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It is a common sexist joke that men have two heads and are ruled by the smaller one.

In my case I often feel that the submissive part of my brain lives within my testicles. Why? Beats me.

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Seeing a link to a site featuring testicle-teasing forums I had to take a look. In the Ball Stretching forum one man shares tales of his elasticity:

I have used full one gallon water jugs (approx 8 pounds). We have a rack that is set up at the foot of the bed, I am cuffed to the bed with an arm and leg spreader. My balls have a Parachute on them which is attached to a rope that goes through a pulley on the rack. The rope is attached to a bucket which is empty when attached but water is then poured in, I have been able to take up to 2 1/2 Gallons. Some times a basket is at the end of the rope and phone books are put in the basket. …

More importantly there are a fair number of posts about health and safety.

It is a woman who shares this in the forum devoted to Ball Whipping:

Balls are secured to piece of wood ideally about 6 inches wide and 6-10 inches long. Secured by 2 metal or plastic U shaped brackets screwed into the wood, one bracket at the top and the balls pulled as long as possible before second bracket screwed on just above nuts. The board hangs lovely between the legs, but try putting it on the table, hands and legs restrained, rub a rheumatic cream liberally into balls (Deep Heat, Algipan or similar) This will make them throb intensely for quite a while. During this time they are whipped with a cat, leather strap, whatever. I’m told the sensation is unbelievable and the whipping can be a lot harder because of the effect of the cream. Leave balls secured to board afterwards as it displays them well, let them dangle between his legs with him secured in a standing position or make him walk around with his hands tied behind his back.

What can I say but Wow! Just knowing there’s a woman who likes to do this is better than any porn.

I’d never heart of the Prince’s Wand until I ran across the description in the Cock Plugging forum:

A Prince’s Wand is a (usually) stainless steel hollow tube 8 or 10mm in diameter and typically 4 - 6 inches (100-150mm) long. It is inserted into the urethra and held in place by a threaded bar screwed into it at right angles through a Prince Albert or other penis piercing. The threaded bar usually has a ball on the end, as does the ‘drain plug’ which screws into the end of the tube to assist insertion. The drain plug as well as being decorative, often has a fairly heavy ball attached to give some weight to the device and the sensation of having your penis stretched.

Oh, to be young again and have the time and opportunities to explore so many things of which I’ve been ignorant.

The forum: Topics.

A BDSM specialist online retailer, of which I’d never heard, Secret Leathers, runs the forums.

There’s an F/m cartoon of a wedding scene with the caption “With this ring I thee enslave.” The ring is just below his glans. I’ve always found the cartoon funny and a bit moving. Being a sloppy romantic I always enjoy images that mix traditional love with D/s. And, to be sure, genital bondage excites me.

So I was quite taken by the Stainless Steel wedding cock ring:

Steel cockring for Femdom wedding ceremony.


I am obsessed with my balls, I live in isolated part of Australia and on my own so I am very inventive what I do with my balls

Glad to hear you can have a good time on your own. My own testicles don’t mean a thing to me unless she takes an interest in manipulating them for her own amusement (and - yeah - my slavish delight).

I like the feel that i get in my nuts and lower abdomen when i recieve a swift kick to my balls and being tied up and have weights added till i cant take the pain anymore

interesting comment about the “wedding” - any idea where i can find it? i ask because about a week before our official wedding, my wife and i engaged in a similar ceremony - in fact the “i thee enslave” line was very close to what she said to me during our “vows”…

The “I with this ring the enslave” cartoon was by Czarina (I may have the spelling wrong). When I last tried to find her site I couldn’t.

You might try asking on femdomforum.com where she’s sometimes posted her work.

A mix of romance with S&M can be very tantalizing.

thanks! found it… brings back pleasant memories…

I enjoy the use of steel rings as a ball stretching method and wondered if anyone had any experience in using the “cock tower” to fuck a pussy with?

i cheap and i make my own stretcher… can any of you p[ut your balls in your ass? im workin towards it… he i heard it feels so good

If one has a little imagination and skill, he can design and create a custom locking ball restraint. I have made a locking device that is not only secure and inescapable but also devilishly beautiful. The device is a combination ball stretcher and divider with an attachment point for weights etc. The whole thing is made from leather straps riveted to stainless steel bands. First, the device clamps around the base of my balls, stretching them and squeezing them tightly. Then, the second strap comes up between them, dividing them and forcing them apart and further compressing them. The whole package is then secured together with a tiny padlock which acts as a hinge pin, joining the first band to itself and the second band to the first. The result is a very tight fitting and secure leather and stainless steel locking ball restraint. The stretching and dividing results in a beautifully displayed pair of kidney shaped testicles which take on a velvety purple appearance after a some time. The feeling of constant pressure combined with the psychological torment of not being able to remove the device is a real turn on. On the divider band, between my balls, is a D-ring from which a variety of weights and tethers can be attached. My favorite things to attach also lock in place, thus adding to the security and mental anguish. For a weight, a big heavy padlock can simply be locked through the D-ring. For more weight and fun punishments, a heavy gauge steel chain can be attached to the padlock. This is my favorite. My balls stretched, squeezed and separated, locked in their leather and metal cage with the heavy chain and padlock attached. The other end of the chain can be locked to various immovable objects causing much torment and frustration. My Keyholder also shares my fetish for ball bondage and testicle torment. He loves to tease my cock for extended periods without allowing me to ejaculate. during this time he strokes, massages, slaps and spanks my imprisoned balls until they are swollen and purple. Some times he will lock the chain to his antique bed and force me to sleep in bondage, with my hands restrained. Other times my balls are pulled behind me and up my ass crack until I am forced to stand on my tip toes. The chain is then looped over and locked around a pipe in the ceiling of the basement, causing much agony and preventing me from relaxing. All with prolonged cock teasing and orgasm denial. We are working on a design for a bondage chair that would be used as punishment for when I ejaculate without his permission, which is every time as this is part of the game. The chair will immobilize my balls, wrists, ankles and neck while forcing me to keep a remotely controlled anal plug in place. Please feel free to reply with any ideas for me and my Keyholder as far as scenes or suggestions for the bondage chair or other wicked fun stuff.

I enjoy some testicle torments. I am not permitted to have an orgasm.

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