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My own search remains in neutral. Daily life is just too distracting in too many maddening, annoying ways. Maybe I can turn my attention to it again by the end of the month.

Besides my profiles aren’t burning up cyberspace. I do get a few ‘nice profile’ messages. E.g., “You sound like a good man, wish you lived in Mytown, USA.”

When I have time I’m working on what I thought might become an alternate profile. Instead I’m thinking that I will just note that it is available to anyone who might be interested.

It focuses on fairly strict M/s TPE.

I’d rather seek something a bit edgy than think in terms of romance. Ecstatics have traditionally used extremes to reach the states of consciousness they’ve sought.

And at this stage of my life I suspect M/s is a more achievable goal than romantic passion.

Pity you creative sadists with a broad range of colorful appetites are so damned rare. At least in Durham, NC and environs.

Ah for the simple days when all I wanted was a boy with frosted hair and a limp wrist.

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.


Nah, don’t worry. I get the same emails here in NYC. They all say ‘Nice profile, shame you don’t live in (enter name of place too far from me).

At least it’s nice to know that others see our profiles as something more than an annoyance.

Your feelings?

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