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Acting, living as a pet is a BDSM commonplace.

It has been a familiar fantasy of mine. Profoundly humbling. How do have I envisaged it?


Not allowed to rise above my knees. Using the toilet excepted? Or led on a leash to the backyard when I need to pee?

Perhaps forbidden to speak: whimpers, animal noises, gestures my only way to convey a need. Fawning at my owner’s knees.

Human pet

Eating and drinking only from bowls on the floor. Would I even eat human food?

Swatted when I’m found at fault. Perhaps treated a bit more harshly than we treat our dogs and cats. But stroked as well as a reward.

Being her pet offers a rich spectrum of kind and hard control.

Curling up at her feet to rest and await her pleasure.

For the role to really reach deeply into my mind I fear I’d need more time than we’ve yet had for play. One of those reasons I wish I had a sure way of blocking out external distractions (aka fomer lovers).

Male slave as pet

Given that time perhaps my ache to surrender would haunt me less.

This much touch me deeply, witness the earlier entries: D/s and Human Pets, I Guess I Must Be a Submissive Pet , Human Pet?.

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I always felt a little odd referring to my pet as a pet. I did things to him of which the ASPCA would definitely not approve.

But it was a good term. I wasn’t quite ready for “slave,” and “sub” didn’t seem to quite say it.

As we lived some distance apart, most of our communication was done via some flavor of Messenger program. I really enjoyed taking away his voice one night; I spent probably half an hour pushing all of his buttons that I could, getting little blank messages in return (I presume he kept hitting “Enter”).

The next day he sent me the autoreply he’d set up to send to any other friends who tried to strike up a conversation with him that night.

It didn’t work for him; he said it reminded him of his mother insisting on getting the last word and not accepting any further comments from him.

But I really enjoyed it.

I have always been partial to the little noises men make. A whimper, whether heard or typed, can be so expressive.

I probably shouldn’t have called this entry “Slave Pet.”

I like the word pet much for both the dependency implied and role of affection. Nothing makes me shudder more than Alexandra telling me I’m a “Good boy” when I’m serving her.

Whimpering? I’m glad we don’t have a tape recorder: it doesn’t take much to make me whimper, though I think it is mostly happily as when I adore her boots.

Cages? Love being left in a cage.

I have dreamed of being kept as a slave since i was about 8 this came about after staying at my cousens house one night as i woke the next morning i found her comming towards my bed with some rope in her hand and she told my that she was going to tie me to the bed and pull my pants down and tease me, at that time i was glad i woke up but now can only dream of the situation to be helpless to a dominant woman is to be in heaven tied or controled by a chastity divice hmmmm what a dream,to my cousin thankyou for giving me a fantasy, im now in my 50s and am still to enjoy that pleasure

I love anything to do with acting as a pet, leashes, haltis, collars, cages, etc It is just the way i am heck i even pull a sleigh in the snow with a harness on and occasionally on all fours. I bark, whimper, roll over and enjoy belly rubs and come when i’m called :)

I dont mean to solicit anything…but Im a pet needing an owner in Lawton, OK…..if you need a male pet (bonus: im in the army)…call me and leave a message if i dont pick up….thanks

I’m a stray cat who has to tend to my own personal needs accepts I’ve only dreamed of having a master to pet me, cage me spank me when I’m bad, play with me and even feed me my cat food both wet and dry(the stuff is good). When I’m not working I’m at home living the pet life and I’m very happy. If society accepted this lifestyle more I’d be even happier, but there are closed minded people out there that think your just crazy if you wear your tail, ears and paws out in public. Whatever. walks away shaking tail at humans I’m happy.

Fantasy is good thing. How about a real pet (me) who was owned as a pet and collared and treated like a pet. For 10 yrs. at my mistress’s feet and eating from a bowl, etc. Dressed complete with tail, etc.and showed off in front for mistress’s female friends, and even lend out. fact is stranger than fiction.

I am a switch. Too free spirited to always be a pet, too cuddly and caring to always be a dominant. Aww Midnight what a cute comment! Lots of petting for Midnight!

my husband want to be a dog he told me dreams he had being a dog,i realy cant understand it,i told him you want to wear a coller and get down and walk on all 4,can i send him to you you can work with him to be a dog,and find him a good home,i just cant see me walking him

my husband want to be a dog he told me dreams he had being a dog,i realy cant understand it,i told him you want to wear a

Good for you. Go for it. I have found out my husband wanted to be a dog. I decided to train him and make him my pet (slave dog) he has no rights and I control him as a dog, with collar, leash and tail and doggie clothes, in the house. Not allowed to speak human. will eat from bowl, sleep in a cage or by the bed.

Trained him by hypnosis, shock collar and other behaviour changes. He is completely happy to be a dog. Good luck, do it, enjoy.

when i was a kid, we used to play imaginary games. i was always the queen’s pet or the servant or a pet of some kind. i remember seeing planet of the apes..where the girl ape keeps a human for a a cage. wowzer that was a eye opener. 2 years ago i tried to explore these fantasies of collar’s and leashes..and got close. except i found the brutal financial domme scene which was cut throat. and i have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of these findommes that are sprouting all over the place aren’t interested in me in a collar, but for my dollar. i keep searching though. i’d love to find a girl who would adopt me. or at least real people with the same fantasies of mine to talk to. freaks unite! aim-bochnovik

please help my husband he wants to be a dog if you come for him you can take him,he make a good pet dog i love to see that

I’m a kitten at heart but my mistress is still extremely new at the whole idea of a slave-mistress relationship. How do i help her to treat me as the good, loyal pet i am?

Try to be mindful that a newly dominant woman needs time to develop confidence.

And there will be rough patches. Be prepared for them, don’t panic, be patient.

Love will work its marriage.

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