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Submission as Innocence

Emotional simplicty and uncomplicated voluntary erotic surrender within BDSM.

Shame and Degradation

Humiliation is a valued submissive experience for me without ever actually feeling shamed.

Kinky Bliss : Three Stages

The particular pleasures that being submissive in my F/m relationship give me.

Verbal Abuse & Fear

Discovering that verbal humiliation's effect on me probably comes from early childhood experiences.

Distinguishing Degradation from Humiliation

Isolating the acts, experiences that trigger my emotional masochism.

Perverting Your Human Pet

Eating unappetizing or nasty food from a bowl on the floor as part of a BDSM humiliation scene.

Sitting At Her Feet

Expressing our power exchange by my sitting on the floor even if we aren't enacting a scene or session.

Some Guys are Hard to Humiliate

Part of a Fetish Lore forum discussion of male humiliation within fetish and BDSM.

Bend Over Boyfriend

Exploring the possibility of bottoming to my lover while she uses a strap-on dildo.

Sweetest Surrender

Joy of humility and loss of self-identity within a loving D/s relationship.

On Kneeling

The joy a submissive man finds in a simple posture of adoration.

Fellatio and Dominant Women

Submissive men who are opposed to Dommes providing them pleasure via oral sex.

Emotional Masochism : Gender Bias?

Is D/s including harsh humiliation, degradation more common in F/m play than M/f scenes and scenarios?

A Little More About the Pet Role

The pure humble delight of acting as my Goddess' pet.

Eating Cat Food

D/s: She made me eat pet food from a bowl and the floor.

My Tears Were Tears of Joy

D/s: a man's happiness in worshipping the woman he loves.

Nickname? Pet Name?

Male slave assigned a new name by his owner/Goddess.

A Human Pet's Yearning

A image of submissive devotion that captures the love I feel within my F/m relationship.

Exploring Orgasm Denial

Exploring enforced chastity to deepen my submission to the woman that I love and worship.

Asking for Permission to Beg

Requesting permission to adore and lick her boots.

Erotic Humiliation

Emotional sadomasochism can be satisfying but tricky. You may humiliate your partner but you must never harm his ego or heart.

A Metal Collar About My Throat

D/s: what could capture willing slavery than a metal band locked around your neck, denoting that you are your owner’s property?

Do You Want to Be Remade?

Men who hope Domme's will rebuild, restructure, change their personality, mind and heart.

Kneeling In the Corner

F/m punishment: left alone in a corner, staring at yourself in a mirror.


The slavish craving to be treated as an object, humbled with your own unimportance in your master or mistress's eyes.

Humiliation Play : Share Your Pleasures

In a Femdom context: which degrading acts do you enjoy inflicting or being subjected to.

Male Genital & Body Shaving

Does a male express submission to a woman by shaving his pubic and body hair?

Penis Confinement: A Follow-up

How wearing the penis cage to work one day worked out.

Penis Confinement: An Experiment in Symbolic Surrender

Wearing a penis cage to focus on our D/s roles outside our normal BDSM play.

Eating Food From the Floor

A happy evening as her worshipful slave.

Slave Pet

BDSM pet roleplaying.

Notes on Humiliation II

What will evoke the strongest response to my emotional masochism, needs for degredation in our BDSM play?

Bondage wishes, hopes and dreams

On my need to be tied, bound, restrained.

The Heartrending Power of Spit

Female on male spitting: humiliating, degrading: a humbling treasure beyond measure.

Goodbye Personal Pronouns

My Goddess has decided that I will only be able to refer to myself as her property.

Humbled By the Palm of Her Hand

Is there anything more humiliating than having her slap you in the face?

Kneeling Beside the Toilet

Toilets, commodes, urinals have real symbolic power in D/s. And sometimes real uses.

Confinement: Cages & Boxes

That my Goddess would enjoy putting me in a cage or locking me in a box only makes me feel humble and grateful.

Cages and Degredation

Male slaves who need to be degraded and locked in cages.

Core Fantasy: Being Used

How humbling it would be to find yourself crawling on the ground pulling a woman in a carriage or cart.

Licking the Mud from Her Boots

My owner forced me to lick vile tasting mud from her boots.

Awkwardness and Confusion in D/s

Enforced clumsiness and confusion can be used to humble a slave in a BDSM play.

Notes on Humiliation I

What makes a voluntary male slave feel humilated by his owner?

Clothespins (The Long Night)

My owner stuck clothespins in my nose to humiliate me.

Bound wrists (The Long Night)

Having my wrists locked in cuffs was deeply satisfying.

Cock leash (The Long Night)

On being led around by a cock and ball leash.

Verbal Abuse

My owner using words to express contempt for this slave.

Eating from the Floor

My owner forced me to eat crushed grapes from the floor.

Being Spat On

My owner spit in my face.

Collar and Leash

Having my owner put me on a collar and leash.


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