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My slave self lives to worship her by kissing and licking Alexandra's boots and shoes.

The other night she went into the yard and muddied her boots. At her command I bent to wipe them clean with my tongue. I remember getting a bit of mud in my mouth as a kid. My recollection is that the taste was neutral. Not so the mud on Alexandra's boots.

The taste of the mud on her shoes was vile. After my first taste I really wanted to stop. It took much of my will to fulfill her command. I don't know if she's had me do anything more degrading. Swallowing the mud took me down in slave space.

My nature makes me hard to humiliate but the very nastiness of this act only made me worship her more. As much as I hated the experience after the face I'm so very grateful for where it took my mind.

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i used to have a girlfriend who made me lick her shoes clean, every time before we fucked, i used to lick clean her work shoes, her boots and her special 5 inch see through heels, i wish i could live my whole life dedicated to keeping dominant womens shoes clean…..

Hi, Its my first time here, but I found its really facinating and wish to perform it actually. My email can be displayed. as i wish to serve a Goddess like a dog, i am. I am in germany

i have always wanted to clean a womens shoes or better yet her dirty sweaty feet. my girlfriend tramples me without knowing it, i have ways of getting her to, and she sais she likes hurting me, i like it to. if anyone wants to e-mail me go for it

my superb wife makes me lie at her shoes after shes been out walking the dog over by the lakes by our home her 4” heels and soles as covered in mud and other coverings which she forces me to lick spotlessly clean before walking all over me for some serious trampling

it has always been a dream of mine to meet a woman who enjoys having her boots tounge cleaned,i have had the enjoyment of regularly cleaning a now ex girlfriends boots,and i would spend hours lovingly polishing those cruel looking boots.but now am single and live in hope of the taste of boot leather once again.

Even women who enjoy having their boots cleaned by a man’s tongue want more than just his willingness to be a human appliance.

Try to offer women more than your lust and maybe you’ll meet someone.

Nothing turns me on more than when a sexy woman in leather boots is kneeling on top of me,giving me ordered to lick the soles of her boots clean,and i MEAN clean. Another turn on..Flat pointy leather shoes.I dont know why.I just love to have my woman walk on me and make me then sniff and lick the insides of her shoes,even eat food off the floor in front of her after she has trampled it into the floor! Sounds wrong but I love it sooo much.

I own a slave and I have him lick my boots every day. I trained him to do a good job and he would never dare to miss a spot. After 18 months, you could believe I’d get bored but I’m not. I find it most effective to keep him virtually (and literally) on his knees.

For a true submissive, being allowed to perform the service of cleaning the boots of the Mistress or Owner, is a privilege worth any price. So doing it in a degrading and humiliating manner is a small price to pay for the honour of serving one’s Owner.

A truly devoted slave is grateful for both the honour of serving, and the opportunity to show its submission by adopting the most servile method of performing the service.

Boot licker

One girl i used to live with used to be standing ready for me coming home from work wearing platform knee boots worn over tight spandex leggins. I had to kneel & kiss her bottom and lick every inch of her boots before i even had time to take my jacket off. While i was licking her boots she always kicked me in the face with them. It always hurt but boy did i nejoy it.

I get turned on when a woman treats me like a slave and makes me lick her shoes and commands, particularly flats/mocs…I am tryin to experiment it with gf but not sure how it will go.

Any thoughts?

Btw any great sites with ladies in mocs??


My mistress/lover has many different shoes and boots that I am privileged to lick and smell as a reward and enticement. Often completely naked in her presence, she places her boots on me, prodding my cock, rubbing them against me, and then raises them to my face to smell and lick, sometimes pointing to the soles to show me she’s worn them outside frequently. I lick her footwear all over with complete passion and abandon regardless of their condition, often savoring the more soiled portions of her leather. When we meet at the end of the day for drinks she’ll usually have a very worn sexy pair of boots or shoes on that she’s worn while we’ve made love in the past. She’ll tease me by telling me that she’s been wearing them all day, and show me how worn they are from the use they get. We then adjourn to her car where I lick her boots clean, remove them and smell their erotic perfume, then lick and massage her feet. In her home I am often kneeling and naked, while she gently pushes my head against her shoes and feet as I lick and smell her leather and sweat. When she returns from a trip, she often shows me her dirtiest pair of shoes, pointing out the toe stains as she removes them from her feet. I then lovingly lick the dirtiest parts of her footwear as she watches. Several times she has taken me into restaurant bathrooms and had me kneel and lick her shoes and feet while she urinates. I am then allowed to lick her clean and bring her to orgasm. My mistress/lover is not at all cruel but incredibly powerful and sensuous in using her boots, shoes, and feet to thoroughly captivate, tease, arouse, and enslave me. She once met me for drinks after she had driven all the way from L.A to San Francisco on a hot day wearing a pair of soiled pink rubber beach sandals. We adjourned to her car and I spent over a half hour sucking and licking her black, dirty feet to a pink color, as she rubbed them all over my face, and forced them deep into my mouth, slowly and deliberately, while smiling sweetly. They smelled and tasted of salty rubber, and my throat was coated with her foot grime yet I was in a sort of ecstasy that only a true fetishist/slave can achieve. I completely worship my mistresses body and footwear. Erotic enslavement is a wonderfully intoxicating experience for me.

i love licking my gfs muddy high heeled boots while i jerk off

My wife enjoys having her shoes and boots kissed and licked. She’ll get bored if it takes too long so I rarely get to lick them completely clean. She does enjoy wiping them on my face though and especially seems to enjoy my tongue getting dirty from licking them.

I regularly find the soles of her boots in my face and love it.

I’m a female that fantasies about my Master forcing me to lick his boots clean, not so sure about the dirt, being made to lie face up underneath his boots. Also envisage lying under a table with a Dom couple, having a pair of heavy heels and boots resting on me whilst i’m dying to be fed, ending up with the Mistress fucking me with her high heel, forcing me to lick them clean, perhaps the Master’s dirty soles on my face. I like the idea of being lower than someone, almost stopping their shoes touching the ground. Not so into the idea of being trampled hard, more used as a shoe rack/rug oxox love

hey i’magirl, id love 2 meet u. Im a male that loves 2 hav a female licking my dirty boots, as long as i can lick hers 2….xx

Poster “lvdirtyheels/m” says his girl-friend allows him to jerk off whilst licking Her muddy high-heeled boots.

One has to wonder if She controls this fellow enough so that he must deposit the product of his hand-job on Her boots, along with the mud, and lick it all clean.

If not, why, She is missing a bet there.

reason women humiliate men by beating or degrading them is: that power makes them horny enough to orgasm, thats all, its that feeling of power.

i love licking dirty’s a pleasure for me,a way of life. i totally submit to women who wear heels.

Licking the boots of a beautiful Woman is the most wonderful thing in the world!

It is more than a pleasure. It is a privilege and an honour. It is, of course, ultimately humiliating, placing the slave’s highest anatomy at the service of Her lowest.

To lick Her boots whilst this slave crawls naked at Her feet is just that much more a humiliating way to show Her how much this worm reveres Her.

Then, the irony of having Her command that, after it has cleaned Her boots thoroughly, this slave must then kneel and masturbate before Her, squirting on the shiny boot toe[s]. Sometimes She will hasten the process with Her riding crop, or stroke the underside of Her slave’s cock with Her booted toe. It often amuses Her to order, at the last minute, that the masturbation stop, or that it continue, but that there shall be no ejaculation. When this becomes impossible, She beats Her slave for disobedience.

At any rate, the inevitable next stage is that the tormented slave-cock does spill its seed, right on the tongue-polished toe of Her boot — or both toes. Then this slave must repeat the licking all over again. Now, of course, the sexual excitement, like the erect rigidity of the organ, has wilted. But the tongue must lick, and the mouth must swallow, the slimy cum. Not infrequently,, Her riding-crop encourages the lazy slave.

Last stage of the ritual, after Her careful inspection and possibly a punishment and repeat cleaning, is for the slave, prostrate and exhausted, to kiss Her boots one final time and, for all the humiliation, pain and frustration She has given him, say with the utmost humble sincerity, “Thank You, Mistress.”

I’m a female and I get really turned on by the thought of a dominant guy making me lick his leather shoes or, as the girl above me said, resting his shoe-covered feet on me, like a piece of furniture. And then using me for sex, of course. But I can’t find any kind of pics showing this kind of fetish. Only fem-dom foot-worshipping. Surely there must be other women out there who like this kind of thing, if only as a fantasy?

There are plenty of dominant guys who dream of exactly that. I can’t say why it isn’t depicted in illustrations much (there have to be some somewhere). Most M/f art is flagellation and bondage.

You might try looking for some M/m boot worship art if you are one of those women who can project themselves into Guy/guy images.

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