Preposterous CBT VIII : Duct Tape

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(Been over a year since I added to this series.)

Perevertible duct tape
This makes me think of Myles.

I was in a half doze enjoying the sort of desultory masochistic daydreams people like me are blessed with. Why had I never seen it. A preposterous forum claim or advert for a pay site. Duct tape used for penis torture!

It was so easy to picture a sturdy phallus encircled with the silver tape. Add tiny bits of plastic with sharp edges of maybe just sand - the macho masochist may want ground glass - and he certainly won’t want to masturbate. What a cheap chastity device.

Or put a little itching powder or poison ivy on the inside of the tape. Imagine the hilarity as he struggles to remove the tape only to give up in the face of the painful grip of the adhesive.

I was envisioning a circumcised penis. When I thought of my own uncut one and how fragile my foreskin is compared to duct tape my manhood wanted to run away and hide.

Caveat (sigh): If you are foolish enough to wrap your cock in duct tape you’ll need some sort of solvent to remove it. Given the nature of the surface of the penis not only will this hurt more than you can tolerate, you’ll probably wind up in the Emergency Room.

Now, I really feel like I’m back.

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my Mistress wraps my manhood in duck tape every nite and ripps it of in the morning. She likes it alot especially if Her sister comes over and then they both stare at my taped pens. Your right that i cant take it off myself - it hurts way to bad!!

Yeah! I think your really back! Yea!!!

A belated welcome back, but definitely sincere. I’ve missed your posts in my daily feed. : )

I had duct tape round my face once and when it was removed in a hurry it took a layer of skin off my nose so the flesh wept and scabbed over for a week. I don’t think I’d like this much as a chastity device….but maybe that’s the point

Actually, I’ve had my cock taped up with duct tape before. I had to take it off SLOWLY, and it hurt, but it looked worse than it was. Made a great visual with it pulling on the skin. But no solvent was necessary.

i have been doing this since i was 9 and discovered duct tape in my dad’s garage. to this day the smell of duct tape still turns me on. then again, so does going down the fasteners aisle at the hardware store… but seriously, it hurts like hell, but it won’t send you to the emergency room. the trick is definitely to go slooooooow, and savor it>:)

this is a good way to remove pubic hair that gets in the way of electro torment

I am currently very wrapped in duct tape as my mistress is making me wear duct tape underwear for 24 hours! It hurts alot when you remove it bur it feels so good and i do it again and again

anyone interested in pics email me

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