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My prior entry didn’t do justice to the night: the moments of suspense, omitting the other things Alexandra did to me. Partly I wanted to focus on the effects of penis kicking. Partly it was just that I’m not good at narrative. And with sessions my mind is a bit muddy, chronology eludes me.

I: The Joy of Foot Worship

Alexandra told me it was time to put on my collar. She leashed me and I crawled behind her to the bedroom. After I helped her remove her boots she told me to lick the sweat from her feet.

Like a grateful puppy I licked, my mind sinking deepest as my tongue worked between her toes. Feeling the status of a pet has come to be as wonderful as that of a slave (not that the distinction is really clear). Happily I lay next to her as she put on a new pair of boots.

II: Dinner Time

Alexandra enjoys object crushing. It is a minor disappointment that I can’t connect to this. It is impossible for me to identify with, say, a cereal box she’s trampling.

Last night watching her crush an object made me shudder with anticipatory disgust. Alexandra told me that I was hungry and would have half a banana for my meal.

Dropping the fruit to the floor she began to tease it with her boots. Artfully she broke the banana into sections that she slowly ground into the floor. Knowing that I’d eating the bits she’d smeared into floor, with the dirt they accumulated made me shiver.

Finally my head to the floor I began to lick and suck up my supper. I was a pitiful human vacuum cleaner. Naturally I had to clean the residue from the bottom of her boots.

She mocked me for being a creature that wallowed on the floor in filth (something like that). For wanting to grovel. Being ridiculed by your owner for being her slave is eerily satisfying.

Few things she’s subjected me to have left me feeling more low and degraded.

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III: More Penis Kicking

Ordered to my back I lay there as she kicked my penis. Some of the blows were harder than last night. At times each kick followed the other with machinegun rapidity. A few times she kicked my balls. Not with enough force to really hurt but the freaky sensation clouded my mind as momentarily the universe shrunk to my defenseless testicles and her boots.

It is with curiosity, dread and desire that I wonder what my mind will do if and when she uses her hand, boots or a tool to make my testicles hurt.

IV: I Become Part of Her Boots

The boots she’d changed into have a ring at the top. Leashing the ring to my collar she led me about. As I fumblingly tried to keep up my eyes couldn’t leave the boot that controlled me.

Putting my penis in the Gates of Hell she leashed to the boot she walked me about again. As I would several times that night I kept wanting to tell her that I worshipped her. But I find it impossible to speak without permission.

Being attached to a woman’s boots was an old fantasy of mine. I’m so thankful to have actually lived it.

V: Boot Slave

Alexandra was squeezing and rolling about a clementine with her boots. Was I going to have to gobble that up from the floor? After the banana it would be anticlimactic. Only the yoke of a boiled egg could compete with the banana. Actually liver would be ghastly. Thankfully she doesn’t like liver.

She ordered me to lick her boots. As she kicked and rolled the fruit around the floor I scrambled to keep up with her. It became the longest and actually exhausting session of boot worship we’ve ever had. She walked about, me in her wake trying to get my tongue to her boots. I strove to attend to both boots, not miss a spot and lick and kiss with enough energy for her to feel me working.

VI: Swept Away

I’d never thought of a broom as a BDSM toy.

Having spent so much time on the floor I was covered with dirt. Alexandra brought he broom to sweep it off me as if I were a floor. I flinched as the straw scraped against my chest and nipples.

And visibly winced as the broom brushed across my cock. This tickled her so much that she began to work my penis with the broom. As she laughingly made me cringe I wanted to wriggle over and begin licking her boots again. The more she used me the more I adored her.

VII: Happiness

I have to confess that even though the psychological bondage of the collar and leash were wonderful there were a couple of moments I wished my wrists were bound by chain. My need to be as unable, helpless as possible .

There are parts of last night I can’t fit in neatly. A few times she grabbed me by the hair at the back of my neck. Even a light caress there leaves me feeling submissive. Being controlled by my hair pushed me deeper into slavishness. As being flat on the floor with her boot resting on my head.

It was a wonderful night of serving her that followed another wonderful night. I hope tonight witll be yet another.


It was a wonderful experience with the banana, not that the rest wasn’t wonderful, but one of my own unfulfilled fantasies is to drive a crush fetishist crazy. While you are not a crush fetishist, nor can I really expect you to be, using food which you must eat as the object of the crush scene gives a very real (for both of us) way for me to express my joy in destroying objects under my heels and bodyweight.

Expect more food crushing - though I don’t want to use it too much for fear of it becoming… err… mundane? Hehe.

Eating food from the floor would always be at least a little humiliation. But thinking back to the time you had me lick a bit of crushed donut from the floor I know it would be possible for me to get used to it.

It is a pity that the sheer psychodrama of the banana crushing can’t be done but only so often.

It’s interesting that Richard has had to conquer his initial distaste for Alexandra’s crush fetish in order to obey her. It’s always a valuable proof of the slave’s dedication when he/she manages to go beyond such dislikes to please the Mistress. After all, there is no point in making a slave do things he enjoys doing in the first place…

I am not a crush fetish, neither is my sub, and to tell the truth I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a crush fetish until I read your blog, but I have always known that making your submissive eat from the floor is powerfully humbling, although I usually use a plate or bowl, but I have sometimes made him lick up food I threw on the floor.

One related fetish my slave has and that I find amusing to indulge is to eat food that I have first chewed on. Actually that turns him up so much that I do it only as a reward when he has been very good! It all started once when I fed him some chocolates I had started eating and I didn’t care for. I quickly realized that spitting them out of my mouth into his was a big turn on to him. I wonder if you two or anybody on this Line has the same fetish.


I had no inkling of the universe of crush fetish until Alexandra introduced me to it.

The self-overcoming is rewarding in itself. The more emotionally demanding the experience the greater will be my response if only after it is over.

I’ve often thought of being given only table scraps to eat. Eating chewed foods I’m not sure that I could handle. Not that I wouldn’t be willing to try. But I could easily imagine it causing involuntary nausea.

“After all, there is no point in making a slave do things he enjoys doing in the first place . . . “

I’m very glad that Alexandra is happy to help me realize my fantasies. It always reinforces my romantic love for her.

Well I’m glad to know I’m not alone with particular kink. I have no idea where it comes from, all I know is, is that it’s a huge turn on. without touching myself I have pre-cum oozing within a couple of mins, in anticipation of having to lick food from the floor. Michelle’s sub is an extremely lucky guy - to eat her partly chewed food. As I currently don’t have a Mistress, I end up doing stuff on a DIY basis.

To replace chewing I’ll sometimes liquidize a mixture of different bits of food I’ve saved in fridge. E.G cold custard /rice pudding/ yoghurt / coleslaw /squirt of tomato sauce some biscuit etc. (all quite nice separately) but once mulched up, it makes quite a disgusting mess. Then unceremoniously emptied onto the tiled floor. I normally time myself just to see how long it takes. Obviously I have to pretend that my Mistress has given me strict instructions to lick the whole mess up. In the begining I was only able to do so much, & had to stop, but last couple of times I’ve kept going - even to the extent of licking the section of tile totally clean. Incidentally - normally takes about 15mns to complete the task.

On times where I don’t use the blender, I try & assume 2 roles (not easy)I’ll chew something & then spit it out onto the floor (Mistress pretends not to like it) I’ll repeat the process until there are about 4/5 mouthfulls of chewed up food. Now next bit is a good test to establish how submissive a sub really is, (ideal for Mistress with 2 slaves). slave 1 has to lick up the pile on floor, chewing but not swallowing then spits it out onto to a different part of floor. slave2 then has to lick/eat the repositioned pile of yuck. I have thought of this scenario but with say 4 slaves as opposed to one or two. I guess the unlucky slave (or perhaps not) would be Nr. 4!! Think about it! Thanks

My most active fantasy these days involves being a young male totally dedicated to enslavement. As a probaton and training period, my Lady keeps me in her basement 30 days, naked and collared, during which I’m allowed to eat only dry cereal and table scaps from bowls on the floor. There’s all sorts of other humiliation in the fantasy, it’s very complicated. Although I’ve eaten from the floor on my own, my realtionship with my Lady Annette is very low key on Her insistance. She lets me wear a collar around the house, but She just wouldn’t enjoy humiliating me. And so it goes…

My wife makes me eat the food off of the floor every day. She would just dump it on to the floor, and I would eat it up. I have been doing this for 15 years,and love the humiliation.

For one thing, if a slave knows that it will be feeding on food crushed on the floor (not the carpet!!) by Mistress, it has extra incentive to do a good job of cleaning house for Her.

In fact, it sounds like a very efficient qway for Mistress to ensure that the job will be done properly: “I want this floor so clean you can eat your supper from it,” She says — and She’s right! (of course, isn’t She always right?)

After having Her floor made to sparkle, She has the pleasure of destroying its hard work, then watching Her slave humiliate itself for Her amusement. Finally, She lets it clean the mess from Her floor and Her boots with its tongue in total continuing self-degradation. She will, of course, soundly whip the slave if it fails to obey this last order (“Fetch the whip, slave; you have disobeyed Me, and must be punished”).

Mistress wins every time — just as things should always be!

boot licker

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