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Once when seriously negotiating with a dominant I was asked to come up with a pet name for myself.

My mind went blank. Should it be something degrading? Sometime cute? Which would be worse? (Cute.)

I’ve never relished selecting the name of a traditional four-legged furry pet.

Alexandra has talked about doing more pet play. What does that mean? Honestly I’m not sure. And best to not have specific anticipations, to let it just flow.

She’s also told me that she’s selected a nickname for me. Whether as part of pet play or not I can’t recall (or if I knew).

Nor do I know what it is. I’ll be looking up her from the floor when I learn most likely.

Am I excited? Yes. Am I happy? I don’t know. I’ve never been a nickname kind of guy and am annoyed by people to truncate my name.

But I’ll cheerful accept my new designation. Be interesting to see what sort of power it comes to have over me.

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The name is just for pet play, and will be a useful way to seperate the pet play from the other softer-side-of-the-spectrum play such as pleasure-slave and… um… anything else I may invent.

I have always used pet names with lovers, BDSM, vanilla, etc. usually animal names. (“Angelbird,” “Rabbit,” etc.) I come by this honestly; my parents have been calling each other “duck” for the last 40 years since courting on the Red River on the MSU campus, feeding the ducks.

My last sub went by a Japanese word for an animal with the diminutive used for pets and small children. Sometimes I just called him “creature.” He liked that.

I warned my current pet that he would undoubtedly end up with an animal name. While, if he is any creature, he is a puppy, somehow he has just ended up as “pet.” Sometimes he is “pretty thing,” a term I’ve always objected to when applied to women (usually as “pretty young thing”) as it objectifies them. I’m not being sexist here — objectifying my pet is part of the point.

Being objectified by your Domme is one of the rewards – though we may shudder a little at it.

I’ve just never had the imagination to take me there.

A slave owns and controls absolutely nothing, not even its name. Part of Mistress owning a slave is that She decides everything, including Her pet’s name, what it wears, eats, where it sleeps, what tasks it performs for Her, and how much it is punished for displeasing Her — or even whether to see Her slave writhe in pain simply because it amuses Her to watch it suffer.

One Mistress wanted to call me “Precious,” which is a flattering sentiment, but I couldn’t hear it without thinking of Gollum in “Lord of the Rings”, and had to safeword.

Individual quirks of cultural association can really kill the theatre of D/s.

She’s never actually given me a pet type name, which is fine with me.

As it evolved when I act as her pet it is mostly very tender, though some things are quite humbling (and thus deeply satisfying).

i think pet names are wonderful. However, I also think that pet names should reflect the personality of the pet or certain things that the pet likes. For instance, i collect tinkerbell and tink would be a good pet name. Yes, i agree it is the Master’s/Mistress’ right and duty to name their pet whatever they wish. i feel that it can have more meaning if the pet name is reflective of the pet. In a weird way, it will make them even more proud to have that name because it also reflects who they are.

One approach could be to form a name as a pun: if the sub’s name is Doug, then his pet name is “dog” or if his name is Warren,” he becomes “worm.”

If Mistress knows a nickname that Her sub simply hates, then that’s the name to use — of course!

Addressing him by that name becomes a cue to drop instantly into sub-space, or at least to “assume the position” and be ready to perform as Her slave. The real advantage of this is that it gives Mistress — and only Her — the option to initiate slave-play. If he wants to but She does not, too bad. There is no way for him to initiate, and that’s part of his humliation, his training, his submission. In fact, She may decide that if he makes himself obnoxious about hinting when She’s not in the mood, he will simply undergo a severe punishment the next She does decide to play. And Goddess help the guy if his response to Her cue is to say he’s not in the mood or has a headache: you don’t want to know what that little moment of disobediance will cost him!

my slave name is “worm” it is even tattooed on my ass. Mistress calls me worm even in public. It is very degrading and i love it.

I have recently acquired a new pet and am in search of just the right nickname for him… so many possibilities…

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