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In recent months humblers have become staples of sex toy sites. Long ago there seemed only one site devoted to the humbler. The moment I saw it my mind blinked off for a moment. Reading a man recount the undulating stresses on his testicles as he crawled up stairs wearing one gave me goose bumps. It was this that began the imaginative conversion that makes testicle confinement shine show brightly in my imagination. We tried the humbler last night.

But first the vibrating cock ring. I’d always eyed these skeptically in toy catalogs. Then I read someone writing of having one left on him until the battery expired in a tease and denial scene. Pure fantasy if my experience was typical.

Better called the humming cock ring the sensation is minimal. Alexandra turning it on and off was a little startling at first. Perhaps left one for a long period, say if left alone - perhaps when she locks me in the closet - it might become annoying enough to affect the quality of my mood. Teasing it wasn’t.

I’d made a point of buying one with the largest scrotal pathway available. Even so given my girth fitting myself into the aperture was a struggle. The humbler snapped into place. You know those throwaway games the object of which is to get a little ball to fall through a hole? Mine felt as if my orientation was one of the balls and the solution was impossible.

But only for a second. Then I realized we’d put the humbler on backwards. Still I’d lost my bodily freedom to my balls.

With them visible pushed out for her use Alexandra began alternately lightly whipping and kicking my balls. The former stung but was a fantasy come true. The latter, well . . .

A man’s penis nerves are acute and special. Cock pain can be mind melting. But the nerve endings have much in common with those of the rest of the body. No female can know what a man’s testicles feel like. Even as the owner of a pair of testicles the sensations seem to emerge from some eerie alternate dimension.

Her kicks were too gentle to hurt outright. The feelings traveled down a path parallel to path. It was as if the emotion of being humbled and helpless had become physiological. Whew! Sadly, I don’t know what, there was a sharp pinched feeling, maybe a hair had become caught. Off the humbler went.

Next time the humbler will go on correctly. The mind, Jeeves, boggles.

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Turning the ‘vibrating’ cock ring on and off makes you pull the same face you do when the buzzy parts come on an Aphex Twin CD. Apart from that I didn’t feel like it was doing much of anything. I even tried cramming the ‘egg’ part of it up with your balls and pressing it in different areas of your cock. No joy. The small vibrations it made reminded me of when houseflies get stuck somewhere and make that rasping, buzzing sound.

As for the humbler, my word that was a struggle getting it on! Maybe getting it the right way round next time might help. Note to self: Kick harder.

Need something with more vibration maybe. Or a time when my penis is fully erect.

The trick with the humbler is getting my testicles properly in the space. Maybe a drop of lubricant would help. Once we get it on I think you’ll enjoy watching my brain melt. :-)

Note to self: learn how to role with the kicks.

My one experience with a humbler was a dissapointment. I was aware of them and long wanted to experience one. I saw one at a pro dom dungeon and asked to have it placed on me. The Dom was happy to comply but as hard as she tried my balls would almost immediately slip through the opening and the humbler would fall to the side. I don’t know if the fault was with the instrument or with my anatomy. I still hope one day to have my balls so confined and vulnerable to abuse. Thank you for sharing your experience.

The humbler may not have been properly shut and locked.

Unless the hole is unusually large your testicles aren’t that likely to slip out. I bought the largest available and can just barely fit.

small problem having had one nut removed (for medical reasons)no toys fit me. the solution is a pair of chopsticks. Hold them together at one end with elastic band. trap your nuts (or nut) in the middle and put another elastic bad around the other end.Pass the chopsticks between your legs and bobs your uncle. one sixe fits all

The humbler looks awesome…a hour or so in that…the floor certainly would scrubbed by this silly maid.. And if that doesn’t work another hour standing in that penis pillory in my 5 1/2 heels would certainly get my attention..

Try the humbler together with a butt plug, preferably a jewelled one (wwww rosebuds net) or one with a “horsetail”.

Yes ! I love the balls humbler , my mistress makes me wear thigh straps and secures the humbler with locks to each thigh so I can’t turn the humbler side ways and get out ! She positions me on a bondage table and secures my hands and ankles so I can’t resist when she put the cattle prod against my nice and shiny balls. it makes me scream , but she is a real sadist and she always has an orgasm when she does this to me !!!

My dom had me wear the humbler once. But with a twist. i was to lie on my back, and my legs straightened at 45 degree and keep it there. when i tire, my balls will be pulled and crushed between the humbler and the cold hard floor.

my first humbler, i ask for it, to try it on. my mistress/wife, said if she put it on ,it stays on for 2hrs, i said please. may i. she did ,she whip my ass, then she played with hersalf ,i had to go down on her with it on .it couse pain to them but i love it. she done it some more times and i love it each time,, thank you

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