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I'm a Fake Submissive

More about my search for a dominant in Durham, NC on Collarme.com.


Using Recon.com to search for a leather top in Durham, North Carolina.


Exchange with a RDU (Raleigh-Durham) gay bondage top, master.

TPE (Maybe)

More notions about meeting a top in Durham, NC.

On Bad Health

Physical well-being and the search for BDSM fulfillment.

Am I Too Glib?

Are my replies to BDM personal ads using a tone and manner that causes failure?

Grow Some Balls Boy ... !

Rude, childish response to a profile from a top who fancies himself a proper master.


Gay slave and master dating website.

The Doghouse

Gay male master, slave - owner, property themed BDSM website.

Craigslist 2

Durham, NC: searching for a BDSM top online.

Multiple Profiles?

Establishing separate profiles for different aspects of my sexuality.


Using the Raleigh/Durham M4M ads to search for a local sadist, master.

Response on CollarMe (Today)

Yet more about my search for a sadist, master, top in Durham, North Carolina.

Fanmail from Chicago

A strange master in California offers to fly me out from North Carolina.

Bad Answers to Personal Ads

Submissive and masochistic men who write self-serving responses to BDSM profiles.


Sweetly humble message from a male slave in North Carolina.

CollarMe So Far

Progress report of my search on CollarMe.com here in central North Carolina.

In the Land of Kinky Profiles

BDSM profiles on CollarMe by submissive men can be funny - in a sad sort of way.

NC ISO Profile Mark II

CollarMe profile of Durham, NC bottom in search of top modified.


A sudden rush of sadistic, dominant homoerotic yearnings here in Durham, NC.


More fretting about finding a dom or domme in Durham, NC.

BDSM Confusion

Durham NC: a submissive masochist is uncertain as to what he should be looking for in terms of a relationship.


The aesthetic attributes of my Durham, NC home is another stumbling block in searching for BDSM partners.

Power Exchange

More Durham, NC ISO BDSM: contemplating submission without emotional involement is a huge challenge.

Alt.com / CollarMe.Com Confusion

Choosing a handle, identity, name for use for my search for tops in Durham, North Carolina.

Bad Love, Mad Love

The romance that almost destroyed me, leaves me damaged, crippled to this very day.

Reality Check

Showing sane caution in searching for a dominant person in Research Triangle Park, NC.


Examples of practical issues I may face in meeting anyone for BDSM play in Durham, NC.

What I Wouldn't Be Looking For

Keeping my expectations and hopes for someone to do BDSM within sane boundaries.

Durham, North Carolina

Looking for a top, dominant, master, domme, sadist in Research Triangle, NC: which sites would you use?

Hypothetical Profile

Thinking a little bit more about the theoretical possibility of meeting a BDSM play partner online.

In Search Of

How would you sum up your essence if crafting a BDSM personal or profile?


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