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We spent about eleven hours together in the living room that night. How much of it as Goddess and slave I'm not sure.

Planning to use some of the bondage gear for the first time we began informally. Once Alexandra had my penis and scrotal sac leashed and collared I dropped completely into slave space.

What is it about having my penis or testicles bound that pushes me into the heart of humility? No parts of the body are more intimate, vulnerable.

Do you know what a humbler-p-205.html" title="Wood Genital Vices">humbler is? It is a bondage device that locks the balls behind the thighs making it impossible to stand, essentially trapping you like an animal on your hands and knees. The first time I saw one I couldn't shake the image from my mind for months. Rarely had I coveted an experience more than to be trapped in one.

Even the next morning I had only a dim memory of what it was like to be led by my penis and testicles. The experience shut off my constant self-monitoring. I stopped being myself and became nothing more than a plaything she controlled.

I'll never be able to honor Alexandra enough for having done this to me.

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Hey you are a lucky man.

I have always wanted to have a woman leash my cock and balls and just take control. My last gf said she would but when I brought over the leash she broke up with me.

my master takes me to a adult book store…it has 6 full size theaters..he puts me in hand cuff behind my back then strips me totaly neckard except cock leash.and blindfold .walks me around sometimes hooks me to a eyelet on the wall..ass is there for anyone to use…some times i have no clue who has me,,,

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