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In bed last night I was once again wondering how long I should wait - unless she takes the lead - before I can ask to lick her boots.

The sequence that passed through my mind was a tad convoluted.

In my fantasy I asked her for permission to beg to be allowed to adore her with boot worship.

I got it bad. And that is all to the good.

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On second thought I realize that my subconscious was being exceptionally perspicacious for once.

It makes sense that Id ask my lover if it were OK to switch into a submissive role. And in that role beg to do something that I and she would enjoy.

i humbly believe that this is true. men men need to ask permission of ALL women before we do anything. They are ALL so much better than any of us miserable male creatures that no matter what the issue might be men need to beg permission to ask permission of all Women of anything. that is the way it is in Her home and it makes life such a pleasure.

richard how can you use a capital letter at the first of your name being the miserable male slut that you are just like i am?

I’m not miserable. I’m very happy.

I’ve written elsewhere about capitalization protocol.

You are absolutely right, as a slave i have to ask for permission to beg Mistress for any thing. When i am in training - thats when i wear my steel chastity belt - i am not allowed to speak, only answer when i am spoken to. And only with the phrases, Yes Mistress and Thank you Mistress. the only other legal words are the figures i say when i has to count the strokes i receive from the cane or ridingcrop: One, Thank you Mistress, Two, Thank you Mistress, Three…..

I think it’s a contrivance, the notion of “asking permission beg.” That would be, simply, begging. Begging is one of most the arousing aspects of F/m play. It as ancient and humiliating form of communicatio between two parties, one of which has a much larger share of power. Begging on one’s knees, is of course an extreme form of begging and, as such , is typically figures heavily in most F/m media. But subtle begging, say at a restaurant or straight party can be very effective in raising my arousal through humbling. Try it some time.

It wasn’t meant as a contrivance but may capture my own emotional uncertainty in a way that makes it seem so.

Given the central concept that Mistress is EVERYTHING and Her slave is NOTHING, it follows that a slave may not even exist, let alone act, without permission from its Owner. The result of this approach is that Mistress NEVER has to give a command. Her slave should anticipate every desire and be ready to perform at the slightest sign that Mistress permits it to serve Her.

So it’s never “On your knees, boy. Lick these boots, slave,” and so on.

Rather, it’s “May this slave, please?” and “Yes, you may, boy.” … or, when the training is more complete, a head pressed to the floor, and a dominant foot sliding an inch toward the prostrated slave’s face. With that tiny signal, you know that your Mistress will allow you to kiss Her toe, or to lick the dust from Her boot.

Snapping or clicking Her fingers can be a similar kind of signal. Her slave knows what it should do, and acts at once when the signal is given: dropping to its knees, fetching a drink, or whatever. Even holding out Her hand can signal “bring a drink,” holdindg two fingers signalling for a cigarette, etc.

A screaming, shouting, angry Mistress is an out-of-control Mistress, and that is never in character. A Mistress in full control of Her slave property should be able to control it with minimal gestures, only an occasional quiet word, and perhaps even just a look or a raised eyebrow. Even when She uses Her whip, it is with the confidence of full control and authority.

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