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Incoming from Recon. A bondage master writes:

If you think of yourself as REAL slavemeat boy, what’s your definition of a slave?

A bad four letter word and in call caps. You probably think I was tempted to send a snarky reply. Life offers countless opportunities for being pissy. My BDSM life doesn’t. I have to assume good intent and accept that some conversations will always begin afresh.

I reply to say that I think of slavery as a state of mind in which my obedience becomes involuntary (automatic).

VERY GOOD boy. One of the best answers I’ve gotten. My definition is simpler. A slave is ANYTHING its Master wants it to be.

Yes, part of me wants to ask if he thought that up all by himself. A more important part wants to be civil. And I do know what the profile he’s responding to says. Nothing that would lead someone to see me as a unique mastermind.

I reply to say that I don’t call myself a slave. But say that I have slavish needs.

Checking I see that the damned profile does say slave and quickly edit that out.

I have a very complete slave training Facility here in Raleigh that I run along the lines of a USMC brig…using incarceration, isolation, discipline, heavy bondage and rigid protocols to show wannabes what real slavery is all about.

Isolation. Heavy bondage. My little heart goes pitter-patter. I remember reading a description of the guy’s setup on another site. It sounds dead sexy.

Pity. I’m really into slave training and have a terrific Facility for it. If you ever want to tour it, let me know boy.

I write to him that my reply was probably overcompensating because of the jerks and wackos and make it very clear that I’m interested.

You really need to post some photos on your profile boy.

I agree. And say that it is my intent to correct the omission by the time a problem I’m having with my scrotal sac filled with pounds of fluid gets straightened out.

He says I should post photos of my balls. Having to tote the darned thing about it never occurred to me that they might have sex appeal. Those sadists.

Clearly nothing can come of this right now. But this is by far the best response I’ve had.

Gay leather top master.

Sadly it would be untrue to say that I resemble 70s leather porn star Peter Berlin.

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No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.


“Clearly nothing can come of this right now.”

Why not?

If not now, when?

My inflated testicle sac is a hindrance to many things, even working in the shop. I see my doctor on Thursday. I sure hope she can help since the earliest urology clinic visit I could get was in September.

It’s tough that it is still unresolved. Pretty poor service that you can’t get a urology appointment for four months. Maybe, if you haven’t already, start drinking an occasional cup of a herb tea that supports the male reproductive system(if that is something that appeals to you of course).

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