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Given that I’ve often posted about testicle torments it seems wise that I point folks to sites that offer guidance on doing it safely. I doubt anything could wound a dominant more than sending her toy to the hospital.

One point not addressed by these sites is that you can achieve much of the effect of increased intensity by applying pressure, removing it and reapplying it. Never going beyond a certain threshold.

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Probably the most common form of genitorture involves pressure exerted by “ball crushers,” the hands, or weights. While even a heavy, experienced masochist is almost certain to beg for relief well before damage is done through steady pressure alone, if you have any doubt whether you’re injuring him, stop.

Ball stretchers aren’t hazardous within reasonable limits, but don’t get impatient and overdo. Begin with a narrow stretcher band and work up to wider ones gradually, carefully monitoring the bottom’s (or your own) acceptance of the increasing pressure. …

Ball Torture

Slapping is another painful method of ball torture. While the sack of the testicles hangs loose, gently but firmly slap them from side to side. The testicles will bounce within the sack when they are slapped causing immense pain so it is wise not to slap them with too much force.

You can also tie up the balls with a length of rope, tubing, or leather straps. To do this, gather the testicles in one hand and gently pull down. With the other hand, wrap the rope or other restraint device just above the balls and tie off. Once this is accomplished, tap lightly with the fingers on the now taut sides of the testicles.

Cock & Ball Torture

Hands are the obvious weapons: precisely controllable and always available. Slap (gently), punch (more gently), or flick with fingertips, and carefully squeeze with the fingers. Get the balls in the bottom of the scrotum, then twist the scrotum around above them to prevent them slipping out of your fingers.

Probably the second most popular items are ball bondage toys. Cords, ropes, laces and bandages can all be wrapped in various ways around the balls to stretch the scrotal skin, force balls apart or together and put pressure on individual balls. …

Basic Cock and Ball Torture

When a dominant is in control of an intense scene involving the tormenting and torture of such sensitive organs they are very mindful that too much pain, or the wrong kind of pain is a failure to control what happens to the submissive in a scene. It is only an enhancement for the arousal of the submissive to be reminded time and again that he is not in control of how is genitals feel. He is at the mercy of his dominant. The submissive accepts the pain as proof of his submission. And it’s these feelings of powerlessness, helplessness and vulnerability to the pain, the inability to stop it that enhances the sadomasochistic pleasure he feels from it. He is a victim to his Mistress’ desires.

Ball Torture


Are there women who will hurt a man’s testicles, to the point his nuts do not work ,or want wresile with him and his balls are at stake.meaning she dose anything to win tie him up and then castrates one ball at time; but if wins she has make him glad he has balls?

My wife uses one leg of used pantyhose she has cut off to tie my balls up with. She starts by pulling both balls down and tying a loop around the sack between my bogy and balls. Then she raps one turn each around each ball. The are than ready and completely unprotected. She than puts on my cock a vibrator she has control of. One hand on the balls and one hand on the vibrator control. She works both at her leisure. She has be lay down beside her my head to her feet. She orders me to do a number of things like massage her legs and feet for long periods of time reminding me who is boss from time to time. When she is ready to have me come she uses her leg and foot to move my head between her legs and either drink a large load of pee or she positions her self so to open her back area and has me put my tongue in the back door as I come. She says she wants to remind me that she is a woman.

Yes I like it as long as there in no permanant damage it is SO very hot. Once is a while my girl with push me to the edge in public where I can’t make noise or bring others to see what is going on. A huge turn on.

Once in a while, she will tie up the twins and we go jogging on the beach. She has a womans jogging shorts that look like they could be a mans but they are nice and short. With my balls tied up tight with a tan colored hair band, we go jogging until they pop out. I am not allowed to pull the shorts lower or balls up to hide them. If I do then she gets to take all my clothes for the night, put them in the car trunk with nothing else to cover up and drive anywhere she wants, be it drive throughs or beach. If I want my clothes back, I have to go get them myself bare ass naked. It can be embarrasing but it SOOO much a turn on. It has been one of my favorite games we play.

Sometimes my girl will tied weights to the balls using a nylon key chain. It acts like a slip knot and will turn the boys blue if there is too much weight. When they are either shiny red or blue, she likes to flick them and spank them as I can’t feel much pain at that point. Also I have noticed that if I am drunk, she can have her way with them and the pain is minimal as well. Either way, I have to admit, I look forward to the next time we do it. While there is a degree of pain, the pleasure more than makes up for it. If you have other ways please send your suggestions It can be from men or women. I would enjoy hearing from both since both perspectives add to the fun and both have different ideas as to technique and styles of pleasure and pain. Thanks. pic

I believe a Female has the complete right to torture a sissy`s testicles anytime and to any extent she wishes. She also has the born right to have the sissy put in chastity for life or castrated. sissy jenny

I love being squeezed until I can stand it no longer and explode.

Take two broom handles and 2 paint rollers, pinch his nuts between the handles and secure them closed with the paint rollers. Spread his legs wide open and secure to the very end of the handles. Now tie his hands behind his back and his nuts are all yours to have your way with. All exposed, shiney red and firm. Ready for the discipline his really desires but some men are too chicken to ask for it. Try this one and tell me what your results are.

I am writing this with my balls tied tightly. I hang weights from the leather strap I tie my balls with. I will swing the weight to heighten the pain. I wish I could find a woman to torture my balls and teach me dicipline.

Never tried CBT. Don’t think I want to. But then why do I find this topic so fascinating? Would love to hear the thoughts of those who have given or who have received. Seems to me that a ‘safe word’ would be totally useless in such a situation. So, does the ‘top’ stop when you begin to beg and finally begin to cry uncontrollably? Or perhaps they don’t stop until you have no tears left?

A safeword is essential and it is useful. And never engage in things without some preliminary negotiations.

There are many forms of genital torment: some mild, some vicious.

There is at least one CBT handbook. It is very good.

Balls are not as deligate as men and women think. I’ve had mine kneed, kicked, wipped, etc., and they still work. Have fun ladies. Nothing gets a man’s attention more than a hard uppercup to the nuts.

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