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Ah, I swore to myself I’d quit talking about gender stuff. But ofttimes when a theme has come to mind it refuses to depart.

Elsewhere I read this in a blog comment. The man was talking about the pleasure of being fellated.

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That still has tremendous appeal to me mentally, but i now understand what a horrifically distasteful and very degrading experience this is for many (perhaps most) Women. As a submissive man, the fact that my Wife will now no longer subject Herself to that clearly submissive (and foul-tasting) task, but now expects me to swallow every bit of my come (no spitting!) or be punished/disciplined however She may see fit would absolutely drive me to the brink erotically speaking.

(Note the subjunctive “would” in the final sentence. Not uncommon in submissive guys. Makes it hard to be sure if you are reading something actual or wished.)

In a conversation I was having elsewhere I invited people to tell me what they found to be most common place in stereotypical images of dominant women. One dominant woman wrote:

I’ll insist on lots and lots and lots of oral sex, rarely if ever allow him to fuck me, and never give a blow job.

She likes performing oral sex on the man she loves. How many do? I don’t know. Quite a few. Informing her that she’s above fellatio may leave her seeing you as trite and – interestingly – controlling. If that is important to you perhaps you should say that “I’m only interested in a Domme who despises giving blow jobs.” (And if she doesn’t hit the Delete key I’d love to see her reply.)

But it was the “foul-tasting” that caught my attention. If my ejaculate is ill-flavored no one has wised me up. I’ve given a few blow jobs myself. Tastes OK to me: it is the flavor of a lover’s pleasure.

Nor can I find fault with a penis grazing along my taste buds. I like the taste another’s flesh: perfumed or even rich in the other’s natural scent.

My point? Nothing much. This is a weblog you know. Just wanted to demur at the image of fellatio as unpleasant.

As far as tasting my own ejaculate. I did that once (and suspect most do). Merely boring. But it would be keen for Alexandra to order me to eat it. Why it slaps down the degradation button I can’t say but it does.

And if you do find fellatio unpleasant I have no brief against you: why argue against another’s sexual preferences and prejudices. Leave that to the fundagelicals.


Richard, thanks for pointing this out; not so much for the subject matter itself, but because Candace has a fantastic blog. I’ve added her to my blogroll.

Oh, BTW, I’ve added you as well. Nice makeover ;-)

I have TMJ and felletio is one of the things I can no longer do. I miss it. I still like to lick and taste his cock and balls with my tongue. I also like to swallow his cum after watching him mastrobate. The orgasm boost this last minute sensation gives him and the lovely sounds he makes when I do make it more than worth while. Cum is not delicious, but hardly objectionable. Over the years its become a sexy taste because of all of the asociations I have with it.

As a submissive its a turn on. Playing dominate its one of the best tease and deny gambits.

Most of the women I know well enough to discuss such thing don’t object to felletio; many like it; a few prefer it to intercouse because of the lack of pressure to orgasm. I suppose my sample eliminates prudes because they don’t discuss sex that way.

To me, dominance and submission isn’t really about an act, it’s about what’s going on inside your head when you perform that act. I like fellatio because it is an excellent way to tease him and to feel very clearly how much I truly control him.

fellatio act is surely a turn on for a submissive. in fact me & my partner thinks, the oral pleasure act in itself forms a cycle of nutrition. both for soul and mind. by cunnilingus, cycle begins. and the partners forms a formidable connection that runs in energetic fluids and/or flows, within the relationship, one calls it the balance of ying & yang. its a sweet (and so tasty and sexy) way of harmony.

My Mistress Wife gives me a blowjob just once a year, on my birthday. It is part of a ritual that includes her strap-on. You can read a description of it at my blog site, http://subbiehubbie.blogspot.com

Naturally, if Mistress is amused by ANYTHING, it is Her right to command it. It is certainly conceivable that a Woman might wish to suck a cock — even a slave’s cock.

It would be totally out of line for a slave even to suggest that anything Mistress wishes is not correct. Perhaps what She will do is bring Her slave within an inch of climax, then stop — to enjoy the agony and frustration She causes (the slave, of course, is totally immobilized).

Dialogue that might ensue: “Did you really believe that I would allow you any such thing as pleasure? Ha, ha, slave, you are stupider even than I imagined!” Then when it begs for release, She applies the crop to its swollen and painful organ and testicles. After a while, She might even permit the slave to serve Her with cunnilingus while the pain continues.

And, of course, if the dog’s self-control finally fails, then She whips it while it licks up the filthy mess and apologizes for the indiscretion.

Now, that what a slave should expect when Mistress contemplates fellatio.

There is nothing I like better than to tie my slave up, preferably while he is standing, ass full of anal beads, and suck his cock until he cums. My mouth full of his cum, I will either spit it on him or if he is really lucky I will open his mouth and slowly drip it in and make him swallow it. And believe me, I feel very in control when I do that!

Fellatio is degrading only because we think it is. If Mistress enjoys it, and wishes to suck Her slave’s cock, that is Her right. It’s also Her right to stop five seconds before he climaxes, and let him suffer whilst She laughs (the slave is immobilized, of course, all the while, so suffering is all he can do).

The suggestion about spittng it all back into his mouth and making him swallow it is priceless. Thank You, Mistress, this wortrhless creature kisses Your feet in eternal gratitude.

The same effect is achieved when Mistress is pleased to have Her male in fact fuck Her, then forces him to lick Her clean. If for some reason She prefers not to be fucked, then there is always forced slave masturbation on Her feet, shoes or boots, followed by his licking Her feet or footwear clean.

The special quality of this is two-fold. First, males (as all Women know) lose their keen excitement as soon as they ejaculate. It’s no longer exciting sexually — but to whipped and forced to eat the cum becomes truly and genuinely humiliating!

Second, a male regards his sperm as his most important product, the essence of his genetic identity, and all that. Instictively, he wants to deposit it in the womb of a female to procreate children carrying his own DNA into the world. But here’s what happens: his offering is spurned; he is made to spill it at the feet of his Goddess, who looks down on it, and him, as filthy dirt soiling Her immaculate Self. The slave then must use his mouth and tongue, not a rag or mop, to clean this dirt from Her feet (or perhaps even from the floor at Her feet!) and swallow it, dashing his hopes of fathering a child.

When you combine those two thrusts of humiliation, a slave truly feels like less than nothing. For a real masochist, it’s heaven!

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