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I’d never heard of Riding the Horse until I started filling out the BDSM checklist that I sent to Alexandra long ago.

Here’s her summary:

Riding the “horse” (crotch torture): This is a device on which the submissive is placed where a pointed edge digs into the private area while his own body weight does the crushing. Usually they are built/adjusted so that with legs fully extended, the pain is alleviated, setting up a battle between aching legs and genital pain. I have to admit, it sounds like a good idea to me!

From the Blacksteel Institute:

Riding the wooden horse or wooden mare was a common punishment for soldiers (usually for rioting or drinking). One example was a straight, narrow, horizontal pole, standing twelve feet long. Sometimes the upper edge of the board or pole was acutely sharpened to intensify the cruelty. The soldier was set astride this board, with his hands tied behind his back. Often a heavy weight was tied to each foot, as was jocularly said, “to stop his horse from throwing him.”

By a submissive (I forget where):

It is the tiring of the leg muscles, which eventually force the torture on the submissive. As they stand on their toes the calf muscles and toes will cramp and the legs may begin to tremble. When the burning strain is too much the victim will settle onto the pony and try to find a comfortable position. While the legs are resting the crotch is bearing the brunt of the torment.

I’ll confess that situations where bondage and S&M converge are always the most arousing for me.

I’ve read of several fairly complicated means of building some sort of Riding Horse. A few require attachments to the ceiling. He others involve building complicated apparatus.

But I can’t help but hope that someone knows how to engineer this without too much fuss and bother.

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Have only heard about this F/m but have seen it m/F it can be a slow torture by all accounts… sounds like fun though

Most of the photos I’ve seen showed women riding the horse. In some of those the plank she rested on was triangular. Sounds rough.

I think the angle and waiting give the weighting give the dominant lots of room for (gulp) playfulness.

Go to Home Depot and buy a sawhorse. Now attach a 2x4 on edge across the top of the horse, and maybe extend the legs a little. That’s what I would do.

The catch with the wooden horse is providing balance. The most common suggestion is to attach cuffs to the ceiling (much more doable now that I have the outbuilding empty). And I’ve seen some fairly complicated arrangements for supporting bars in the back. The trick is to provide stability but not support (otherwise you’ll just fall to the floor).

Though I may be missing what you were planning with that 2x4.

I have found the most effective wooden horse punishment is to build it to the exact specifications for the rider. It should have not too sharp of an edge, about a half inch rounded nicely will provide significant discomfort but will not injure. the height should be so that the riders toes will just touch the floor while standing on the very tip toes. This provides maximum leg stress as the rider tries to support his weight until the calves are screaming, then shaking and gradual failure so the weight is tranfered tp the crotch.
The hands are tied either behind the back or over the head. When behind the back the arms can be pulled toward the ceiling to provide greater stress on sensitve parts. I have found this to be such an effective punishment that my submissive will do almost anything to avoid it. But its so much fun to watch him ride the horse that I create difficult tasks for him to perform that will likely result in failure that must be punished. My favorite is a boot camp style physical fitness exercise program that requires him to meet Marine Corp and Navy Seal physical fitness standards. He must take a weekly physical fitness test that show progress towards meeting the standards. If he fails its more wooden horse time. He works very hard and is geeting in great shape, but the standards are very tough.I don’t think he will ever make it to the highest levels so I will be happy to see him continue rinding the horse. Great fun. All submissives should be so lucky!!!!

They do sell sawhorse brackets at home improvement stores which you add your own 2x4’s, then you can buy 2x4’s and make the horse any height that you would prefer.

I have a pair of sawhorses.

The trick is: 2) confine the hands; 3) make sure balance is maintained so the person doesn’t fall off; 3) not blocking the effect of gravity.

A simple way to make a punishment horse is to buy a 4’x 1” x 12” inch plank and sand one end to the degree of sharpness you want and then cut it off at the height that has your slave on his tip toes. Tying his hands behind his back adds to the discomfort because this forces him to lean forward and this makes him ride on the more sensitive forward part of the crouch. It is easy to store in a closet or under the bed.

Stanley Tools makes a hard plastic black adjustable sawhorse. It can be adjusted anywhere from 30” to 38” in height. This ought to fit most victoms.

My submissive husband needed some additional incentives to meet his physical fitness goals. He was resisting taking advanced swimming lessons in order to meet the Navy Seals fitness standards so I have given him some additional wooden horse challenges. Now when he is on the horse he has to either balance a plastic wine glass on a board held in his mouth, memorize a love poem, or suck the contents of bottle suspened just high enough so he must be on his toes to reach it. Of course if he fails on any of these tasks longer riding time is in order with more punishments. He is now taking swmming lessons and making progress but has a long way to go so he will be spending a lot of time on the horse. It is such an effective motivator.

Greetings All Horse Riding Fans:

Hi, my name is Sonny Boy Jacobsen and I write femdom stories of a tease and denial theme. You indicated in your various notes about the ‘pony’ that this was used as a punishment in the military. You are absolutely correct.

There is a similar yet altogether different book by one Ridley Scott concerning official punishments administered aboard HMS naval vessels in accordance with the articles of war written in 1812. Among the more curious punishments of bygone days was a reference to riding the ‘spanker’ boom.

I am para-phrasing here:

The miscreant had his hands tied behind his back, whereupon he was stripped to the waist and made to straddle the ‘spanker’ boom much in the same manner as described in riding the military ‘pony’, except that lashed to the boom was a swab (mop-head) that had been well-saturated with gunpowder which caused an almost unbearable maddening burning and itching to the unfortunate lad’s genitalia and posteriors.

The ‘spanker’ boom was so-named because it rose and fell more or less in rhythm with the ship on the open seas, similar to the action of the (children’s’ playground) ‘teeter-totter’ apparatus, the only difference being the actual fulcrum being mounted on the end rather than in the center.

Consequently, the punishment was determined not by the usual fixed number of lashes but by the amount of time the offender was sentenced to spend astride the ‘spanker’. It was the motion of the sea combined with the movement of the ship which provided the actual punishment.

Anyone having any additional information on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this missive on mine was not exactly 100% on-topic. Thank you.

Warm regards,

ol’ Sonny Boy

The most effective punishment horse of which I know consists of two saw horses Two 1 x 6 inch boards are hinged to the horse tops, about four inches apart. The top edges are planed to an angle of about 45 degrees with the edge not quite sharp, but with the edges facing inwards. Height has to be adjusted for the victim, of course.

In use the victim’s upper legs force the boards together, pinching whatever is caught in between them. The effect in increased by attaching weights to the ankles. Particularly effective with male victims but this thing can cause real damage to a male if he’s left on it too long.


The name of the author was George RILEY Scott and he wrote the ‘History of Corporal Punishment’ way back in 1938.

RIDLEY Scott directed the motion picture ‘Thelma & Louise’! I really seserve to be spanked for that!

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy,

Thanks for the comments that you’ve left.

Nice info. The W. C. method squeezes the testicles, if I understand it right? Wooden horses always fascinated me, but my long-term (male) victim warned me. There is a big risk damaging his urethra. We use a variation with great sucess: Bind his testicles and pull them backwards. Let him sit on them on a bicyclesaddle or … Many possibilities to augment the pain!

If you want to learn more about how a male can be cruelly treated, try: aniaramsn-subscribe@Groups.WorldGroups.com

The horse I am made to ride is made out of two wooden cupboard doors hinged so that they form a tressel. They two sides are held quite widely apart at floor level by a wooden stay, hinged in the middle allowing the horse to be folded away after use. A triangle shaped timber top completes the horse.The height means that both heels are off the floor by about 15 -20 mm. The first 15 minutes is easy enough, but but soon one is “riding” the horse as the fatigue means that leg support diminishes and constant shifting is required to ease the discomfort. My hands are usually tied behind my back which makes me lean forward and increases the discomfort. I have never had any health issues from being made to ride the horse which is sometimes an hour or so. Men, if your Mistress gets to like using one of these you will learn what true obedience really means.

I have been intrigued with the idea of modifying the wooden horse to be an impalement upon a tapered dildo. I don’t know how to make this work well, but it seems that it could have some fun implications for a mistress exploring the limits of strap-on play

When i was bad I had this done to me. I cant even desribe the pain my balls felt. But to this day i never did whta i was punished for again.

The wooden horse was an experience I’ll never forget.
We were friends with a couple who introduced my wife and I to many toys. You might want to do a trial sit on the horse before you get chained up.

I was looking through some book of medieval torture and found the Spanish Donkey. It was made out of iron instead of wood, and didn’t look like much fun.

a 2X4 attached to 2 sawhorses with a broom stick on top of the 2X4. I use two air mattress to position albert on the horse.When it is time, I let the air out of the mattress and remove them. albert begins to ride. Simple, effective, fun (for Miss Winter).A training lesson for albert.

Make a board that is attached at one end so as to allow freedom to rotate. Make the fulcrum point just below crotch height. Now attach a rope and throw it over a limb. Add a suitable amount of weight to the rope and have your victim hold it up while straddling the board. As the arms weaken, the board pushes against the crotch. Quite diabolical indeed.

My girl friend and i are “sw”. We both are into the Midi-(to very)-eval toys. Especially the “Heavy Machinery”. We both enjoy pain, and that said, the time we spend in the “T” (fun) Room (it is very well equipped) has been on the both giving and receiving side. Ann is quite creative. The last time it was my turn to be tortured, she put on the “Wooden Pony” for over 2 ½ hrs. She added to it by tying a rope to my cxxk and running the rope up to a pulley installed in the ceiling, tying a 2 gal. bucket to it and slowly fill it with water. At 8 lbs per gallon, I felt like a drawn bow string by the time she removed me off the “Horse”. The longest time I have ride the “Horse” has been a little over 4 hrs. Ann has been on it over 10 hrs. We usually “busy” every other weekend. The “Fun” starts Friday night and ends on Monday morning. “ The Games” are quite the adventure. …. Jay

I’ve been fascinated with this concept since finishing Elise Sutton’s Female Domination. Being extremely submisive, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like. But I also have to wonder, how do you get a submissive to get on it if he isn’t “willing” or he has the inner strength to submit to such. Seems I would really have to have a good reason.

If the man isn’t submissive then don’t bother. Being dominant or submissive is as much a sexual orientation as gender preference.

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