking back to our room after dinner, next time we are on holidays. I would love to pull it out and lead him away where people could see too, maybe at a bar or something. Some of our friends know the sorts stuff we like. It might be fun to do it at their house. Or next time I have the girls over. :)

The beautiful young Lady of “Behind Closed Doors” (Feb. 13, 2012)describes the cockleash She uses for Her husband, then says: “It looks VERY sexy and we both like him to wear it but I prefer to have him leashed by the neck.”

Perhaps it would please Her to run the leash from the cock up Her male’s chest to a D-ring on a dog-collar, through the ring and to Her hand (you may have to use a longer leash, or simply a rope). Then when the male crawls on its hands and knees, She can lead it by the collar and, when necessary, give an extra-hard tug to get its attention when it should be listening to what She has to say. Then, by stepping on the leash, She can make it lower its head when She pleases to allow it to lick Her boots clean.

(Ah, if only this unworthy worm were permitted that honor! Your husband, Mistress, is a lucky man indeed!)


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