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I was thinking about eating pet food and the delight of being taken for a walk (crawl) while leashed. It hit me that I’ve never had some of the standard pet role fantasies.

Maybe I have thought of begging - barking? - for a dog treat and forgot it. Don’t think I’ve ever imagined playing fetch.

Odd. Not that their absence from my imagination is a sign of aversion. They are things never tried. I hadn’t wondered what it’d be like to eat a crushed banana from the floor until Alexandra introduced me to it ( just wait until she boils an egg!).

In the pet role I’m often in a space where my romantic love fuses brightly with my slavish needs. It can be a time when - to use an unhappy word that designates the meeting of heart and mind - my spirit becomes wholly, happily devoted to Alexandra.

I do know she’s thought of having me play fetch. Perhaps you’ll read of that in some future report.

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Basically, what I enjoy on animal (in my case horse) role is that it’s not absolute submission. Some would probably not understand, but I do not want to feel worthless or near-to-worthless slave.

In horse role I’m under control, but not totally. Horse has its own free will and the rider/trainer must basically trick the horse to obey. You can’t rely on force, because the horse is stronger than you.

Something similar would probably work for dogs, but as owner of czechoslovak wolfdog I do not have dog behaviour too linked with submission ;-)

Thinking about it I don’t really see myself as a puppy, horse or anything like that: just as a pet human being.

I am, happily, being trained as a grrlpup for my owner. I have written about fantsies I have regarding where my petplay will go. I envision, playing fetch, begging for treats and petting, and He offers me virtual treats, and chew toys. I can’t wait to sleep at the foot of the bed, or beside Him on my petbed. I look forward to speaking with other human pets, and particularly, other grrlpups. I know that there is little about this stateside, and many of my grrlpuppy sisters are Japanese, but if their are grrlpups who can converse…I look very forward to it. Neatha

my submissive is my pet. i don’t have him play with me as a cat or a dog, or anything else. he is my human pet, and i’d have it no other way.

the first time i called him my ‘pet’ he wasn’t expecting it. but i caught him beaming, and since then, he does anything he can for me to call him by that nickname.

Being a purely human pet is what works for me. I might manage to give up everything else but it would hurt to lose this.

The man who can truly yield himself to the dog role guided/owner by a Mistress who truly understands the role is blessed indeed. The role is extremely misunderstood as one that is about punishment/discipline; fundamentally though it’s about complete surrender of the male ego - an experience of absolute blissful release of the human consciousness, and also with the right Owner a role that is warm, loving, comforting (for both) and need not involve any harsh treatment.

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