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This isn’t by me (Richard). michael g.b. writes:

i was curious as to opinions about this … i myself completely shave my genitals and legs … it is a way for a submissive male to “identify” himself with his role as an inferior to The Female.

at first this caused me embarrassment and even some physical discomfort . . but in a very short time i grew to really WANT to be shaved. i found that shaving frequently reduced the irritation and rashes . .and now i feel comfortable ONLY when i am closely shaved. (for another thing, it “feels” cleaner as well.)

it isn’t a matter of being “feminized” but in reality one of accepting a more appropriate male role … ridding one’s self of the pseudo-macho “hair” and replacing it with a softer virility nor in keeping with being an inferior to the Female.

are there many males who “shave” this way … and what are their reasons for observing this hygiene?

i for one would never want to go back to allowing the hair to grow back …

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When I had my prostate operations my genitals were shaved. When the hair started to grow again it felt really uncomfortable, so I started to shave them daily. It really feels good to me and my wife likes it too. I don’t shave my legs, but the shaven area is growing, so perhaps in future.



I do the shaving thing, simply because of the sensousness of it all…my mistress treats me as an equal and she likes the feel and sight of a well turned leg as much as I do. She can gauge my moods by my dress & deportment. Love this site! Gee

Shaving pubic hair has become fairly common for both sexes. I had no idea until I posted a note on Amor. Props. and had a number of comments from males and females who do it and prefer that their partners do as well.

Some guys do it because they feel it makes their penis look longer.

Honestly, it has no meaning for me. If Alexandra wanted me to shave my pubic hair I would.

Thanks for raising an interesting topic.

I agree with Richard. If My Boss told me to shave it off, then I would. But she hasn’t asked, in fact she forbids it. She likes male bodies with muscle and a bit of fur and all that. If she liked smooth and soft, she could be a lesbian and get all the smooth and soft she wanted. But she likes me! And I am kinda furry. :-)

I would like comments on HOW men manage to shave themselves, especially behind and below the testicles and around the anus.

When Mistress first met her toy…the first thing she noticed was body hair and my reation was YUK needs to go….and WE/we had a awsome session of being bound and lathered and shaved …WE/we used lots of saftey razors and lots of shaving cream…all body hair gone no leg/thigh hair no arm hair no arm pit hair no cock/ball hair…no chest hair…the only hair he is allowed to have (with MY approval) is head and facail hair peroid….Mistress toy is just that a toy…he is not a mere man to Mistress he is a treasured toy …I encourage toy to feel/fondle himself to indeed feel that he is more toy like without body hair!!!!

Dinny wrote: I would like comments on HOW men manage to shave themselves, especially behind and below the testicles and around the anus.

I use a normal electric razor daily on my penis and my testicles. For the anus area I use a disposable razor blade with some foam.

My mistress makes me keep myself shaved clean for her. She says it takes away the disgusting “mane” of a dominant male lion and places me in my proper place as a controlled, submissive little boy cub who is her pet to use. In my daily life, away from home and at work, my naked genitals are a constant (but hidden and private) reminder that I am not the “man” I was before she took charge of me. I’ve told her how sometimes, at the gym, it’s been embarassing around my friends there, but she feels that’s my problem. It all just helps me to never forget that however dominant I am in the business world, at night I am her property, stripped of my authority and “marked” as hers to use. I am nothimg but a smooth toy for her sexual amusement.

I’ve been shaving since I was a teenager, about 25 years now. I agree that it’s uncomfortable now when I do let any fur grow back. I use a good quality 3-bladed razor, the same that I use to shave my face. I’d love to shave my legs but Herself wouldn’t stand for that, too effeminate. She does let me shave my armpits, something that, in a sleeveless shirt, I can show in public.

I have shaved totally below the neck for many years. In time it became very easy to shave the entire pubic and anal area, and I do so with a regular cartridge razor and shaving gel. The smooth look of a male body is a clear sign of submission and servitude, IMHO. Now I feel very badly when hair begins to grow and I must shave smooth as soon as possible.

I’ve been shaving the entire body my entire life, and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a moderately feminine body, with small, feminine breasts and a very, very small penis, so it has always just felt natural. When I let it go for a few days, I really can’t stand it and have to shave again. I’m lucky because I’m not naturally hairy anyway. I guess I’m just a different kind of guy, but am happy in my skin (my hairless skin, that is!)

There’s nothing wrong with being that kind of “different kind of guy.”

Diversity is beautiful in and of itself.

to “smoothy” — Viva La Difference! (pardon my poor French) … we are each one of us unique and special . . we were created that way as a “Divine Gift” … there is no “photo-copy machine” creating us … be gald that you are in some ways a “different king of guy” … because we all are, even those who don’t want to admit it.

i’ve been shaving for a few years now usally my arms legs crotch,if i can, well the reason is i’m uncomftable in my own skin i usually do it in the summer because i itch like MAD, During the winter i’ll do it every so often.

I have gone through extensive laser treatment to remove all my body hair below my neck except my arm pits and above my penis. But now I shave my arm pits daily and keep my suprapubic area closely trimmed and neatly shaped and occasionally totally shaved. I really enjoy the feeling and find that my muscle definition is improved.

I started shaving everything about five years ago. I started reading about it on the internet and wanted my wife to shave but she wouldn’t. I thought maybe if I shave my genitals she would. I found that it really felt good and wondered what took me so long to do it. I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I like it so much. My wife never did shave but she does like me shaved.

I’m pretty new to this and have never shaved my genital area at all before. I had not heard of much of it until a discussion was brought up between a bunch of friends. Is it fairly common? I would like to give it a try, I was given recommendation to use a disposable razor, any suggestions on foams or creams? I’ve never shaved with a razor before and use an electric one for my face, feel free to point me in any directions.

Warm water and soap to remove oil and dirt that may cause the razor to drag.

Mach3 and Edge are my shaving tools of choice. Put on the shaving cream and allow it a couple of minutes to soften the hairs.

i started shaving round the penis last year.i like to think it would make it look larger but sorry it dont.i use mach 3 with plenty of gel

my wife had me shave completly for last 5 years , she is a beautician and really likes to experiment with new kit . She has now used a laser on me and I am now totally bare of hair for life .She has allowed me a small strip above the penis which looks odd in my view. Anyway it is to late to do anything about it , I do look good when tanned and it looks natural as I have good muscle tone.

Dear Richard: I have been shaving my entire body off and on for several years. I find it a great sexual turn on. 1. As a bicycle rider I shave my legs on a weekly basis, even if it is not in season. But then I just continue all the way up and through the genital area. 2 I clip my chest hair as short as a clippers will take it, as my skin is very sensitive and breaks out if I do too much shaving. 3 Last summer I did my entire head in a semi public scene in a bar, and have kept it off since. Love the feeling all over, and recommend it to everyone. Doing any or all of the above publicly is a particularly hot thing for me.

My wife is thrilled that I shave my legs. I have to keep them perfectly smooth for her and in fact I’m punished if there is a sign of stubble. She loves the look and feel of them. She encourages me to wear shorts as much as possible to show them off, and her game is to spot other people looking at them.

Due for surgery for a double Hernia I took a freinds advice and used Nair for Men. One covering of the cream for 12 minutes and the whole area from just below the navel to the anus covering the entire genital area including the Penis and down the inside of both thighs the hair was gone. I will now do the treatment once per week.

It is essential to follow instructions on the Nair product, after 12 minutes not more than 15 minutes you step into the shower and using a wet warm wash cloth gently go with the direction of the hair growth and the rub the hair off. Don’t go against the grain, have the wash cloth soaking wet, and wash it out often. Your genitals will look fabulous and your Doctor if female, will probably compliment you on your cleanliness.

Has anyone had a physical exam in which their shaved penis was examined? I grow mine back if I know that I have an upcoming exam. But if I need an exam for work, I would even feel more self-conscience.

I shaved all around my testicles once but didn’t like it because i thought it made me look too boyish but i just started shaving around the base of my penis and love it…makes the shaft look bigger. I also clip all the hair on my testicles but still visible, short and neat. My wife saw this for the first time last night during foreplay and really liked it. I noticed she enjoyed performing oral sex more maybe because it’s neater and more pleasant…would really like to hear other womans view on this. Today i neatly shaved the top part of my pubic hair making it into a strait line and really like the looks of it…gives it that bikini look but it you leave enough hair overall you still look manly yet sexy. I tan wearing briefs so the overall final appearance is great…would like some female comments please

I have been shaving my pubic hair for about three years. I Love it, my wife is totally shaved as well. I will continue for years to come.

Good site..nice to know there’s others. I recently shaved the hair on my cock and the overflow encroaching the top of it…nice and neat, made me look longer. After reading about others i thought i would try more, so i shaved my balls and all under and the crack of my butt. I also did nice bikini lines like the top of my legs and a straight line across the top of my pubic hair. The best part…my wife loved it! I made sure i was very visible during playing around in bed and just watched her looking and touching in amazement. She couldn’t resist and kept trying to get her face closer and closer until she ate me all up, something she doesn’t usually do often and easily. She obviously likes it big time…i think most woman do.. us guys just don’t think so because we think it takes away from our manlihood. Would love to hear womens’ comments to learn more… thanks… Antonio

hey, i just shaved my pubical region, it feels tingly. Some rashes have developed, but i feel over time they will fade. My penis is about 13 inches, so i didnt shave to make it look bigger, just see what it feels like. very hmmmm but not enough tut. ya know what I MEAAAN!

good luck pube shaving ant people of EARTH planet 10256,

REQUESTING: permission to return to home planet for penis examination

I started shaving my pubic area after my first hernia. I am sometimes shaved and sometimes not. When it gets longer, the shave, using a rolls razor creates an exquisite incredible experience. It doesn’t clog up, or require pre-clipping. Its alot safer than a straight razor and shaves clean. This doesn’t work in the anal area though.

I naired myself once— not a good thinkg for the balls—- burned the skin off—

I thought of taking up bicicling just to have a socially acceptable answer to shaving my legs— however, the powers at be, forbid that extensive shaving, so the point is moot.

man every time i shave my legs i get all these red bumps man it sucks and when i shave my chest the same thing happens i dont want to shave anything anymore 4 real but the only thing that sucks is that once u stop shaving the hair grows darker and harder that sucks if i could go back to the first day i did it i wouldn’t have done it at all

i think the appeal of a man shaving for a woman, or at least part of the appeal, is that its cleaner and therefore more pleasant to play with. no one really wants to come up with hair in their mouths, although if the hair is clean, it isn’t as bad. the appeal for me would be hygiene and there would be an increased range of sexual activities i’d be willing to try

My husband and I have shaved around the pubic area, but prefer plucking now(with a depiliator) as the hair grows back a lot softer. I go global (c.f Brazilian) but we only do the shaft and testicles on him, so as to maintain the masculine look yet provide smooth sailing other ways ;) - I enjoy finding any rogue hairs he might have missed using my teeth for tweezers…boy does that make him feel vulnerable!!!

i have have kept my genital shaved for about 5 yrs now, i use a electric trimmer wiht a close attachment for the rest of my body but after i put my summer shorts away i shave my legs, my wife loves the look and feel

My misstress has me keep my body shaved, all of it but my head.. to be shave evey other day…i am in old guard be shaved is to hide nothing. Thepeople at work see me no hair and i just tell them not need it…this is why i do love my misstress, I do as im told

Last year I had a hernia operation. The following morning I woke to recognize that I was shaved. That was the firt time I was shaved. It felt good; clean; fresh. I like the feeling. From that point I tried different lengths. I prefer to shave my crotch and testicles to complete baldness but sometimes get razor burn afterwards.

I use a Mach 3 razor with Edge Gel.

At my gym, I am the only guy I noticed to date that shaves. It is not something that I look for but I somtimes notice.

I love the way it feels and the way it looks.

I have been shaving downstairs for a couple of years now. I trim just above the penis to a No 1 on the clippers but then am completely bare on the shaft and balls. My wife loves the smooth feeling and I love her massaging the area. My ultimate is to shave her and she shave me, soon I hope. She shave for me and just leaves a litle tuft. Being smooth is so much nicer for oral sex.

I use to just keep my pubic hair short, but now I have shaved it much closer and like it much more…planning on going completely smooth based on my girlfriends recommendation.

I have shaved for a female dom, and I guess I will again… unless my wife starts spanking me so regularly that I can give up the female disciplinarian. My wife more or less demands it when she is in the mood for oral sex, but otherwise prefers a full head of hair down below! If it became the norm, I would gladly shave or laser it permanently

I started shaving myself bald rather recently. I noticed with my wife shaved it really improves the feeling during sex with the two areas come in contact. I guess not having any hair removes the buffer.

I shave my genitals every couple of days leaving a small patch above my penis. At first my wife didn’t like it but now wants me to stay shaved. I also shave up to my chest leaveing chest hair. I trim all my arm, leg and body hair really short but still visable. I really enjoy it short it feels so good just wish I would have done it sooner.

Cant stand hair. I actually get my balls and cock waxed, just like a lady when she has a brazilian. This makes it really smooth and silky. Hurts a bit when it is done, but hey I quite enjoy the pain that goes with it.

I just read an article that polled women who shaved their men and the consensus is it had a tremendous effect on submissiveness.

This was done to me (I did the shaving using a disposable razor) and if you ask her the effect was immediate and undeniable.

Shaving.. if one hasn’t tried it they can’t knock it. I’ve been shaving for over 20 years. After having my balls/penis shaved for a vasectomy.. doing it, my pubic and pits ever since. Love the feeling and the feeling of my wife’s hands on smooth skin. She likes it too.

for razor bumps, ingrowns, etc, I recommend TendSkin lotion. It’s easily available on-line and also at many spas that cater to epilation. It works pretty well. Do NOT use on penis or scrotum: it is mainly a solution of alcohol and aspirin, so will burn like hell. However, on suprapubic region and chest, no problem; on armpits, just a little transitory tingling.

I’ve used clippers, but unless I’m very careful, I cut myself. I find that a regular Mach 2 type razor and Edge work just fine for all areas.

Regarding the comment about being embarrassed at the gym, I should say that at the very corporate gym I go to I’d say that there is more pubic trimming than not, and a lot of complete pubic shaves. Also just about all the guys with good arms shave their armpits.

I have shaved scrotum and around the anus for many years. It just feels more comfortable and cleaner.

I had my first pubic shave for prostate surgery, and was not allowed back into the gym until 2 months after, by which time it started to grow in, but not by much. I’ve just started shaving again after a few years, and this time including chest and armpits. No one at the gym has said anything, or even looked at me sidelong.

(BTW, it will NOT make your penis look bigger, unless it is rather big to begin with and you have a completely flat stomach.)

I’m just wondering if I’ll keep it up, or let it grow in before next doctor’s appointment. That’s with my dermatogist for my annual check-up, and I should think that if anything he’d be pleased to be able to see all the skin!

You know, the “to shave or not to shave” question has got to be in the top 5 of concerns in every sexuality group or board I’ve ever seen. It cracks me up to see people ascribing such symbolism to it - it’s just hair. Shaving has no inherent meaning other than what we ascribe to it.

FWIW, I’ve been trimming or shaving my genital hair since I was 20. My partners usually found it neat and more inviting for oral sex - which was reason enough to keep doing it.

For the last 3 years that I’ve been wearing the CB3000, I’ve tended to shave because it keeps the hairs from getting caught in the various spots. That, and my wife likes the look. I’ve tried Nair for Men, but it leaves a burn before it has a chance to get all the hair, so I just shave every few days.

My doctors have seen my trimmed or shaved patch, and I’ve never thought twice about it. As I said - it’s only hair.

The Edge of Vanilla

I have shaved myself for many years but my married lover of a few years just tried it and I think likes it. I can’t help but wonder if he finally talked his wife into shaving and she returned the favor.

I have been shaving for 20 years all body parts and would not even think of it grow back. As far as the Doctors I only had one ask why I shave and I told her I just like it smooth don’t care for body hair. My wife shaved once but she did not like the look and the up keep each day to keep it smooth. I have been shaving for so long I can’t even think of taking a shower with out having my razor in hand ready to shave it smooth.

Well for the people that do shave everyday I give up thumbs up keep it smooth.


I have wanted to shave my body for years, but social pressures prevented me from doing it permanently. Once, before I was married, I shaved my chest, stomach, pubis and legs. My girlfriend was very angry and we had a major fight. I was also very ashamed after I had done it and avoided having anyone see me until my hair had grown back completely. I learned first hand that the re-growth period was itchy and uncomfortable. Still, shaving continued to be a major fantasy.

I am an exhibitionist who enjoys wearing g-strings to the beach. In our community any display of pubic hair is a major faux pas and trimming or shaving body hair to one degree or another is mandatory. The most daring among us are shaved completely smooth from the neck down, but that is more talked about than practiced. Even today, many thongers are concerned about wearing shorts and t-shirts in public after they leave the beach.

Fortunately I married a lady who understood and supported my exhibitionist desires. As my g-strings got smaller and smaller I had to remove more hair. Finally my suits became so tiny that I had to shave my pubis completely. At that point leaving everything else looked kind of silly, and so I took a deep breath and shaved everything except my arms.

At first my wife was a bit put off. (“You look like a girl!”), but then she saw a g-string in my swimsuit catalog that was perfect. It is called “secret wish.” The idea behind the suit is that it makes a man look and feel like a woman. The suit features a built-in cock ring that pulls my penis and scrotum down and a latex strap that pulls everything back and almost flat against my crotch. The result is an almost total flattening of my male organs to the point where it looks and feels like I have vulva. Although it sounds uncomfortable, the support actually feels great, and the suit, which can’t come any higher than the root of my penis, covers virtually nothing.

Mistress ordered me to complete the look by shaving my arms, hands and feet, and she gave me rhinestone anklets and toe rings to wear as accessories. I am required to wear “secret wish” whenever I go to the beach, and I must shave my body every day to remain soft and smooth. Now I am no longer hesitant to display my true nature in public. I am proud to display my perfectly shaved, feminized body to all who happen to see me.

As a final note I really admire what Jamie’s wife-beautician has done to him. I know that laser treatments are painful, and the secessions you had while she was removing all of your hair must have been very exciting!

I’m a swimmer and had been shaving 95% of my body (leaving my genitals hairy) until three years ago. Now, I shave even that. I have a female doctor who did not comment on my shaved genitals, but commented on my prince albert.

I have been shaving my testicles and the shaft of my penis for about a year off and on. I disagree with who says it doesn’t seem longer, but maybe that’s because I have so much hair that grows on the base of my dick. I’m only about 5.5 inches long, but my hair grows an inch up the shaft. By shaving it, it not only looks longer, but it feels longer.

i took some chicks advice on shaving my pubic hair and let me tell yea all you guys who do it have fun with it lol im just fine with my tree once i get it back its never leaving its not fun its not kool it just plan out sucks

Well said, all. I shaved my shaft and the whole testicles just to feel the “freedom” of being “bared”. The feeling you get when you wear a tight or not-so- loose pairs of jeans when the manhood rub against it, is real “stimulating”. (Make sure you don’t wear any underwear..!)

I’ve been waxing and using mechanical epilators on my whole body below the neck for a year now. It was just experiment. I found the effect of such epilation very comfortable and I’m not going to stop. My sexual experience has increased a lot. At the beginning removing hair in such a way was very painfull, since I was really hairy everywhere, but now the hair growth seems to slow down and pain is not a concern anymore. I prefer epilation over shaving, because the effect lasts longer and regrowing hair is not so sharp. Has any of you tried photoepilation?

I just recently trimmed all my pubic hair, not completely bald but i trimmed it short and neat. I really love it and I want to try shaving it completely bare but the thought of using a razor on my scrotum makes me a little nervous. I’ve never used a regular razor, I just use an electrical razor to shave my face. So if any of you have tips or warnings for me I’d like to know as much info as possible for shaving the scrotum area safely.

Each month, my wife, her sister, her mother, and her best friend, summon me for evaluation. This began when we announced our engagement. It is all part of ensuring my suitability. My wife is less aggressive then the other women in the family do it was decided to include the others when I am being evaluated.

While much more is involved, for this thread, Ill say that shaving my body is part of th standard procedure. Im posed in ways designed to provide access to the hard to reach spots. These are hugely revealing contortionist poses which also emphasize my commitment and humility. The shave is additional symbolism.

blitz blank a[clean clear] sold by pabo is a cream to dissolve hair in pubic areas. for testicles, rub a dollop of mouisturiser in and let it soak then lay a 12” length of cling film across your thighs with nuts on top, apply a generous dollop smear over area to clear. wrap it all up in cling film and wait 20 or so minutes. that will weaken the hair, scrap off with a suitable square edged implement. i do this in the shower, shower it all off and rub in aqeous cream again to hydrate…gets a bit flaky without a little extra moisture helps - cling film leaves hair on your legs!! yes mine has grown back lol optional extras, help, tlc, oh you know enjoy

My boyfriend was very upset when I first insisted that he keep himself bald-dicked, but he has stopped protesting and almost always is willingly hair free down below. I would never take a man in my mouth again if he didn’t go bald. I discovered that the whole difficulty women have with offering oral sex as often as theiur men wish is all about those darned little hairs men have. Now that he is bald, its not a problem at all. Ladies, get your guys balls and pubes shaven, you’ll never regret it. And I took him to the nude beach just to show it off, turns out not many nudists are into that and he was embarassed…. but long term it makes for a better relationship.

Soon after accepting my profession of servitude, my Lady decided i would benefit by a more boyish look around my masculine parts. So off my “beard” went. i found it a very liberating experience.

Now i am allowed to regrow a small patch just above the shaft and inside the line of the sac. Of course, this is one of the small privileges subject to forfeiture should i displease, a thing which has happened twice during the past year.

Going bare facilitates easier and less painful instalation and removal of various rings and bands which it amuses my Lady to have me wear to discourage climax without permission and keep us hard until she is fully satisfied. It’s better to be completely bare from the start than to have a dozen hairs pulled out by their roots each time i’m dressed in my “necklaces.”

My Lady is rather possessive of those parts which she considers to be her exclusive and special property and finds satisfaction in the increased attention to modesty which my hairlessness prompts at the gym. In this day and age a depilated body hardly causes a casual glance and a draped towel solves all problems on that account.

My Lady has read and approved this post. It is pleasant to think it would encourage others to experiment.

I am thinking about buying one of those home laser hair removal systems and removing my pubic hair permanently. I don’t like the red bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving. My wife likes me shaved. But I worry some, maybe be embarrassed later when having to go to the doctor and/or using a public shower.

I don;t know if those home laser kits are safe, I would wait until they have a track record. A laser burn in the scrotal area would be painful, embarassing to seek medical attention, and dangerous to the reproductive system. My girlfriend is very keen on my accepting the need to be bald below, and was overjoyed when i din’t realize I had a doctor’s appointment and was seen by the doc’s tech (who did the prostate exam) and his assistant who checked for hernia!

i did place the order. the laser hair removal system will arrive next week. Be interesting to see if it works. i know i will get horny and then use it on my pubic area, maybe regret it later if it is indeed permanent. the slut in me wants to be permanently hairless

wow. au natural here. hairy legs, full bush. always will be this way. very interesting topic, though.

I made a new game with my boyfriend, if he meets his weight loss target he could keep a little fuzz above his balls, if he is still too fat he goes bald to show submission to me. So far, my more aggressive approach and my frequent applications of the cane to his bum are doing good work and he has already lost 8 lb.

I have been shaving my pubes for 14 years, and everything for the last 4 or 5. Was in a relationship with a woman who hated it and thought I was weird. Now we’re divorced (over something different), and I have now met a woman who loves it and has told me “you will never, ever have body hair of any kind as long as you are mine.” Obviously I’m submissive to her and the hairlessness fits nicely into the relationship.

So, if you’re sub, or if you just like a very intimate sensation, I highly recommend you at least try it. Yep, itches like hell when it grows back, but if you’re afraid to try it then you don’t have a hair on your ass. LOL

Wonderful topic. This is central to the Domme/sub relationship I have with my wife.

In our case, she has a wild and untamed bush but I am required to keep myself smooth and bare down below. Part of that is so she (and others) can see a tattoo I have directly above my penis — a key design with my wife’s name in the possessive, i.e. “Jo Ann’s.” She also likes it smooth because she rubs her clit on my pube while we’re having sex.

For years that has meant that I needed to wax the area that comes into contact with her vulva because she didn’t like stubble. Recently, however, she purchased a package of treatments at a laser hair removal place and I’m in the process of having my pubic hair removed forever. I was surprised that the package is for a full Brazilian, so I really won’t have any hair down there when it’s all said and done. Any white hairs remaining will be removed by electrolysis.

Also, I shave my pits but my lady often grows out her pit hair in another body hair power exchange. So, yeah, this is a central theme in my submission. But there are other ways I submit too.

I started shaving all my body hair years ago and willm never turn back. I also use a brazilian spa clay to remove hair which leaves you ultra slick. My wife was against it at first but now loves it and makes me keep it slick and smooth for her sucking pleasure.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Male Genital & Body Shaving. Please stick to the topic of the entry. Forthright disagreement is fine as long as it is civil.
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