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Funny how an object can grab your imagination and seem to embody your deepest cravings but that was the original ethnological meaning of fetish.

Male slave captive in metal collar.

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Not many years ago, I think it was a science fiction movie the villain bound the hero to an upright metal pole using a metal band around his neck. I just about swooned.

That metal band evoked my cravings for loss of physical freedom almost as much as a cage does.

Female submissive women often wear decorative metal collars as a special symbol of their binding to their master.

And for me the idea of a stark metal about my throat captures ever so perfectly the wish to feel like helpless property.

Is there some special object that makes your eyes glaze over and your knees buckle?


The last time I looked seriously at collars, I was actually considering the solid steel ring from House of Collars.

Though I might have gotten it in aircraft aluminum instead. There is less poetry in aluminum, to be sure, but it was available in black. I suppose it would be more convenient for long-term wear, though I have to admit, I did not consider that at the time.

If my current pet and I get over some issues we’re having, I am considering something more delicate; chainmail rings, perhaps.

We are still in the early, pure D/s stage of a long-distance relationship; I haven’t had the opportunity to hurt him yet. He can apparently take quite a lot; I do hope I get a chance.

With your engineer’s eye the differences in metals is obvious. I don’t know if I have it in me to distinguish steel, aluminum and silver.

I hadn’t thought of a colored collar. There’s something clinically harsh in bright gleaming metal. It’d be her call of course. What a thrilling way to be bound.

Communicating at a distance can be hard. It must be more so with a guy you’ve never met. I look forward to hearing when you’ve had your way with him.

It is always a happy moment when I see one of your comments.


Well to be honest, the collar thing is kinda cool. I once had a Man in a collar. He enjoyed it greatly. I find nothing wrong with men whom desire Collars. it takes great strength and resolve to admit you like that sort of thing in todays society.

I wear (and have worn for over four years now) one of the Dreamstrike full steel collars. It’s not horribly obvious, but it is locked, and it’s heavy. I love it, and I have no wish to have it removed.

However, after long work with my chiropractor, I am going to have to get something else. My owner and I are crushed, as we are very much in love with the steel, however it is compressing my spine in a very bad place, causing me pain which is becoming chronic. I have a “slave sister” who wore the same collar, and when hers was removed, her pain dropped dramatically. Mine is also expected to.

We are looking at a variety of collars right now, in the hopes that one will suit our purposes.

As I remember those collars are snug but so attractive that most people would just see decoration.

For myself I’d never thought of more than a plain, slightly loose metal band - probably an image from an old movie. But I’d never thought of the weight.

I’m sorry for you loss of a cherished symbol and hope the two of you find a replacement that you can each value.

Yes, there’s not a lot of room inside, but they’re not tight enough to be constricting airway, or even to make you feel claustrophobic. I’ve had a few comments in four years, but not nearly so many as you might expect.

I never did like the metal band look. I’d prefer something in chain or tubular, like the one I have. The weight is an issue which we didn’t think of, either. It has only been in the last year that I’ve had issues, but they co-incided with my slave sister’s pains as well, and it’s very obvious that the collar is what is causing it.

I’m hoping to find something nice, but secure. We have twins (he’s dad, she’s bio mom, i’m non-bio mom LOL) and they like to hang on these collars, which they couldn’t do with necklaces. My owner wants us to have something which toddlers can swing from safely. ;)

How about a tattoo of “Jennifers little bitch”? :)

Replace Jennifer with any Dom/me’s as appropriate, though I’d expect more guys to like the idea than girls and even then there can’t be that many guys…

I’m not little nor am I Alexandra’s or anyone’s bitch.

Metal collars are far, far more common on women than men.

I meant the tattoo not the collars as being less common and it wasn’t specifically directed towards yourself. I’m sorry if the idea came across as some kind of attack.

Having someones name tattoo’d on yourself is a fairly permanent mark of ownership and there’s no reason it has to be so disrespectful as the one I suggested.

One of the limitations of this kind of communication. Thanks.

I have the exact same feeling about collars. I have no idea where the desire came from, but the idea of being locked into a metal collar is extraordinarily erotic, especially if the locking is open ended and controlled by someone else. the wider and more restrictive the better. The hero in your example…I wonder what the actor was thinking…

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