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Sex Toys

Many online retailers beg for free reviews of what they sell and many people fall for the scam.

Eight-Pin Needle Percussion Hammer

Sharp impact toy for imaginative BDSM play.

Cat O' Nine Tails & Flogger Reviewed

Reviews of two impact toys for BDSM crafted by Blue Rose of Tethered Passions.

Creepy Pinwheel

Experiencing a Watenberg pinwheel during S&M sensation play.

Fetish Toys

Let us review your bondage furniture, BDSM gear, S&M implements, cbt or chastity devices.

Women With a Cane

Would you like for a woman to tie you down and work you over with a cane?

DIY Bondage Toys

Plans and schematics for do-it-yourself BDSM devices.

Cyber Spanking Machine!

Virtual online corporal punishment toy - ideal for the long distance S&M play.

The Wooden Spoon

Heavy, slotted kitchen tool becomes a fine S&M pervertable pain toy.

Punishment Switches

S&M: how to cut and clean a branch or limb to make a switch.

The Toys That Time Forgot

We all by kinky BDSM devices that we forget to use in our S&M play sessions and scenes.

Let Us Review Your S&M Toy or Bondage Device

Sadist and masochist willing to test and report on BDSM appliances and sadomasochistic paraphernalia.

Pervertables that Bite : Clips & Clamps

Nipple torment, cbt using common clips, clamps and other objects that pinch and grab skin.

Your Favorite BDSM Toy?

Sadist or masochist: tell me which sadomasochistic device excites you the most.

Innovations in Penis Bondage

Chastity cock rings and wrist to genitals bondage devices.

Cowboy Quirt & Single Tale Whip

As a masochist I enjoy being beaten with stinging whips more than thuddy floggers.

New Bondage Gear

Bought some shackles and a hogtie.

Make Your Own Teeth of Kali Bracelet

DIY guide to making a severe male chastity device.

Wireless Anal Pervert

Novel approaches to F/m anal play.

Urethral Amplification

21st Century electro-sex toys.

Prickly Penis Toy

Many cbt toys are too small for a guy who larger than average.

Safe Electroplay Toy

Electric device designed for erotic BDSM play, scenes and sessions.

Dental Mouth Gags

Imagine being unable to close your mouth.

Analingus Appliances

Rimming chairs, smothering boxes, queening stools, joy riders: they are all pretty expensive.

Old Fashioned Public Humiliation

You could make your slave wear a fetish pillory and silly hood at the next kink party the two of you attend.

Cattle prods and S&M

Electro-torture, electro-torment risks in BDSM play.

Slave Shock Prod

She wants to use an electric animal control shock prod on me.

Nipple Clamps and Clothespins

Erotic torture using nipple clamps and clothespins, which, of course can be used on all poritons of the body including the genitals.

Carbon Dioxide Suppositories

Using CO2 for enemas.

No F/m Neck Corsets?

Where are the submissive men who are put in neck corsets by dominant women?

Bitten By the Teeth of Kali

Male chastity device with teeth: an erection causes pain.

Bluetooth BDSM

Imagine using wireless sex toys and BDSM software to manipulate your slave at a distance.

Quirky Quirts

The leather whips and quirts I bought for my Goddess to use on me when she returns home.

Choosing a Hairbrush for Spankings

Femdom: I want my girlfriend to spank me with a hairbrush but how do a choose a good brush for her to use on my butt?

Erotic Caning : a Two-phase Sensation

The unique pains and artistry of erotic caning at the hands of a talented sadist.

Electric Slave Goad

Imagine your Owner stabbing you with an electric slave goad to keep you in line or to punish you.

Do-it-yourself S&M projects and pervertables

Do it yourself BDSM equipment and converting common items from grocery and drug stores into sex toys for D/s play.

Masochist gone mad?

Bought a Rattan Carcass Beater from Adam and Gillian's whips and toys website.

Bell Torture Collar

An infernal instrument that would faciliate sleep deprivation play.

Buying quirts, floggers and straps

Just ordered a bunch of floggers and quirts for my Domme to whip me with.

Jack in the Pulpit

Unusual whip by Madame Giggles.

Finding Objects for My Fantasies

Slowly I accumulated images of BDSM toys and pervertables.

Bondage Practice

Learning to use bondage toys like cuffs, straps, locks, panic snaps.

Posture Bar

The night my Goddess bound me with a posture bar and collar.

You Can Never Have Enough Whips

How many whips and floggers do you need to have an ideal BDSM dungeon?

Sjambok (Prelude)

A rubber sjambok is our new S&M toy. Has a formidible flat sting.

Trapped in the Gates of Hell

Being led by my owner by a leashed Gates of Hell.

Femdom Screensaver

Screensaver of images of dominating women by various artists.

The Cane

About my owner's use of her cane to motivate her slave.


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